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  1. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Waaay back when I used VHT High Temp to crinkle coat my old BMW valve covers. Turned out great and held up.
  2. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    I was in an asinine argument with a "pro" detailer that says a silicon dixoide products are not ceramic, and that no true coating has SiO2 in it. I pointed a bunch out, and linked to a chemistry teaching site that even explains that ceramics can be composed of various elements and silicon oxides and he said they were new products that don't apply to the argument, and that I was stupid and didn't understand, that anything is only ceramic if it has a resin hardener. I guess he hasn't noticed that they all come in a initially liquid form. It's like saying it's not a light if it doesn't have a filament.
  3. Chit chat

    It's a US seller, an industrial supply place by the looks of it. He replied again, said it was a software error. Now the hard part is I'm going on out of town and will be gone when the return label arrives. Hope he can wait for the return, not that there is going to be a choice.
  4. Chit chat

    I needed some more Tolco Chemical resistant sprayers(for spray bottles, need them because a lot of chemicals just chew right through the regular spray bottle sprayer/triggers in a few uses. Ordered some on eBay. I got it today, the parcel seemed too small. Received a rattle can of carpet dye. I send a message to seller about item, which automatically put the item number and name in the subject line. Also sent a picture. He responds "I'll send it right out. what color of dye did you order?" Oh boy.
  5. Chit chat

    We haven't had any big ones(over 5) here lately. Our new Gov may have toned down the fracking, this guy is looking to be a keeper, I've been pleasantly surprised after all the shady stuff his opponent had dig up.
  6. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Took it for Anniversary dinner.
  7. And here we go again. More than 6 months of third place now. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/07/02/ram-pickups-outsell-rival-chevy-silverado-for-second-straight-quarter.html I had a coworker that just went to a new RAM because his last new Silverados (at least two in a row) gave him so much trouble.
  8. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Took it to work and put on a coating topper
  9. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    While you may have seen the results of my test with the TC coating(it works but is hiding something, and low on SiO2), but the spray TC makes (TEC582) is actually pretty solid. It's 1-5% IPA, 1-5% SiO2, and the rest is water. So it should easily work with ANY coating. Best part is $25 a gallon at many retail shops. You can use it as a topper, maintenance spray, or spray wax. I think it's a big part of why their system works despite the circumstances. Used it on CQuartz on the Camaro and it still looks like a coating.
  10. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Jsdirt, I found another one for you. https://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/d/tulsa-1980-volvo-240-dl-17k-miles/6918785830.html
  11. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Removed some high spots from yesterday's ceramic coating of the Camaro. Turns out bright yellow doesn't reveal much under blue/white light. Opened the garage door to let sunlight in found multiple spots I didn't see yesterday(strong winds yesterday and didn't want stuff blowing into the curing coating. Most of it was in between sections I did. Lesson learned and easily fixed with some M210 polish
  12. Camaro and Corvette banned in European Union

    Yeah, for the first time ever, all the hot Euro cars will be more powerful in US spec. New BMW Z4 will have 40 more HP in the US. Now imagine the differences the supercars could have!
  13. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    I was using the ceramic topper on the coated car, and found a big scratch. Wife said she thought she avoided the branch during the storm. D'oh. Apparently it was just over the crest of a hill. Trying the tire coating today.
  14. This is nuts.

    https://www.newson6.com/story/40612783/a-dog-with-fitting-name-was-blown-from-kiefer-to-glenpool-by-recent-storms Seems insane until you read that there are witnesses of it arriving. I showed it to my wife and she asked if she ever told me the cow story. Nope: When my wife was young her Grandpa woke up after a tornado to find a new mysterious Cow wondering in their locked field. None of their negihbors said it was theirs.
  15. Who Needs a Truck?

    I hauled all kinda of crap in that Mazda 6 I had a few years ago. Back bumper got some scars from it. My Accord recently hauled some 2x8s. Had a door in the CX-5, couldn't shut the lift gate. Will probably get something bigger again next.

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