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  1. I am thinking the "stuff" would go in the back, fold up the seats and put it in there. What do you have really, a cooler for food a cooler for beers, some clothes? The BBQ and propane and other things that you transported there in the back box usually get left out anyways, I do not pack them away every night, so once I get to a spot I would take them all out, set up, and leave it out over night. Just putting the food and clothing and such in the back seat of the truck. My thoughts on that anyways, again I have not done it before.
  2. Removed all I could. The 6.2L one is still on the sides but that one is hard to remove without replacing it with something. But the GMC's the Sierra, the AT4 - All gone.
  3. I have a 2019 GMC AT4 (not that it really matters in this case) Has anyone used or have a truck tent? I am looking to buy one for the first time and have mixed feelings on it. Are they practical, worth it, issues, complaints, comments, likes, loves? I am in Canada. I looked at a few but 2 of the ones I liked do not ship outside of the US. So I have found this place in Canada...... https://www.trucktentscanada.com/collections/truck-tents Where I get it from is not the issue. I just want to know if anyone has one and what you think of them and if you are happy with it, or would have bought something else or not bought it at all? PS. I own a full size tent, just thinking for fishing trips and smaller day trips and such this would be easier. Thanks
  4. Yeah it has definitely been a blanket week (still is). A thin one under her as the car seat is cold and one over her after I strap her in. Just sucks in a brand new truck, and in 2020 to have to do that sort of thing. Like someone else mentioned, I remember driving back in the 80's and 90's and not having the technology, but today? So I have (we all have) defrost, front vents and floor. If I turn off floor and / or defrost the vents in the back pick up and I get more circulation. BUT then my feet get cold and my windows fog up so I need to turn them back on taking away form the back of the truck again.. LOL, it is a vicious circle.
  5. Outside at home (wife takes the garage LOL) but indoors during the day at work in a parkade.
  6. I did not. Truck is only 5 months old I did not think that would be the case but a valid point and something to check for sure. Thanks
  7. I think Tim was being a keyboard hero earlier. Heart was in the right place but talking through a computer screen in his comfy chair about something he knows nothing about. And if he does know, WOW, he's got it wrong. anyways, back to my post..... I hate the rear heat in the truck LOL
  8. No, not confusing it. All week has been in the high -20's or low -30's. it was -32C when I left the house this morning before the windchill. (-39 with windchill) Either way, no need to talk about my parenting as that is NOT relevant to the post at all. Take care.
  9. Don't be a tool..... The child is properly dressed. And no-one said anything about the child freezing. I just said she told me she was cold. And it was chilly in the back. Ever been in -40C weather Tim? If not don't comment on things you don't know.
  10. Ride in the back of your truck once, in the cold LOL... I get what you are saying, but it just not seem to work that way.
  11. OK, bit of a rant here... LOL I have a 2019 AT4, I have never been in the back seat before but my daughter is all the time. She complained about the cold the other day so I popped into the back and looked around. Really disappointed with the rear heat. She is in a car seat (3 years old) so the rear "heated seats" are of no use in this instance. And honestly people in the back should have to reply on the seats, the vents should work better. It is just 2 vents, nothing else. No hot/cold setting, can't turn it on or off, can't adjust the fan speed. It comes on only when the front console heat is on. If I leave the defrost on and/or the floor heating on but I turn off the center console heat, it turns off the heat in the back. The fan pushing the heat out is pathetic, I had the front heat cranked and put my hand in the back and could barely feel anything coming out. Really disappointed. PS: From Canada and it is damn cold here LOL. This week has been in the -30's (-22F) Brrrrrr
  12. Oh sorry, did not realize we were talking about the stickers. My bad.
  13. I used a fishing line. Someone told me (after I was done) fishing line and heat......
  14. Reply from the GM dealership Good Morning, You wont be able to fit a sport bar on a truck with a hard tonneau.. as it won’t be able to flip open properly.. Usually the only one you can fit is a soft roll tonneau cover, sorry for the bad news! Hope you are having a good Friday so far.
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