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  1. Agreed, thanks for your input Sent from above
  2. Well, some people don’t care if it rubs and for me I do care cause I don’t want just the look and any rubbing means it doesn’t fit. If you’re gonna do something then do something right the first time. Do not like spacers and are very controversial especially being that thin. I learned the hard way on my own, definitely recommend doing it right by either doing a badass CST 4.5” lift (kit: $1600) which allows you to still keep your original wheels and tires up to 35” as well as stock track width and turning radius and stock geometry which leveling doesn’t offer or get new wheels in order to have the perfect fit. It’s completely up to you but when you figure in all your expenses down the road, could’ve done a CST lift which is second to none (no extra expenses) and gives you a stock ride with only 2” taller than your level would give. 2.25” Leveled 4.5” CST Lift Sent from above
  3. Gotcha, appreciate it. Debating on whether get same or darker cause I’m actually looking into one of these bumpers which would look better with a darker bug/rock shield Sent from above
  4. Put the info you provided into Amazon and came back dark Sent from above
  5. Did it come in your color or painted/wrapped it yourself? Sent from above
  6. SS502 what color is your truck, Summit White? Sent from above
  7. Btw, if those are the factory chrome honeycomb wheels, you’ll get premium price if selling them out right and easily buy wheels of your choice Sent from above
  8. That’s part of the gimmicks dealerships do, sell you custom wheels charging premium price for them trying to keep your original wheels that you’ve already paid for through your window sticker package that came on your truck. I bought my wife a beautiful Volvo XC70 AWD T6 Turbo as a city car for the kids, (that thing was fast) installed video screen headrests replacing factory, asked them to make sure to leave the original headrests in the back seat. They first said no they keep them so I asked parts how much for replacement of the headrests, $600 so I told the dealership give me $600 or I’ll bring charges up as theft and if you still decline, I’ll put you on the evening news. Lol, Volvo has been gone years and I’ve still got those headrests in the garage. Sent from above
  9. Looks great, what vault is that in the storage bin? Sent from above
  10. I did the 2.25” and rubbed with new 275/60/20 KO2’s on my stock 20’s. Bought new wheels with a +1 offset and fixed it. Now I’m lifted with a 4.5” CST lift with 34” Nitto Ridge Grapplers giving more smiles per miles Sent from above
  11. All you need to do is call the GMC dealership near you and ask the parts department whether that part number will fit with your vin. Sent from above
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Congratulations, identical to what mine looked like brand new and now Sent from above
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    It’s not something I’d do but either way, you’ve got my respect. I can appreciate your dedication and what you’ve put into your truck, looks great. Congrats and be safe! Sent from above
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    HaHa. Btw, your truck looks great but didn’t see any pics of your coilover setup. Sent from above
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome to my world lol [emoji23] Sent from above

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