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  1. Hello - I have scoured the internet on this topic and there are so many sources citing different "facts" on this. Given the cost of wheels and tires these days, I want to be sure that I get it right the first time and am running out of resources. As the header says - I simply need to know what the biggest tire I can fit on the wheel size prescribed, with the 2" lift installed. If it helps to understand spatial dynamics, in addition to the factory lift and the 2" Ready lift, I also have 1.5" Bora spacers. TYIA!
  2. Good afternoon. I bought the upfitter switch parts kit, that includes the switch housing, the GM harness, the battery cabling as well as the replacement knee panel to house the upfitter switches. I took it to the dealership to have them install, and they had a question about the he fuses. There is a 60 amp and 200 amp fuse that comes with the kit, and they couldn’t figure out where they go. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Images below for reference.
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