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  1. Ah yes. I did know but forgot his were not stock rims, I had it in my mind he was just looking to color match his lugs....
  2. I am asking because I do not know, but are they not all the same? And by that I mean (for example) if my 2019 AT4 is "tapered" are all 2019 AT4's tapered? And if a 2020 is "Radius" are all 2020's "Radius"? Or can they vary?
  3. I took my truck to the dealership, I told them what was happening and they did a re-calibration of the sensors, took maybe 30 min. All is good now.
  4. Are you out and about driving around and look or right when you start it? I know if I get in, start it and check the temp it is WAY off, but it has not calibrated yet. I give it 5 min and it is pretty close.
  5. 2019 AT4 Canadian here so KM's not Miles. I was getting 800KM's out of a tank if I drove the speed limit. I got 650-700KM's driving like I do LOL I did the cold air intake, Cat-Back exhaust and went to bigger tires (Put on 20's, mine came stock with 18's) and I dropped 100KM's per tank of fuel. My GMC app shows: "Fuel Efficiency 13.1 / 100 KM lifetime" "Fuel Efficiency 15.0 / 100 KM Trip A"
  6. For a tool like you I will come back. You obviously wanted me to as you quoted me on here knowing I would get a notification. So here is your reply. Yes I am on a public forum. But most people (like myself) come to places like these for advice, idea's, bounce thoughts around, find a good deal on parts, figure out how to DIY and to maybe find something they never thought to ask. Then there are trolls and idiots that either are having a slow day or maybe they have shitty lives and they have nothing better to do that turn the post or comment 180 degrees for their own enjoyment. For example me saying that for what I paid I expect more than something that looks so cheap and it got turned into comments about affording the truck LOL. Anyways. How did you say it "Grow some skin" LOL... are you 10? Take care and all the best. I really do hope you enjoy your truck they are a great truck (with some cheaply made parts inside).
  7. Fair enough, that is true I said that. Sticker price was 70, but if I said I got a deal it takes away from the comment. But thank you for being the posting police good sir. Wear your badge with pride.
  8. I am certainly not one of those people. I did what I did and I'm failing to see why it's any of your concern, or why it's any of your concern what I'm happy with or not happy with. You're not offering objective advice you're criticizing my comments, and honestly I could care less for your opinion at this point. There was a thread posted by someone else, I agreed and I posted. I'm done with this thread you have yourself a great day
  9. I find it to be a funny that some of you people assume that because we mentioned the cost of the truck that we can't afford it and cry wolf after. LOL I paid cash for my truck I don't need a loan if you need one that's great for you. Wish you were in a better financial situation. Not all comments are about being able to afford it, the comment is based on when you spend that much money you expect a little better quality. Especially when other production lines of the same manufacturer do offer it.
  10. Canadian and I never said that Is what I paid, that was sticker price and fully loaded. but thanks for your concern (cough cough)
  11. Everyone is entitled to an opinion... That is yours. No need to take shots at other people's opinions just because they differ from yours.
  12. Petty? LOL.. Yes I know they will all be plastic but my 2014 did not look so "cheap", neither did my 2011. These are disgustingly cheap looking. They look like they came off my kids play set from Toys R Us. I'll want what I want. Sorry for not being more like you. Wait, no I am not.
  13. No idea when mine was built, but I will find time this weekend to take a video and post it up.
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