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  1. My wheels are not stock no. My truck came with 265/65R18, I put on 275/60R20's
  2. Trimming was needed yes and no I went with bigger than stock (not much)..... I think you can click on my name and go to my profile to see the pictures I have posted. I made a post and loaded some pictures to another thread on this forum.
  3. I don't believe it is no, but I did not try anything else I just went right for the 1.5
  4. Think I got a dud. I have removed it, re-calibrated it and put it back in (twice now)..... No difference. Talking to on-line support is useless as they just tell me to "re-calibrate it and try again". But basically I am driving along with cruise set at 123KM. The difference is about 5-6 KM per hour depending on the speed I am doing, the faster I go the bigger the difference. But my speedometer changes as I drive. The GPS in my truck and the GPS on my radar detector both stay at 123KM and stay at that as that is my actual speed The speedo in my truck goes 123 - 118 - 123 - 118 - 123 - 118 https://youtu.be/S3xCYEw0cWE I have sent Rough Country this link as well so they can see it.
  5. Found this today and remembered this thread.
  6. I had 3M for 5 years on my last truck, no issues at all. 6 months into the new truck and still no issues with the 3M on this one.
  7. I paid 2100.00 CAD Entire front end, bumper, grille, entire hood, entire quarter panels. Also included protection spray under the truck and rust proof so I am not sure how much was "just" the 3M.
  8. I have the entire front end done. stops at the front doors. Would not go without it.
  9. Do you have the GM app on your phone? My app tells me any open recalls on my truck
  10. LOL... I called my GM dealer to mention this. I said "Good thing I did not bring it in when you called me about it, looks like the fix was not a good one. But I will book it in to get the new fix." They replied. "So far the recall update has been fine, there is no new fix."
  11. That's a good find but I was hoping for the whole light myself and not a cover. I will however keep this saved in case I do not find what I want. Thanks for posting it.
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