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  1. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/search/?q=tire pressure&type=forums_topic&nodes=240
  2. txab


    You forget what this site is for and it's not for this. This thread has been allowed to go on only because it calmed down several months ago. Now it's back to way over the line on breaking rules. You do not have total freedom of speech here If you read the site rules. Rules state stay away from politics and religion. This thread was a special case, in my opinion, when it was allowed to exist 6 months ago, so Karnut and others could touch base with one another since there was basically nothing else to do during the strictest part of the lockdown. These type of threads require too much oversight to keep everyone on the site happy There are other members on this site that would like to start their own threads on various subjects that aren't allowed. There are members of all political persuasions on here, not just yours This is a truck site not a political forum. Not a religion discussion forum. Not a forum to bash Republicans, Democrats, Liberal, Socialists, Communists, etc.... Not a forum to discuss ANTIFA, BLM or other assorted similar groups You can carry on this discussion plenty of other places. do it on your Facebook pages or through PMs, Tweets or whatever. Time for everybody to take a break from this stuff anyway. Let some time pass The "Covid spare time" thread will stay, but if it goes the way of this thread then it's gone too. So it's up to each of you to be on your best behavior and also self police in that thread. Which is why these kinds of threads haven't been allowed. They cause problems. Only your political name calling posts have been removed It's called the "Report" button. Or, I have been contacted through another truck facebook page complaining about the topic
  3. txab


    Ok complaints are rolling in. At least one member needs to check himself on his posting and name calling of groups. Y'all are drifting away again from the topic and this thread is still on the chopping block just waiting.
  4. Your upstream or pre-cat O2 sensors read your fuel mixtures and fueling adjustments are based on that. Without the info from them, your ECM is defaulting to parameters that will just keep it running. Post cat sensors don't have anything to do with fuel, only the efficiency of the cats. So if you really have all 4 sensors removed, that's where I'd go next
  5. Been almost a week since he last visited
  6. There's a nice feature on the site.... it's called "Ignore User". To use it just hover over a members name or avatar and the several options will appear. You won't see that persons post any more
  7. I used them about 12 years ago with no issues. Even had to exchange one Bilstein shock, still no issue. But that was 12 years ago so who knows now
  8. txab

    Covid19 Spare time

    Same here. Things are going pretty smooth. A positive here or there. Sent home for quarantine. Same for teachers. No widespread outbreak. Our local colleges have been reporting large numbers. Both college and public schools give the choice of distance learning. One school district has lost over a thousand kids from their rolls due to home school or shifting to one of several private options. Have had a two football games cancelled last Friday due to a few players testing positive early in the week. All players are still non-symptomatic and will be checked later this week
  9. txab


    Fixed that for ya. There are certain "medical experts" that claim the large gatherings like protest discourage more people from venturing out on the streets, so protests actually have a positive benefit in this respect. The article didn't even touch on what the protesters themselves spreading by: Traveling from city to city to protest. Yelling, screaming, chanting, etc.... with or without masks Plus all the other ways the virus can leave your body, sweat being one of them. On a personal note, no environmentalists in these protests apparently..... have you seen all the crap they leave behind.
  10. Have you load tested the battery? If battery tests good the you got to do a parasitic draw search
  11. I would not follow the advice of the poster above, if equipped with a G80. As exhibited many times on this forum and others, the G80 requires no additional friction modifier. Added friction modifiers can induce issues with the G80, again, well documented on this site and others. The info for the G80 provided by Eaton is correct
  12. Yes I read quite well, just providing a link to your post
  13. http://batauto.com/g.m.'s misunderstood codes code 42
  14. It's in the center of the dash, close to the windshield. You'll need to pull the dash top off, which is relatively easy. I'm sure there are Youtube videos showing it
  15. If your headlights are always on, first check is the ambient light sensor on dash. It's the common problem
  16. The Great One has returned!
  17. txab


    If you can do this you can vote in person
  18. You've modified what GM engineered You've got to get the airflow across/through all the radiator, otherwise your cooling capacity is being wasted. Modify all the shroud and baffles to insure all the air going through the grill is passing through all the radiator. If you've got a 3"gap between the backside of the radiator and fan shroud, you're just sucking air through that gap which is sizable I have no issues with mine in Texas heat at idle for extended period of times. Arriving at parking spot. Clutch fan After 40 minutes parked and running, with AC on and very comfortable.
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