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  1. Decided to Plasti dip my tow hooks and small bowtie red. I'm liking the new look.
  2. I also went with the gator hard tri-fold ($600-ish), but regardless of brand, which style/material do you like more. Originally i was going with the soft material because it was cheaper (around $200 I think), but didn't care for how it look. However, i decided to pay the extra amount for the style I really like and couldn't be happier.
  3. If you do plasti dip them, can you post a picture of it after you're done? I might have to do this too.
  4. I'm not sure if they're the RST wheels, but they look like these:
  5. Hi y'all! So, I've been looking online to find a set of black wheel skins for the Custom 20 inch rims, but I'm having no luck. Do any of y'all know if there's a brand out there that makes them? Thanks!
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