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  1. I have the 2020 Custom. I need to know if the 2021 Custom has identical seats with only 1 change and that being the fold down divider in the front seat has storage in the top part (but not the center bottom section). Also, I need to confirm the back seat has no storage and is the same. The reason is I want to add leather covers, but I also want to replace my fold down center section for one with storage whenever I can find one. If I do that, I am hoping I can just order seat covers for the 2021 Custom and it fit. Can anyone confirm?
  2. If so, any other changes or reasons why this would not fit a 2020 and appear just like the 2021? The concern is I would like to buy a set of leather seat covers. If I could swap for a center console top half with storage and then just order a 2021 set of seat covers for a Custom, that would be great.
  3. Definitely interested in seeing photos and reviews.
  4. It may do it at highway speeds too, regardless of wind. I do not have chrome mirror caps. It sounds like a rattle in the vent system. Any links to other threads on similar sounds?
  5. Anyone else have this issue? I'm not sure if it is an exterior problem, or something in the HVAC system. It only happens when driving into a strong wind.
  6. 700lbs should be about 2" of squat. What's the drop on the current hitch? You can flip them over. Most have two ratings.
  7. My truck has 6k and it has clunked pretty much since new when turning and rocking side to side. I'm fairly certain this is the TSB about the leaf spring isolators needing to be replaced and the U-bolts being re-torqued to spec. For any that have done this, did it fix the issue and does it seem like the fix is going to last?
  8. Pulled 9k+ lbs of boat and trailer out of the water without so much as a grunt. Very impressed.
  9. Also, Fold-a-Cover has one of the better locking systems for a folding tonneau if that is your primary concern.
  10. If someone believes there's something valuable in one, they will probably be popping it with a tire iron or jumping on it (or stealing the whole truck) That said, mine is for some weather protection and security by hiding mostly. My undercover tri-fold leaks a small amount at the front corners. I am slowly sealing it (weatherstrip material and some black silicone) and trying to keep it removable if needed. The factory rake leads water to flow to these weak spots. The bedliner has deep enough grooves that most items will not contact any dampness.
  11. I think they intentionally designed the rake into the towing setup. My front and back fenders were within a half inch of each other in my pic above. I guess if you level your truck it’s really going to squat.
  12. I have the Custom but plan to add the center console with storage. I wonder how I could still use Clazzio covers? Curious if the version for the non-storage console is all the different up top.
  13. I would like to change the ceiling panel to have the GM universal garage door opener in that panel. I know there are other options like a separate remote or a mirror with a remote powered by batteries, possibly a Homelink but power may be an issue if wired like I would prefer. The key is it cannot be functional when the truck is off. Has anyone been able to add the actual GM version to a truck that does not have it? This is the ceiling area with the map lights. I have the 2020 Custom with a manual mirror.
  14. Testing before I launched this year.
  15. I want a new console for my 2020. I have both GM credit card rewards ($250/yr) and the 21000 points from when I bought my truck. Has anyone redeemed either for a part purchase through an online dealer or GM Parts Bin?
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