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  1. He could have tightened it up a bit and been done in under 9 minutes. It's was all I could do to make it to the end. My reference to believability was for all the infomercial salesman out there on TV. As for cans, whatever floats your boat. Kinda like people and their throttle body spacers.
  2. I loved his movies from the 80's. Anything said by a person with an British or Australian accent is to be believed without question.
  3. Did you not look at Rockauto first? Never trust Amazon's part checker
  4. According to Rockauto you need 2134333, which has a white connector
  5. Not a Covid thread. Stay on topic. Covid discussions are not what this site is about. Take it to your Fbook pages. Moderating pissing matches gets old
  6. Yep. You're a handsome guy alright. Glad you been keeping with your dental.
  7. The smell of spam is strong with this one. ^^^^
  8. It's probably on youtube somewhere. I rebuilt a dodge rear end using a Youtube video and all the info the guy provided since it was the same exact axle
  9. I'd part out the 12 and use the proceeds to buy appropriate equip for your current truck. Easier, quicker
  10. The license applies to hardware and vehicle. Multiple vehicles can be tuned with 1 autocal. Each vehicle needs it's own separate license however. I missed the part where you say you never connected for logging, therefor no vehicle should be locked to one of the available slots on the Autocal. Your situation is different than most. Once you log, BBP has all the info they need on your vehicle to lock 1 available slot on the Autocal to it
  11. If the Autocal has never been connected for logging, then the current license should be valid. Always check with BBP with any questions. Give them the serial number from the unit and you will find out the history of the unit
  12. Look for broken exhaust manifold bolts. That can explain tick sounds if you have any
  13. I figure it's because since iridium is good for around 100k on wear. For a plug change on a high mileage/20 year old vehicle they probably are thinking Platinum or Double Plats are a better way to go. Cheaper also. I'm sure many people won't opt for the higher $ plug. Plus don't forget prior to 2004, iirc, Iridium as not OE. That being said, most catalogs don't show iridium as an option for my 2004 even though they were OE. They push the Plats.
  14. Isn't this going astray of the original topic? Are y'all going to get into a pissing match about vaccines, treatments, etc...
  15. Everybody take a step back from the keyboard and calm down. This is a discussion board. So don't get bent out of shape when someone doesn't go the direction you think is correct. CTFD
  16. Don't think so. If you've got a 5.3 then you should use one that looks like this, according to charts. One of the block plugs unscrews and this replaces it
  17. In the 900 series people described like being rear ended by someone, very light lurch
  18. There is a reason for no zerk on the yoke at trans. You don't want the grease to be mixing with trans fluid. Put a zerk on there and somebody would pump that thing full of grease. Axle wrap was a problem on the early 900 series. They came out with a new yoke with nickel splines, iirc. Is the truck lifted changing the drive angle, pulling the yoke further out of the trans? Seen examples of shaft barely in the trans. It caused a sticking situation. You got a 1 piece shaft? Did you clean the splines? You can lightly grease the splines.
  19. I'd check with your local dealer
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