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  1. This is what I do for a living. A few questions need to answered. What did use for signal? Hi / Low ? Where did you install the Line Out Converter (LOC), if used? I am assuming you have IO3, correct me if I'm wrong Is it only the sub that is not loud enough for you? Model of Amp and Sub, as well as how the sub is wired (series or parallel if DVC) I have found the coloration one the OEM radio is very muddy, and over-all not too loud. There is a slight chance you are experiencing what is called bass roll-off. Many manufactures head units have it now. Low frequency sound is programmed to "roll-off" with volume and is not linear with the rest of the spectrum. This is done to protect the OEM speakers at higher volumes. It allows more Mid-Bass & Bass at lower volumes where the speaker can actually handle it. Lets start with that.
  2. this is what you will have before cutting but after relocating the OnStar module to the lower cavity, previously occupied by the optical drive.
  3. The green port in this pic is for the white USB in the upper glove box and the black one goes to the center console.
  4. Well, mine was a dual USB and Aux. that goes through a hub and unfortunately cannot be retained. if you have the single USB alone that should work no problem.
  5. The RR module needs to be flashed to the specific vehicle and steering wheel, other than that you should be good. I was able to retain the USB port in the glove box using the USB1 adapter. I converted the cig lighter on the dash to USB and HDMI using an IceSpring cable from Amazon. Dont mind the hanging RR speaker in the pic it was before I mounted it during the Install.
  6. Use either the iDatalink Masestro RR and Harness or the PAC Audio Harness. both will retain your OEM camera. I am using a Maestro RR with an AVH-4200NEX
  7. Make sure that structural integrity recall (The defect: the structural roof braces may be missing rivets at the attachment of the roof rail, thereby reducing the structural integrity.) has been done on your Raptor and watch for known transfer case issues.
  8. I don't mind not having a drain so much as the pan is coming off to change the filter anyways, but it does contain the mess.
  9. Sinkhole's 2015 Silverado Z71

    A few of the radio features with the Maestro RR.
  10. Hey all. I'll have had my truck a year in June. I traded in my 2005 Silverado RC/SB in after owning it for 10 years. I found pretty much exactly the truck I wanted. I would have preferred red but brown was my 2nd choice and I don't regret it. I buy off lease trucks, thus my options are sometimes limited. Anyways. So about my truck. It's a 2015 Silverado Double Cab with the Z71 Package. It also has the AllStar Edition package which includes. Power Driver's Seat Dual Zone Climate Control Rear Window Defroster Foglights Remote Start Trailer Package with locking diff 110V Outlet MyLink 8" with backup camera The truck also came equipped with, Sliding Rear Window Heated Mirrors Bed Liner Bed Lights When I purchased the truck it already had the following accessories installed. Bug Deflector Tonneau Cover Step Bars Rain Guards Mud Flaps What I've done installed so far. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX touch screen radio with Maestro RR vehicle data interface Compustar FT-7000AS-CONT Remote Start with Security and Drone Mobile Smart Phone Interface Lamin-X yellow foglight protectors Thinkware Dash Cam Du-Ha under seat storage organizer Front Air Dam Delete Fog Lights on with Parking Lights Mod 12V socket to USB/HDMI conversion above 110v outlet Coming soon Rough Country 2.5" Lift (installing it next week) LT285/65R18 All-Terrain Tires (undecided on brand/model) Rough Country Front Skid Plate Kit Rough Country 60-Inch Premium Quad-Row Multi-Function LED Tailgate Light Strip Kicker Q Series Components up front and 2-way rears. Tint front windows to match rears
  11. Decisions, Decisions. (tires)

    All the tires are LT285/65R18, Load Range E1. The only one out of the bunch that does not have the snowflake/mountain rating is the Open Country AT2 Extreme
  12. Hey all. So my RC 2.5 lift arrived and I have been contemplating which and what size tire to go with. I will be running them on the stock 18" wheels on my 2015 Z71 Double Cab. As for size I was considering LT275/70R18 or LT285/65R18. I pretty much settled on the LT285/65R18. On my 2005 I had a set of Goodyear Silent Armor P285/70R17 for 7 years and then a set Nitto Terra Grappler G2 for the last 3 years. I liked both tires but found myself wanting something with a bit more aggressive look. I do a lot of city driving and don't wanna compromise too much ride quality and don't want a lot of noise. So no Mud Terrain tires. I considering the following tires. Goodyear Duratrac BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 Falken WildPeak AT3W Nitto Exo Grappler Toyo Open Country ATII Extreme I would say the Duratrac or the KO2 are probably top of the list but I have heard so many good things about the Open Country ATII Extreme. Though it is the least aggressive tire looks wise. So what your experience with any of these tires? Good, Bad, Indifferent. Rain/Snow performance? Pics on a similar leveled/lifted truck might help.
  13. Have you always driven a truck?

    I started driving a '78 Toyota Celica, 9 months later got into a '74 Chevy Nova, from there I had multiple cars at the same time. '73 Chevy Camaro, '72 Lemans, '75 Caprice Classic, 77 Laguna S3 and an '83 Regal. Then my dad bought a Toyota Pickup and gave me his '78 C10 step side. I loved that truck. several years on and I was in a '94 Sentra SE-R, then a '97 Altima followed by an '03 Impala. Finally I bought a 2005 Silverado in 2008 and I traded that in in June of 2018 for a 2015 Silverado. Will I ever go back to a car? yes if it's a secondary vehicle. Otherwise I will stay in trucks. I plan to keep this one another 9 years. That's my MO buy an off lease CPO truck and keep for 10 years. I hope the 2025 is good looking truck, lol
  14. Washed it, checked all fluids, and received my Rough Country 2.5" lift today. Can't wait to get that installed.

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