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  1. Spend a buck and try it, there are basically only 2 types of fuses usually.
  2. Whatever is doing it seems to be using Bluetooth it could be Facebook. I had to do something I was missing work calls. I turned off Facebooks access to Bluetooth and cellular, I will test it tomorrow.
  3. I guess you live on the moon, Advance Auto, Auto Zone and evening Amazon have them here.
  4. It won’t turn down if you turn off Bluetooth I know that. I just plug in the CarPlay cable no more problem.
  5. Everyone likes the one they bought the best, this is just a way to start shit and should be locked.
  6. Does anyone have a blade they like that doesn’t cost a fortune. Please don’t say RainX, I love the treatment hate the blades and washer fluid. Tried Bosch about the best I have found so far. Stock are fine except they don’t last and cost $35 each. I have tried many over the years not many I want to try again.
  7. My forth black truck, all of them a pain to keep clean except this one I spent a small fortune on Ceramic Pro, looks better than new most of the time. Just drove a 1000 miles in the rain still looks pretty good except for the 9000 bugs.
  8. AFM and DFM are very different, had AFM hated it. I never notice DFM
  9. Right now dealers have nothing to sell, it would be worth stopping by one.
  10. There is a Tech Bulletin that if you brake reading is wrong with more than 6 thousand miles or something bring in the truck they do a software update and are supposed to replace all the brake pads. We will see what they do next Monday.
  11. I read the Tech Bulletin posted here and printed it out. I am at 20 percent with 11090 miles called dealership they of course had no clue, what really scared me is when he asked me what model truck and I said AT4 he said “what” did not know what an AT4 was. Not the guy I usually deal with thankfully, the techs are good from past experience.
  12. Sorry I call bullshit. The dealer would have come and repossessed the truck by now if this is true.
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