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  1. I get it. shouldn't be as many as there are. I'll push a link to this thread to the site Admins again. See if we hear anything
  2. I get that y'all don't like ads, neither do I, but what do y'all think pays the bills to buy server space, site software etc... The ****** ain't free. You're getting something on every site whether you see it or not. Your ass is being tracked endlessly. Cookies out your ass whether you agree to them or not You pay $10 for streaming services to avoid ads, bet you won't pay a dime to be able to view websites such as this Only sites I know you may have to disable ad blocker to view it your being watched and your info being sold. Plus you get ads
  3. txab


    Yep $4.39 today at a couple of places
  4. I've just bought at NAPA. Always have worked for me
  5. txab


    $4.44 RU
  6. txab


  7. Yeah you were just having a discussion about your vehicle hunting. so you can disregard my suggestion, if you wish. But a thread discussing E vehicles might be a good
  8. Start a new thread if you wish to go done the "E" vehicle path. It would be more appropriate
  9. txab

    Donate Blood?

    I donate to local Blood bank
  10. What are your pressures? Have you double checked with a mechanical gauge?
  11. Supposed to be 106, give or take a degree, for a few days around here. Guess I'll be frying my eggs outside
  12. txab


    Tonight $4.37
  13. txab


    $4.47 here. Jumped $.50 after Labor Day
  14. Saw Top Gun Maverick Tuesday afternoon. Enjoyed it. Much better than the first. It's well done. Sure there are some things that aren't technically correct, but it is entertaining for the masses. Suggest you see it on the big screen, actually the biggest screen you can. Suggest you watch some of the Youtube videos on the making of it and how they got the shots. Actors earned their pay on this one with the training they went through.
  15. Maybe he's playing Hangman? Might be a sp_mm_r
  16. txab


    Who remembers the days when gas dispensers were mechanical wheel counters and were unable to display a maximum price high enough based on the fuel price to fill some vehicles? We had to cut the price per gal. in half on the dispenser and place signs saying final pumped price will be doubled at the register
  17. I got a tru flate 588HR-TF back in November at Advance Auto Parts. Are wanting manual or self retracting?
  18. As mentioned above, check for stored codes. Certain codes will not allow cruise to operate
  19. You need to check the door latch for adjustment. When closed, it supports the door
  20. '64 had a stock mirror on the driver door. Legal part would be decided by what your state requires for proper vehicle equipment
  21. txab


    $3.98 at many places around me
  22. I had a 64 Impala. I got tired of the canister filter. Was a pain to track it down sometimes. I converted to the spin-on filter
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