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  1. I just got 805 a week ago but last update I got, I got another one 2 days later. Bug fixes.
  2. Yea the swipe typing is no big deal to me, I do like dark mode. The new iPadOS has some neat stuff, smaller icon’s maybe a tad faster
  3. I downloaded Apple IOS 13 beta, the good news CarPlay for Spotify is much improved it now shows album covers, kind of cool. The bad news even with the 805 update and IOS 13 it still turns down the ringer to zero if you have adjust with buttons turned on. It also still changes the volume control. I now wonder if this is a GM problem or an Apple problem. I hope someone fixes it, I just almost missed a very important call.
  4. Seeing how you bought the truck slow down and enjoy the ride until they crack the code and tunes come out. It will never be a Hemi.
  5. GM sort of hasn’t updated the entire Chevy model line, some Chevies have the old 5.3 and 6 speed. I believe all the GMC’s have the new gear, I know the SLT does. I had a 14 SLT, love my new AT4.
  6. A ring around here was drilling gas tanks while people were in church, no way to stop them. I would prefer they NOT drill my tank they can have the gas.
  7. I have the bass at minus 12 mids and high bumped a bit to 7. I use Spotify mostly so I use the eq in Spotify to get it tweaked.
  8. You never had one before just turn the damn thing off and get on with your life.
  9. Updated yesterday, I noticed Google maps updates faster in CarPlay my Climate Off problem went away two weeks ago so not really noticed a lot of difference yet maybe more stuff I haven’t found yet.
  10. Look right behind the battery on the firewall there is a nipple right next to where all the cables go through on the passenger side, clip the end off the nipple goes right through and comes out on the passenger side. That’s where GM has you run the power wire for the sub.
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