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Community Answers

  1. txab

    Gas Prices

    $2.97 RU most locations $3.05
  2. I would have done the same. bet there was more than 3 gallons diesel in the tank when added the 3 gas.
  3. I'm sure it was manual shifter seal all along
  4. G80's DO NOT require any friction modifier additives. It's stated throughout this website, even in this thread by a current GM Tech
  5. Has the dealer flushed and swapped out the diff fluid yet?
  6. Doesn't hurt to ask. Ask the original dealer. If not local he can send PDF to you
  7. Yes, simple drain and refill can be done. Then drive it, see how it does. Others have had issues with diffs after lube changes when incorrect fluid type was installed. So it can be corrected. Lets see what they come up with
  8. txab

    Gas Prices

    $3.09 for now RU
  9. No way to delete account. Remove any information you can from your profile. Sign out and never return
  10. What was the fuel pressure reading? Key on engine off
  11. txab

    Winter Returned

    Put a fan outside on your porch and aim it towards Texas for me.
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