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  1. Unfortunately those numbers are off by quite a bit, you get about 10 minutes if you don’t leave the remote in the truck unless you have a full tank of gas and the truck is perfectly level then you might get 15. I left the remote in the truck all summer and never got more than 45 minutes. I never even got a good answer no one ever spoke to an actual engineer. I have HP tuners from my old truck and my Pontiac hopefully that will end up the solution. I personally need to keep my dog cool, I can take him into a restaurant but the grocery stores here get very upset, they are afraid he will pee in the corn flakes I guess. For everyone that outlet in the back works great for 10 minutes then you have to restart the truck.
  2. I have a Service dog I leave in my truck sometimes and need the truck to stay running for the AC to be on, it runs about 10 minutes and shuts off or about 45 if you leave the Fob in the truck. Don’t tell me your fixes I have tried them all. I went to the dealer and they don’t have the tools to fix it and TAC will not give it to them. I worked through the GMC assistance center a total waste of time all they did was call the dealer then tell me what the dealer had already told me. I finally Emailed the Executive VP of GM, his support team got back to me, they are much better but still can’t help. They say they would have to install the Police tune to fix it and I am not Police so they won’t do it. If this is a problem for you and want it fixed here is the GM Executive VP’s email address maybe if they get an enough emails they will offer a fix. It would also let you use the outlet in the bed for more than ten minutes if you needed to. GM Primary Contact Alan Batey Executive Vice President and President, North America 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48243 [email protected]
  3. You might be on to something I have only had it happen when the phone is plugged in, didn’t really think about that until you mentioned it. My cable is good it’s high quality and new.
  4. I have had 6 GMC trucks never had the issue, maybe roll up the windows.
  5. Thanks now I have no excuse not to spend $300 on a cooler. Which will cost me much more because I can drive the 3 hours to a wholesale restaurant supply store and buy weapons of mass digestion.
  6. Does anyone know if the AC outlet in the bed of the AT4 and some others will stay powered while driving? I want to put a portable electric cooler back there and if it won’t stay powered it won’t work. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MYWHCL9/ref=cm_sw_r_em_tai_c_N5j1DbF6QJEWR
  7. Spend the money, everyone that doesn’t is on here bitching about It or asking how to add the things they were to cheap to order.
  8. Been on this forum a while and AT4 comes with options you never knew you wanted, mine did. The TB you will want options you don’t get.
  9. I don’t believe the traction control does much over 35, it is basically to prevent low speed slip.
  10. I find it embarrassing my truck is smarter than I am.
  11. I just did the front so far the original post had the complete wiring diagram attached. Remember the amp is in the back so the wires come forward. I like the sound much better without the boomy bass from the front speakers. Still have bass from the door speakers just not as low. My sub has all the bass I need.
  12. See what happens when start pushing buttons! I did the same thing.
  13. It is free from the key fob it only costs if you want to use your phone. I pay for OnStar and the WiFi it has come in handy when I lock my keys in the car and I like telling Alexa to start my GMC. Mostly I just want the WiFi. I do travel a lot and OnStar can be handy. I can pull over at a rest stop and connect my laptop to work if I need to.
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