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  1. For a stock head unit you can use something like an iSimple IS31 FM transmitter. It will give you RCA inputs and basically t's into you antenna. You will need 2 antenna adapters as well to convert to proper antenna connector for you truck.
  2. Sorry for the slow response. Life has been crazy. The CB has a mono 3.5mm external speaker port. I used a mono 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable then a single female to dual male RCA Y adapter. That RCA Y adapter then plugs into the RCA Audio Input of AV Input on the back of my Pioneer AVH-4200NEX. I can then set my radio to AV and listen to CB on the trucks speakers. You can also use an AUX input on the radio but mine is used but the Maestro Interface for the radio. the problem you may run into with and AUX port is the CB outputs in Mono and a standard AUX port is stereo. The nice thing is I can listen to the CB while using Android Auto for navigation. AA will automatically attenuate the CB volume when it it giving you turn by turn directions. I can also simply reach around the back of the CB radio and unplug the 3.5mm jack if I want to use the CB's internal speaker.
  3. I recently got back into running a radio in my vehicle. My 1st radio was a Uniden Pro520XL I bought in 1987. I am now running a President Andy II FCC with a President Iowa antenna. Getting the mount sorted was interesting. I have a 2015 Silverado and while looking for a fender mount I found many listings for 2010-2018. In my mind, this made no sense. Body styles on GM trucks run from 2007-2013, 2014-2018, and 2019-Current. I found the proper mount from Rugged Radios but with a 3/8 NMO hole. I ordered that up and drilled the hole to 1/2". I am running a Procomm 12' Terminator series cable with an FME end. I went with the Andy II FCC because President has a good reputation and I needed a smaller radio to fit the opening left when I removed the fold-down pocket from the dash. I mounted the radio in that opening, which only required me to drill two small holes, for the bracket, that can not be seen if I ever want to take the radio out and got back to stock. I installed a combo USB/HDMI port where that 12v power outlet used to be, for the Pioneer in-dash. I tapped the unused 12v power outlet wiring behind the panel and routed it through the slot for the pocket. I wired it with some Anderson Powerpole connectors and covered the wire with PET expandable braided sleeving for added chaff protection. I am a mobile electronics installer by trade so my setup is tied into my stereo. I ran a mono 3.5mm/RCA adapter up to the radio and then used an RCA splitter into the radio. I can now set my radio to AV In and my truck's stereo is my external speaker. I can turn the CB volume all the way up and control the volume through the steering wheel controls for the stereo. I can also use Android Auto for navigation while listening to the CB or NOAA Weather. The antenna installation was easy I routed into the cabin through the upfitter provision in the main wiring harness grommet. The SWRs were low right out of the box clear across from channel 1 to 40. So far I really like this radio and setup.
  4. I finally got my bumper put on. It has been sitting in my garage since Oct 2019. Originally my brother in laws best friend was going to paint it body color and I was waiting for him to get time. Then Covid happened it got put off. We had planed on doing last May, but I ended up tearing my rotator cuff at work. We made arrangements for a few people to come and get the bumper delivered to him to work on over the holidays, since I was down and out. Then unfortunately he contracted the virus and passed away. So fast forward to a month ago and the shoulder was getting better I had a buddy of mine come over help me get this put on. It's been a long time coming and it is still not painted but it is finally on.
  5. My suggestion is buy the Scosche kit. the others suck.
  6. Stinger Electronics now has a Silverado/Sierra specific dash kit for their Heigh10 radio. I have installed the Heigh10, as well as their Elev8 radios in several different vehicles. I am still considering doing this combo as I am looking to replace my older Pioneer AVH-4200NEX, But am also considering sticking with Pioneer, and installing the 9" DMH-WT7600NEX, for one reason. iDatalink Maestro compatibility. I have gotten super used to having it. But if you don't need/want the Maestro Compatibility the Heigh10 is the way to go. The last pic is the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10" in a Sierra.
  7. I gave my truck a sad face, about a week ago. Now I have to decide if I wanna replace the bumper with a stock one or an Iron Cross Low Profile Bumper painted body color. It is gonna need a grille, bumper cap, bumper, brackets and both lower trim panels and bug deflector.
  8. Interesting that the body of the shock mounts on the top. Usually, it's the other way around.
  9. Finally got around to installing my RC 2.5" Lift today.
  10. Finally got a day with a clear schedule so I could get my RC 2.5 lift. I know, I know. Bigger tires are coming soon.
  11. Installed a Rough Country 60" Quad-Row LED tailgate light strip. It has the full 5 functions and has 624 LEDS, yesterday. Looks really nice and the turn signals and brakes chase real fast to the outside.
  12. Looks great. For the life of me, I will never understand why GM insists on light grey headliners and A-pillars in every vehicle regardless of interior color. Yeah, cause that light grey matches a Cocoa/Dune interior so well.
  13. Just finished installing a Rough Country 60" Quad-Row LED tailgate light strip. It has full 5 functions and has 624 LEDS. Looks really nice and the turn signals and brakes chase real fast to the outside. I'll try to post so pics or video clips later.
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