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  1. Sure everyone has heard by now that England is going off the deep end and they will not allow petroleum fueled cars to be sold anymore in not too long. I expect many other countries to follow suit, and we may just be a few elections from it happening here on the US, either way GM has said they are heading that way as soon as possible. Seeing as how some companies are having battery supply issues, I don't know how fast that will actually go(not to mention the materials are probably more finite than oil is, at least until we start mining off of Earth). So, How long will YOU resist? If they can get the charging networks up and running, and get the recharging speeds way up, I'm fine as long as they are fun to drive.
  2. Roads have been nasty so nothing. But, no one will remember but in 2004 I was going to buy the Holden GTO but being 19 the insurance was insane, higher than the car payment, I ended up buying that 69 Camaro. Just found one that I would love to pick up. But I already have a better car and no place to put another. Think I need to start looking into building a "shop" or extra garage.
  3. Don't buy a used Tesla! https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/2/6/21127243/tesla-model-s-autopilot-disabled-remotely-used-car-update
  4. Grand Prix gxp for sale locally with rebuilt trans.(they need a rebuild every 40-100k unless you have one pro & purpose built, GM decided to use a transmission than wasn't rated for the power the car made) They weren't reliable, and can't even get some important parts for them anymore. Yet I keep looking at the ad.
  5. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    Wait for it: In High School there was a girl who tried (too hard) to convince me I was the smartest person in the room, she wishes she was that smart. She is now a Doctor and teaches in her field. I won that argument.
  6. I currently have an Onkyo 747, with matching Polk floorstanding 5 channels, two Polk 1000 watt powered subs, and the pioneer atmos on top of the L&R floorstanding for a 5.2.2(used to be 7.2.2 but they kept falling from the stand, my living room isn't a good shape for complete systems so something was always in the way. I have enough room, it's just the layout of it), TV is a Sony 940E and Blu Ray is the X700. . The speakers are older now (all expect the atmos from the 2009ish line) but still work great, but my next purchase is going to be something like the "Shockwafe" Ultra 9.2. I have a Yamaha Air Surround bar from 8 years ago and it does so well in the bedroom I figure the "surround bars" have to have gotten close by now. All the speakers and wiring is such a pain anytime you want to change, move, or upgrade anything. I'm throwing in the complete HT towel next time I need a receiver. 1
  7. Drove it around quite a bit today, after I charged the battery. Kids got to enjoy their day off at a park got some supplies for their first time fishing. Been planning to take them for a year and a half, but they forget more than I do.
  8. Either of these. Camaro just because it looked so good, BMW was a blast to toss around. Constantly looking for another E30 with the M20B25,(or an M3 that isn't priced ridiculously) more than ready to restore another.
  9. The color is Modern Steel Metallic, one of the older colors Honda keeps around, and on a clear day with a lot of sunshine you will see a slight purplish tint. If you want to bring it out more certain wax and sealant products will help. The easiest to get is meguiars hybrid ceramic spray wax.
  10. SnakeEyeSS

    Chit chat

    Oh, Canada https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/indigenous-people-outraged-at-canada-polices-possible-use-of-lethal-force/ar-BBYiIZR
  11. The lift point make it so much easier. They clear the cut outs just enough the rails don't touch the car. The pinch welds on my Honda have a factory reinforcement that dips below the side trim, and strengthen the lift point. Wish GM had thought of that.
  12. Got the quick Jack last month, and of course had to to get the lift points(for Christmas,), because the pinch weld is well up there in the barely big enough side effects cutout. Made positioning the QJ a pain during the yearly oil change, since the pads compress just enough that the jack starts touching the side panels. Starting lifting and it cleared, started getting under the car when I hear the plastic groans, saw the pads deforming under the weight and pressure building on the body panels.....now that will scare the crap out of you. Now it's ready for the steering recall.
  13. Thing is, China is the industrial powerhouse of the world. If China converted their factories the way the US did in WWII it would be a massive war of attrition for whoever they fought, like what Russia did in WWII. Just throw bodies at their enemy until the enemy ran out of bodies. A while back their army and the Indian army were throwing rocks at each other. India vs China in a war, THAT would be a mess. Both have nukes and over one billion people.
  14. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hisutton/2019/12/15/china-is-building-an-incredible-number-of-warships/#5bff6cf069ac Wow.
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-says-u-s-will-designate-drug-cartels-in-mexico-as-terrorist-groups/ar-BBXo1SZ?ocid=mmx&PC=EMMX20 Regime change! You would think the mass killing of those school buses a few years ago by mexican cops(yes the police were in on it too) and cartels would have done it, but I guess there weren't any Americans on that bus so it didn't count. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/20/mexico-43-killed-students-
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