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  1. https://scitechdaily.com/new-discovery-shows-human-cells-can-write-rna-sequences-into-dna-challenges-central-principle-in-biology/
  2. This lasted months on my wife's mazda. Very cheap too if you can find a lock detail supply that carries it. Bought at thia local store but they ship too. It's a ceramic with dye and easy to use. Only thing you need to do IMO is an occasional spray and wipe with something as a topper, like a ceramic detail spray for it to last a lot longer. For prep just scrub it down it a all purpose clear, (super clean is cheap), then wash, then IPA. I say wash after because super clean really holds on if not diluted well. Lasted several months unkept on an in laws car that is always outside and washes in a harsh auto wash with physical brushes https://www.shopatpcs.com/?page_id=2566#!/TEC70-Black-Fusion-2-oz/p/92330080/category=25040187
  3. Here are just some facts and one rumor that will explain everything, most just from articles I have read and postal workers I have talked too. Last summer the new PMG ordered a bunch of processing machines to be removed and sold. We are talking specialized, multiple million dollar, MASSIVE machines. Some sold on eBay for $4000. A Judge ordered it stopped until at least the election was over, no idea if it restarted. UPS and FedEx, by their own announcements, couldn't handle the package volume over the holidays and just refused to pick up some shipments from some retailers, I think Macy's was one? So, guess which of the big three didn't refuse packages! I know FedEx has the WalMart contract and there were local reports from post office carriers walking in their post office one day to a MOUNTAIN of walmart packages everywhere. They usually had one or two per route per day, that one day they had dozens each. We are talking a freak thosands percent increase that came from no where and left just as fast, on top of normal packages. My guess is one day FedEx said no for that area. And all of these are had to fit them in their blazer size, 33 year old, Iron Duke powered rattle death traps that catch on fire regularly. One day, the whole city was running late, the supervisors had asked the Amazon truck driver why they had 3x the normal Amazon packages. His answer? "Practically No one showed up for work at prime delivery so they redirected them to you". Some areas of the USPS were completely overwhelmed beyond belief. there is a drone photo from Ohio where a facility is circled with semi trailers because they couldn't get through it as fast as it came in.(the rumor:) I heard personally from a letter carrier here in OK they got word L.A. was so backed up the PO there was looking into flying mail carriers in from around the country to help out for a short time
  4. Pro tip, as of now don't have the cross gen game installed on a usb AND internally on the Series X I transferred Forza Horizon 4 from the usb drive to the internal, but it would try to load the dlc from the drive while it was plugged in. It would get stuck loading and or crash. I unplugged the drive and everything was back to the fast loads. And yes I had transferred everything, and had done all updates. Lone Star Overnight, a small regional shipper Best Buy decided to use, lost the Series X I had ordered for my nephew. They aren't small..... Hopefully it will show back up. It's a little large to get misplaced, probably fell off the back of the truck. ? They spent today trying to find it, and they gave me one of the "we need more time to solve this" after it had tracking scans in town
  5. Yup. Have taken the Accord on two very long by road trips since I coated it)to each coast) and if you drive through a hard rain it'll clean 2000 miles of bugs off.
  6. I have 2 questions, as I have that 8 speed: what mileage did it start, and did you get the newest fluid put in (and when) It first happened on mine(barely, but got my dealer to do the flush) at 2300 miles, I got the new fluid under warranty, and it's been 18 months and still good. But yeah, 2 Mazdas, a Honda, a Toyota, and my Chevy had more issues in 2500 miles than the rest combined, in a total of 250,000 miles(literally)
  7. I present you a screenshot of the new movie based on the video game series Monster Hunter. It's a series about people that hunt monsters with swords and armor. All you fools have probably been looking through a scope with your eyes OPEN
  8. So I'm on my way to get new tires, and another car is coming(rural road), I move over to the right a little more, and would you believe it, overgrown grass is hiding the fact that the road abruptly ends and there's a jagged drop off. I got a flat on my way to get new tires. I actually had an extra new wheel in the trunk because I hit a big pot hole while back and I figured it bent the wheel. I told the guys at discount tire about it and they come back and they say two are bent, one was worse so that's the one we replaced. For some strange reason they put the other bent wheel on the front. ? There happens to be a wheel repair guy not too far so I take my currently free bent one over there. He looks at it and seems surprised that it's supposedly bent, with no visible damage. He told me he's got a full schedule today so he'll be able to get it done tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get it swapped out tomorrow
  9. Safety recall on the CX-5 due to DRL failure. I went in months ago, and they told me it was a 3 hours job. 3 hours later they say I can pick it up, I get the car back and it wasn't done because they didn't have the parts. I call randomly over the months, first few times the parts are delayed due to Covid, then "Mazda has put a hold on the recall" the last few times. So I try a different tactic, call the parts department this time. They have the parts, I say Thanks, and they guy asks "Don't you want to know the price?" I said no, it's for the recall, and he says "oh these are just for collision." I tell him it's a safety recall and he says oh well I'll transfer you to service so you can make an appointment. Service puts me on hold comes back and says I just talked to the parts guy we don't have any parts for the recall Mazda's put it on hold. So I emailed Mazda corporate told him once a going on they thought that maybe parts were being held for someone else that's in line in front of me for the recall. I told them they offered to sell me the parts. so apparently Mazda corporate's going to start an investigation to see what's going on, there's no hold on the recall, the only thing that can hold it up is if the dealer doesn't have the parts
  10. I was using different math: Not at the rate its burning and people are fleeing.
  11. Tesla's are getting more interesting for my area. Tulsa is getting a service center as a consolation prize for selling out trying to get the factory. Seeing the cost lists for they guys with hundreds of thousands of miles, and seeing the complimentary out of warranty repairs is confidence inspiring. It's Hilarious California is wanting to ban gas cars when the grid's not good enough to handle the summer. So adding a few million cars to charge every day should go smoothly. An FYI: Valvoline recently reformulated(or retested) their Maxlife ATF. They claim it works for nearly every transmission now(except CVTs) I Just put some(4 qts) in my wife's CX5 which had a one off fluid, (FZ), seems to be no difference at all, and Mazda acts like it is a picky transmission. (NEVER do a flush, only use FZ)
  12. There is a first gen joke, there are more now than there were in 69. Saw a 69 SS yesterday, caged and tubbed, the SS was upside down. Struggled with if I should tell him at the stoplight. Sunday I stopped by a dealership to check out the new red pearl they have on the Colorados and Camaros(bit of a let down, looks just like Garnett.I was hoping it would be like the Japanese pearl reds that pop so much in sun
  13. Okay I know we have some 3rd gen fan boys on this site: I've stumbled upon a '92 heritage edition 350 Z28. I know there were only 1,055 Z28 heritage's made that year, 3000~ Z28s had the 350. could probably put this second only to the 1LE and rarity. Rough paint, runs, need a little work to be a daily. As some of you already know, you just can't find these in any condition. Almost everything is there. Interior actually looks pretty good for what isn't missing. $4K. Thoughts? Needs parts to get it home, and that 2-hour drive would probably be a dice roll.
  14. Ounces I hope, or your gauge is waaay off The mazda dealer I rant about: here is another, luckily this was my final prepaid visit over 5 years. That deal wasn't good enough to put up with them. Had a 4 wheel alignment in January, and they said I needed one. Why? Because they forgot to changed the recommendations from last time and they never actually check much(proven this several times, even to their face, like when they said my 1 month old crystal clear brake fluid was basically expired from age). They said it was a mis step, guess they don't use the word mistake anymore. Went in for headlight recall. Modern car, so they have to take a bunch off of the car to replace the headlights, took it in at 10 AM, would be ready by late afternoon. Get a text at 2:30. "Oh, by the way, we don't have the parts for the recall."
  15. Even if it was just empty the seals would have dried out if there was nothing in there for that long. So plan on replacing all of them and hope you don't have to. Find a can of R134 with UV dye at Walmart or parts store and put a few shots of it in
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