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  1. Some vehicles have it mounted above the spare tire. Others it's kind of above the tank or just forward of of it, iirc.
  2. txab

    Gas Prices

    $2.94 RU Diesel $4.55
  3. Bump this up to see if we can get some discussion. As for turning to liquid, I started pulling the plunger back during storage. Figure if it's not squeezing the grease maybe it wouldn't separate as fast. Seems to have worked. But I also keep the gun and grease in a temp. controlled area
  4. txab

    Gas Prices

    Advance Auto has it 2 for 1 as well $2.99 RU $4.49 Diesel
  5. https://www.alldata.com/diy-us/en Use code DIY3YRMATCH
  6. txab

    Joke Thread

    Ok we're done hereon this back to jokes
  7. You can try this. Double dose the tank with Techron fuel system cleaner. 2 20oz bottles to full tank. See if it starts to work better. Not always a fix, but it used to work. Cleans up the fuel sender. It's worked for me in the past on the pre ethanol vehicles. Has worked for others too. More than likely though sender is just worn out
  8. Check water pump and wp gaskets. They can leak and not really be noticed
  9. Wonder why? I've got a client that's a Dr., I'll ask him I see next. We've probably covered this before in this thread...... everyone getting the Shingles shot if you're eligible? Did mine last year
  10. Are you talking about the "over 65" version?
  11. This guy is a member on here. Best to contact through his facebook page though GM Gauge Repair https://www.gmgaugerepair.com/?fbclid=IwAR2xTfrScNJglNX2Wqrk3dwWAeh9QyLthxG53geFoIXssQn1aFCZpIMyELc He did one for me. There are plenty out there here's another Ive seen https://gmgaugeguy.com/ Search youtube videos. Many of them will repair/program
  12. txab

    Gas Prices

    $2.99 today going up........................ Wonder if the Admin will figure out a way to produce oil the same way the print money. Out of thin air Already burned through half of SPR
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