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  1. There is a first gen joke, there are more now than there were in 69. Saw a 69 SS yesterday, caged and tubbed, the SS was upside down. Struggled with if I should tell him at the stoplight. Sunday I stopped by a dealership to check out the new red pearl they have on the Colorados and Camaros(bit of a let down, looks just like Garnett.I was hoping it would be like the Japanese pearl reds that pop so much in sun
  2. Okay I know we have some 3rd gen fan boys on this site: I've stumbled upon a '92 heritage edition 350 Z28. I know there were only 1,055 Z28 heritage's made that year, 3000~ Z28s had the 350. could probably put this second only to the 1LE and rarity. Rough paint, runs, need a little work to be a daily. As some of you already know, you just can't find these in any condition. Almost everything is there. Interior actually looks pretty good for what isn't missing. $4K. Thoughts? Needs parts to get it home, and that 2-hour drive would probably be a dice roll.
  3. Ounces I hope, or your gauge is waaay off The mazda dealer I rant about: here is another, luckily this was my final prepaid visit over 5 years. That deal wasn't good enough to put up with them. Had a 4 wheel alignment in January, and they said I needed one. Why? Because they forgot to changed the recommendations from last time and they never actually check much(proven this several times, even to their face, like when they said my 1 month old crystal clear brake fluid was basically expired from age). They said it was a mis step, guess they don't use the word mistake anymore. Went in for headlight recall. Modern car, so they have to take a bunch off of the car to replace the headlights, took it in at 10 AM, would be ready by late afternoon. Get a text at 2:30. "Oh, by the way, we don't have the parts for the recall."
  4. Even if it was just empty the seals would have dried out if there was nothing in there for that long. So plan on replacing all of them and hope you don't have to. Find a can of R134 with UV dye at Walmart or parts store and put a few shots of it in
  5. SnakeEyeSS

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  6. Found an interesting coyote mustang. Under $10k, under 90k miles, and has Cobra Jet manifold, TB, intake, and tune, exhaust. Looks like itneeds some trim parts inside from wear. Driver quality, but a Coyote for the price of a 4th gen SS with similar miles. Wonder how rough it has had it.
  7. Saw multiple people running stop signs and yield signs the last few days, the "gun it and run it" types, I have had to stop in the right of way a few times to avoid a wreck in my work truck. Today I was thinking "What's with all the idiots lately......oh yeah"
  8. The non essentials have been back on the roads the last few days here. Now I know where all the bad drivers have been the last month. I've changed my mind. Longer quarantine.
  9. Wondering where that front SS emblem fell off. Think I like it better without it. If I replace it I'll get the dark one(from the Fifty model) next.
  10. Arkansas did not have a state lockdown. 80 deaths. Oklahoma has a state lockdown. 230 deaths, only 25% more population than AR(50% less related (it's a regional joke) with the correction(which isn't being reported, go figured), the death countbhas been lowered by 30k. Https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm 17-18 flu was worse
  11. Not sure how many have seen this, but really puts a LOT of perspective into the fear over death rate. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm
  12. I'd be more worried about a vaccine or cure. HAVE YOU SEEN I AM LEGEND?!?!? I dont get all the gloves. It's airborne. My wife and I both work in "essential services", so no shut down will stop us from going out daily. I have read up and listen to world leading experts and..... I'm not worried at all.
  13. Just need to find some cheap 55 gallon drums
  14. Well it's a strategic issue at least. China is building more warships this year than the British Navy operates. Imagine a WWII scenario like what the USA did, convert every factory to build tanks, planes, etc.
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