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  1. I'd look at the tread pattern on the tires. Also, the bed on trucks is a lot lighter than the cab so they do tend to fishtail. Anytime you are going 45+ on non-paved roads you are risking fishtailing in just about any vehicle. I think you'd be fine if you put it in 4wd, slowed it down to 40-45 (yes 5-10 miles an hour will make a drastic difference) and/or bought tome mud tires.
  2. Man none of these vehicles from a stock 4runner to a wrangler to a Trailboss/AT4 is going to be a formidable off-road vehicle. Quality suspensions are pricey and even vehicles like TRD Pro 4runners, Rubicons, and something like a Raptor is going to be vastly inferior to a vehicle where you buy a stock vehicle and put a comparable amount of money into an aftermarket suspension. If you like the truck I'd spend 5k on tires, UCA's front struts/springs, rear shocks, deaver springs and you'd have a [email protected]$$ off-road vehicle. Hell, I'd rather have that truck with 5k worth of aftermarket suspension/tires than a Raptor all day every day. But I hear you on the clunk/shifting problem. That is utter trash that GM won't take care of that. It's been a problem for years but if GM acknowledges it it would be massive financial loss for them. Not sure they can sustain that to they act like it doesn't exist. Sucks dude. Yeah a lot of the infotainment issues can be ironed out with updates and I have had times where it had a black screen off the rip but cleared up moments later. Not worried about that cause they can just patch it. You have oil leaks on a new truck? Bad gasket? Plug? That's nuts. You shouldn't be in 4wd over 55mph FWIW. The clunk has been documented on certain 5.3's. Again, like I told the guy above that sucks and I'd be at the GM dealership demanding something be done or looking into a lawyer and the lemon law. GM won't be able to skate on that if enough people litigate it. Seems like a bulk of your problems are with the syncing of the infotainment system. I'm not saying you are wrong for voicing your displeasure but even the most expensive aftermarket navigation head units have many of the same issues/delays. The sensors on these vehicles are actually pretty durable and will sustain extensive off-road use. However if you are bumping into $hit with your bumpers the sensors aren't going to function properly. Not sure how you use your vehicle but for 99% of on-road use you aren't going to run into these problems. And if you do while you are under warranty, it should be as easy as replacing the sensor/camera. And if you are having true brake/communication errors you are a future millionaire because that is a lawyers dream. Appreciate your response and not trying to knock anyone but a lot of people on here complaining have expectations that are a little unrealistic. At the end of the day it is a machine and any machine is going to need servicing and an operator making sure it is running at it's most optimal level. I have a 5.3 and can't feel the clunk from 1st to 2nd unless I really really try to feel it lol. So I don't lol. My infotainment system sometimes delays but like I said they all do. These are mechanically the best vehicles GM has ever made, and by a long shot. Again it is important that people voice their displeasures as that is how we all win and GM is forced to do recalls and update the infotainment system, but some of the people on here need to realize that at the end of the day it is a truck. I couldn't be happier with the utilitarian value of my 5.3 4wd SLT. When you compare these to Ram's and Fords these things appear to be bulletproof although I will concede it is still early in the life cycle...
  3. Yeah the suspension on these things is utter trash, however I would change the suspension on any stock 4x4 I bought so I didn't really care about the trash suspension. You can easily put in some nice aftermarket Fox or King rear shocks for 200-300 bucks and a +1 deaver leaf for another 300 to really firm it up and give it a more planted feel. Feel as though the thud and 1-2 gear shift is a farce and I would be at the dealership with fire and brimstone if mine did that. Get a lawyer and try to get them to enact the lemon law. That is total BS and I feel for anyone who spends 50k on a vehicle that can't shift into drive and 1st to 2nd without being jarring. From what I can tell is outside of the tranny issue these things are very well made vehicles. I could be wrong and some of the gimmick things like the HUD will probably crap out eventually as it is very new technology for GM, but overall this generation of trucks is pretty utilitarian and should last 200,000 with proper fluid changes. Or maybe I'm very naive...
  4. Agree on the LS7 7.0L, there would be a legitimate difference between that and the 5.3L (215 HP difference). Otherwise you are talking about 60-70HP between the 6.2 and the 5.3. There was a video posted the other day where thwo guys took a 5.3 and a 6.2 were at the track and there was a 1/3 of a second difference in the quarter mile between the two. LMAO. People on here talking about how the 6.2 walks away from the 5.3 GTFOH. A 6.2 T1 might not even beat an '18 5.3 with a tune in a 1/4 mile. It reminds me of when I bought my Whaler back in the day. Went onto the forum and there were a bunch of needle#*$*s talking about how you just had to have the bigger engine. Well having been around boats my entire life and having owned the exact same Whaler before, I felt that the standard engine on the boat was plenty of HP and was exactly what I had when I was younger and that boat absolutely flew. But if you read the forum all you heard was these blowhards talking about how that extra 25 HP was life changing. Come to find out some guy on a boat show test drove both boats and the weight of the bigger engine actually caused the boat to be slower. LMFAO. Not saying it's apples to apples as far as the comparison goes here, but lot's of placebo effect going on here, lot's of people a little insecure with the truck they bought and are trying to validate their purchase, and lots of people who have never driven both trucks. Not saying I trust most peoples experiences as evidenced by this thread, but I do trust my own...
  5. Now I will concede that the Elevation & AT4's look like $hit, but the Trail Boss and RST's look even worse. I mean we can do this all day. You think this truck: looks better than this truck?: Again, it ain't close brother. And if you want to go 3/4 ton it gets even worse for the Chevy's...
  6. As a Chevy guy, the GMC is undeniably the better looking truck which is why I bought a GMC. The truth is that the GMC has been the better looking platform since '14. You guys are really arguing that this truck: is a better looking truck than this truck... LOL. It's not really even close. After I decided on a half ton I first went to the Chevy dealership and then to the GMC dealership. Got a bottom dollar on a GMC and went back to the Chevy dealership to see what they could do, and no disrespect, because I would much rather have bought a car from the Chevy guys (much more normal people b/w the particular dealerships) but I laughed to myself when you put them in contrast. I'll never be loyal to a brand and always buy what is best for me, but when it comes to pickups I have grown up around and always liked Chevy's and wanted a Chevy. Until I saw the GMC... It's almost as if GM took the nicest design and gave it to GMC and took the second best design and gave it to Chevy. The GMC's are the best looking trucks on the market by a longshot. Not met anyone that disagreed. But Chevy does have one of the most loyal brand followings of any vehicle. I will give you that.
  7. As someone who drove a Toyota assembled in Japan for the past 12 years I can certainly attest to the reliability and genius simplicity of the engineering that is Toyota. However, in 2020 all Toyota's are now assembled in the US. I have found that if you buy a vehicle new, are particular about the upkeep and don't put a bunch of $hitty bolt-on modifications on it, that any problems you do have, will likely arise while the vehicle is still under warranty. With my Toyota, all four of the door lock actuators failed and were around $170 a pop for the parts at the time. Also had to replace the alternator after like 8 years (which was probably my fault but can't say for certain either way). Don't get me wrong I loved my Toyota (4runner) and would still be driving it if I hadn't wrapped it around a tree, but I'm not so sure the quality between Toyota and GM is as drastic as the Yota fanboys would lead everyone to believe. All I care about are the the things that I can't fix myself like the tranny (yes Toyota's are bulletproof, but GM's will last forever as long as you change the diff fluid every 50k too). Suspension parts fail on all vehicles and it's easy to put a nice 3-4" lift on them and beef up the suspension in the process after the go out of warranty ( I know it doesn't void the warranty, but still). I think the difference between a Toyota and most other vehicles is that Toyotas tend to be a little more easy and accessible to work on. However the T1's have everything right there under the hood as well. GM wouldn't have made the 5.3 for going on 25+ years now if it wasn't a peach that has been heavily refined. The shudder and shift from first to second are a problem for some, but if you get one of the ones that doesn't do that, I'd take the 5.3 over any other V8 on the market. Again I loved my 4runner and went straight to the Toyota dealership when I totaled mine, but the truth is, they just don't make a nice full-size vehicle for under a 100k (Land Cruiser). Talked to the "main guy" at the dealership and he asked me what he could do to get me in a Toyota and I told him, make a Tundra look like a GM. He said that he gets that a lot. The simple truth is, the Tundra is the ugliest, ****** looking truck on the market. And Tacoma's are waaaay too small and are for nerds/kids. Hell, I'd rather drive a Titan than a Tundra. So if I have to sacrifice one centilla of reliability to not drive a *** looking vehicle, that is a sacrifice I will make all day every day and twice on Thursdays. Again, all of these vehicles (full size trucks) are fairly reliable under 200k miles so long as you take care of them. And who really wants to drive a truck with 200k+ miles on it?
  8. Here you go: OEM 22's in Black Slightly different wheel and I agree that I like the design on the ones you posted ever so slightly more, but I'm also a big believer of you get what you pay for. Either way the ones that you posted don't as terrible quality wise as most replica wheels...
  9. At the end of the day they are all made in China of cheap materials. Not sure if you ever plan on doing any heavy towing or driving with a heavy payload but I would check the numbers on wheels like that. Not to mention the clear coat will inevitably peel fairly quickly, etc. For that kind of coin, I'm not saying OEM wheels are necessarily worth the price but most replica's are trash IMO. You are better of spending the extra couple hundred on OEM wheels IMO. I'm also fairly confident if you look around you could find some takeoffs.
  10. Two masters degrees. What kind of potato doesn't get their doctorate? That's like saying I wasted ~ 2 1/2 years of my life that I should be making money on getting a 2nd Masters because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. GTFOH. And they didn't teach you how to spell conceited during either Masters program. Real G's don't need secondary degrees. Not that I believe anything you said anyways...
  11. Wait so you call me "conceded" and then say that I can't read? At a certain point it is what it is. I can make up a stat for anything to fit my narrative. Trust and believe after trying to read the rest of what you wrote, that I might not be the one who could use more schooling... Have a nice day. "It's no comparison."
  12. You are correct. It's like if you guys say it enough times it will become true. The acceleration on the 5.7L Hemi is noticeably faster than the 6.2. And the 6.2 is not that much faster than the 5.3. Like I said test drive them all and get back to me. I'm guessing you are one of the long line of people with an opinion but never test drove anything other than the vehicle you bought which I'm guessing is a 6.2
  13. If you want a "sporty" ride look at a Ram. Despite what the fools on here tell you the 5.7L Hemi has more getup than the 6.2L in the GM and the truck feels smaller and higher overall even though if you look at the dimensions they are comparable. However, I couldn't disagree more about on the highway though. Thing is like a spaceship on the highway with how quiet and smooth it is. Yeah to each his own but the difference between a '18 & '19 is massive aesthetically. Do the drive that much different? Of course not. But the Dual exhaust, headlights, multipro tailgate, appear much taller and wider even though it is really only a couple inches, etc on the exterior and the upgraded leather, center console, charging station, gauges, etc. The simple truth is an '19 SLT is 1000x nicer than even a '18 Denali. Never seen that much of an aesthetic difference between generations on a vehicle. My dad has an '18 LTZ and when he saw the '19's and specifically my '19 loaded SLT he was pissed. If I was you I would look around or wait out the market until everything normalizes and you will be able to pick up a '19 in a year after they do the refresh for what you want one for. At the end of the day it is your money but the difference between those two vehicles is substantial and every time you see a '19...
  14. I got a '19 8 speed 4wd SLT with the tech package, 20's, both convinience packages, White Frost Tri-coat, Color Matched fender flares, all weather mats, etc. Fully loaded essentially the only things mine doesn't have are the larger gauges, the HUD, Denali Grille, and auto steps and the sticker was around 60k. Paid 42500 OTD. It did have like 1k miles on it as it was a loaner vehicle but had never been titled. This was last year but look around IMO. Much better deals out there and I would have optioned it out exactly how it was. Don't say that to brag but the guy with the money holds all the cards IMO.
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