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  1. My suggestion is buy the Scosche kit. the others suck.
  2. Stinger Electronics now has a Silverado/Sierra specific dash kit for their Heigh10 radio. I have installed the Heigh10, as well as their Elev8 radios in several different vehicles. I am still considering doing this combo as I am looking to replace my older Pioneer AVH-4200NEX, But am also considering sticking with Pioneer, and installing the 9" DMH-WT7600NEX, for one reason. iDatalink Maestro compatibility. I have gotten super used to having it. But if you don't need/want the Maestro Compatibility the Heigh10 is the way to go. The last pic is the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10" in a Sierra.
  3. I gave my truck a sad face, about a week ago. Now I have to decide if I wanna replace the bumper with a stock one or an Iron Cross Low Profile Bumper painted body color. It is gonna need a grille, bumper cap, bumper, brackets and both lower trim panels and bug deflector.
  4. Interesting that the body of the shock mounts on the top. Usually, it's the other way around.
  5. Finally got around to installing my RC 2.5" Lift today.
  6. Finally got a day with a clear schedule so I could get my RC 2.5 lift. I know, I know. Bigger tires are coming soon.
  7. Installed a Rough Country 60" Quad-Row LED tailgate light strip. It has the full 5 functions and has 624 LEDS, yesterday. Looks really nice and the turn signals and brakes chase real fast to the outside.
  8. Looks great. For the life of me, I will never understand why GM insists on light grey headliners and A-pillars in every vehicle regardless of interior color. Yeah, cause that light grey matches a Cocoa/Dune interior so well.
  9. Just finished installing a Rough Country 60" Quad-Row LED tailgate light strip. It has full 5 functions and has 624 LEDS. Looks really nice and the turn signals and brakes chase real fast to the outside. I'll try to post so pics or video clips later.
  10. I have a 2015 Z71 with the OEM Rancho shocks still. Still have them not because I love them, but simply because I see no need to replace them, yet. The ride is great when I compare it to my 2005 Silverado with Z85 suspension and Bilstein 4600 Shocks. When I bought my truck I drove several other trucks including an LTZ (Not a Z71) which rode much smoother on road but had a lot worse rebound on bumps. I am trying to compare my experience between my '05 and my '15 but there are a large number of variables that color the results. Tires, truck length, weight, height. All these factors will affect "ride". I put that in quotes because I think there is a difference in terms being used here. To me "ride" means the overall feel of the on-road/off-road experience. "Control" is an entirely different thing. The video posted many pages back shows nothing but a lack of "control" on vehicle driven way to fast for the conditions. You can not expect a truck with OEM suspension to handle conditions like that at those speeds nearly as well as a truck with a suspension designed for those conditions like a Trophy Truck for example. In my experience "ride" vs "control" is a compromise. You tend to give up control for "ride" and give up comfort for "control". There are some exceptions to this but those usually involve doing more than just a Strut/Shock replacement. Also "ride" is very subjective. Person A might find a soft cushy ride unacceptable while Person B is looking for that quality. The other thing to remember is ride is not solely affected by your shocks. Tires play a large part of it, but this is not about tires. I personally will be getting rid of the OEM Rancho shocks when they are at life's end. I will be replacing them with either Bilstein 5100's or Fox 2.0 IFP's. Reason 1 is cost. The OEM replacement Ranchos are very expensive for what they are, and 2 I am looking for better control.
  11. This is what I do for a living. A few questions need to answered. What did use for signal? Hi / Low ? Where did you install the Line Out Converter (LOC), if used? I am assuming you have IO3, correct me if I'm wrong Is it only the sub that is not loud enough for you? Model of Amp and Sub, as well as how the sub is wired (series or parallel if DVC) I have found the coloration one the OEM radio is very muddy, and over-all not too loud. There is a slight chance you are experiencing what is called bass roll-off. Many manufactures head units have it now. Low frequency sound is programmed to "roll-off" with volume and is not linear with the rest of the spectrum. This is done to protect the OEM speakers at higher volumes. It allows more Mid-Bass & Bass at lower volumes where the speaker can actually handle it. Lets start with that.
  12. this is what you will have before cutting but after relocating the OnStar module to the lower cavity, previously occupied by the optical drive.
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