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  1. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    Almost got t boned. Leavingwork, going straight, In the parking lot, some idiot thought they had the right of way because instead of turning left as they should, they veered left and cut through the empty lot to try to jump ahead. They were so arrogant in their ignorance they honked. Kinda wish they hadn't stopped, perfect case for my dashcam.
  2. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    Ryan, are the quickjacks, side by side, narrow enough to fit under the cars without driving over them? I figure if I get some I will store them like that under the CX-5. Then just need to slide them to the side when I need a lift. Anything I'm overlooking? Home Depot has the 7000 short one on sale. Still cheaper even with buying the extensions.
  3. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    I have looked into one at a dealer on a Sunday when I saw they had one, interiors looks great, I'd say more premium looking than the Alfa Stelvio.
  4. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    If EMPs or major flare hits, a good third of the world or regions population is dead in a week. PopSci did an article a decade ago examining the Civil War era flare vs's today's world. I think it was 48 months to manufacturer and replace all the transformers in the country. The entire country's spare transformer reserves are laughable, that why you see articles about a hurricane and tornado hitting, then stories about power will be on in a few days once transformers from the other side of the country arrive. We don't have enough to go around. I actually had a daily visit to a transformer manufacturer for a few months, they had like 12 stored at one point. Every now and then a truck would pull up and take a half dozen. In a few weeks thee stock piles would be replenished. And there aren't many places making them in the event of a national tragedy.
  5. Breaking News - organazation with past ties to criminal organizations has criminal organizational ties.
  6. Unholy crap, I've seen this movie! Nuke it from orbit! https://www.space.com/amp/china-far-side-moon-rover-strange-substance.html Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe the ancient spaceship is just leaking oil, or a transformer is bleeding. [Kudos to those who get the three references to in this thread]
  7. Unholy crap, I've seen this movie! Nuke it from orbit! https://www.space.com/amp/china-far-side-moon-rover-strange-substance.html
  8. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    For a while I was keeping fresh 10-15 gallons stored at all times just in case. Massive storm, solar flare, earthquake, EMP, whatever, someone with extra gas is going to last longer. I figured now it easier to just buy a can and fill it the second something hits the news, since 97% of people are just going to be staring at their phones and posting final selfies and OMG!!!! On twitter for the first hour.
  9. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    TRD never made an internals kit for the 5.7. only sold a S/C kit. Never had an RST trim kit either. I'm guessing this is something similar to the recent BIG 10 trim/lingenfelter performance trucks or the Fireball tuner Chevy's. I just can't find anything about them.
  10. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    Ok, some some place(a dealer?) built up a few high performance Tundras back in the day? And it was called the RST? I can't find anything on the internet about this. https://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/d/coweta-07-toyota-tundra-500hp/6966956086.html If this is true it's one heck of a sleeper.
  11. It's the Porsche pricing scheme, they have been doing it for years, GM started a few years ago but people are just now noticing
  12. Fixed it for you. If you don't pack your entire house a sedan does just fine. My Accord had a completely full trunk, two kids with car seats, two adults, and multiple game systems and I just did a nearly 5000 mile road trip. Most comfortable one I have ever had, got over 30 mpg the entire trip. And even loaded down was regularly blowing the doors off most other things on the road when I needed to pass someone
  13. What? They raised it AGAIN? Seems like yesterday that raised it to 36.
  14. Well, that's what the buyers want. Trucks don't need to be trucks anymore.
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