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  1. Has anybody had any issues with the front differential leaking out of the seals on the drivers side? The truck is a 16 silverado
  2. Okay i put a 15 console in my 16 but we can swap upper trays with the cupholders and everything if you want
  3. That’s what i ended up doing i’m just not sure if i trust peoples input they put on there all the time haha
  4. Anybody have a set of kings fox icon’s halo lifts etc they want to get rid of? Or have a hook up on pricing? Thank you
  5. It is time for tires. I have a 2016 silverado z71 I’m on 305/65r17 deegan 38 mt’s on a set of method’s and a 2 inch level. Has anybody had any luck with a 295/70r17? Also does anybody have a preference between toyo open country rt’s and nitto ridge grapplers?
  6. I’ll pay lol i’m taking the full console out of my truck to put in the new truck
  7. Anybody have a jump seat from a 16 and up for sale? Need charcoal and as soon as possible.
  8. Okay and did you cut into factory wiring or is it plug and play?
  9. So i purchased a set of speakers for the doors of the truck and i’m still unimpressed. So now i’m looking to add an amp but i’m looking to not cut up factory wiring and as plug and play as possible without amplifying the chimes or turn signals. I have no clue where to start and need suggestions. Btw the truck is a 2016 silverado 8 inch screen non bose.
  10. Okay i had that panel off but i figured those bolts were tight since they were never messed with. The antenna just kept spinning and spinning and wouldnt do anything so it imagine that would be my issue. Thank you!
  11. Has anyone had their antenna just keep spinning when they tried to take it off?
  12. Anyone have a black center console for sale?
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