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  1. Randomly done this on my 2020 since new. Usually when playing music from my iPhone.
  2. I have a 2020 with the 5.3 6 speed 38k miles.. It’s always felt like it pulses in certain gears under moderate acceleration. I’ve wondered if this is normal? It’s mild but I notice it.
  3. Update. The box has Chinese writing on it but in tiny print on the top of the new filter it says product of the USA
  4. I found this: https://gmserviceinsights.com/new-acdelco-oil-filters-deliver-enhanced-performance/ Anyone have anything else on this? It looks like the PF63E is changing to just the PF63 as mentioned but with the 12707246 actual GM part number. The old PF63 with the lower pressure bypass with bulletins saying not to use had a different 8 digit production part #. Sure gives your confidence in the manufacturer doesn't it.
  5. The dealer said they had PF63F not E and that that meant fleet, no box, claiming it was the same. I found the non -E PF63 at Walmart but it is very confusing because in the past the E had a different bypass pressure rating and some GM bulletins indicated the old non-E version could let more oil bypass it unfiltered. Anyone compared the internals? Is it easy to see the black plastic inside if they ordinary PF63 has actually turned into the PF63E without the E ?
  6. I guess I will have to try the dealer. All stores that I have tried have been sold out. I’d prefer to use the specific ACDelco filter while under warranty.
  7. I think it was like 2500 points that could be spent on various things like 1 month of Onstar or Wifi, etc. Which options do you think are the best values that you could spend the points on?
  8. How are the instant cash offers comparing to the KBB tradein value ?
  9. Where can I find this? I bought from a dealer far away. I know the first oil change was free, done at a local dealer. I don't recall if I had 1 or 3 free with the purchase but I remember the 1st change having something on it that made me think it was more than 1.
  10. I have the 2020 Custom. I need to know if the 2021 Custom has identical seats with only 1 change and that being the fold down divider in the front seat has storage in the top part (but not the center bottom section). Also, I need to confirm the back seat has no storage and is the same. The reason is I want to add leather covers, but I also want to replace my fold down center section for one with storage whenever I can find one. If I do that, I am hoping I can just order seat covers for the 2021 Custom and it fit. Can anyone confirm?
  11. If so, any other changes or reasons why this would not fit a 2020 and appear just like the 2021? The concern is I would like to buy a set of leather seat covers. If I could swap for a center console top half with storage and then just order a 2021 set of seat covers for a Custom, that would be great.
  12. Definitely interested in seeing photos and reviews.
  13. It may do it at highway speeds too, regardless of wind. I do not have chrome mirror caps. It sounds like a rattle in the vent system. Any links to other threads on similar sounds?
  14. Anyone else have this issue? I'm not sure if it is an exterior problem, or something in the HVAC system. It only happens when driving into a strong wind.
  15. 700lbs should be about 2" of squat. What's the drop on the current hitch? You can flip them over. Most have two ratings.
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