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  1. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    That means absolutely nothing to consumers, Turbo BMW's have been drinking a quart per 1,000 miles for a decade and their sales haven't been hurt.
  2. Traveling by car, plane or train?

    I'm a car guy, so drive, obviously. 1.) Get to see stuff, 2.) It's cheap 3.)Something always happens. You'll have a story to tell. Sure a plane I flew on broke a windshield on takeoff and we got to listen to an hour of "uhhh, we might be to make an emergency landing.....but it's not bad.....yeah we just request a lower altitude.......if it gets worse we will request a new heading to _______". That was fun. Pretty sure we were the only passengers listening in on the cockpit, because we were looking around and no one else perked up like we did We weren't surprised though, when the front of that Airbus lifted up the frame flex was incredible, it was likeInception. The equivalent Boeing we we're on before that didn't do it,
  3. Chit chat

    Take the Mazda in, and when the advisor is doing the pre check(my wife got there first with it), and when the guy popped the hood and was checking the it over, was stuttering and speechless (spent nearly 10 hours detailing the exterior this past week)and finally let out "I NEVER see a car like this unless it's a new one". Guess I did good Thing that threw me was was they sent a message saying that a 4 wheel alignment was needed immediately. So I'm thinking there was some pothole after effect I haven't caught yet(I drive it like once every 6 weeks), and I just drove it yesterday and everything was fine. So I ask what is specifically wrong that it needs it, is the tire wear uneven, a wheel slightly off, or what. He says "oh, nothing in particular, it's just to get the most life out of your tires." The tires have like 40k miles on them, I'm planning new ones before this winter. So no, I'm not paying $100 to get another $10-20 of life out of them.
  4. I have seen the commericals, so I know GMs last at least 90 days.
  5. What did you do with your truck/shop today

  6. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Kept looking over at it while doing a correction on the Mazda. 4 hours tonight, about 75% of the way done. If I decide to do the roof. But what would be the point? For sure have two doors left. But I might go ahead and do the hood/xpel. It has taken a beating and a quick run showed improvement, but will try hot water first to see if that gets the self healing going.
  7. Chit chat

    Listened to the Smoking Tire with Carlos Lagos, and he was talking about doing the full size truck tests offroad and how they ended up wishing they had the support vehicle instead. The full sizes are so big now they just don't fit on the trails without getting jacked up. The support truck had zero issues and no paint damage. What was it? ZR2
  8. I can't find a Regal GS within two hours, and I have been wanting to look at one
  9. My Camaro started showing a needless RPM surge and had a slight rumble sound, and I took it in right away, a few days after it started. So I caught it early and hope the 19 flush fixed it
  10. Traded my GMC for a Toyota

  11. Chit chat

    Oh pave stones along the fence, that will beat my hound mutt, he behaves well when I'm around but when I'm not he gets in a lot of trouble. A lot easier than burying chicken wire too. Thanks for the idea.
  12. Chit chat

    Got a call and rushed down there. She had stranger danger and would not let anyone get near her, but once I called her name a few times she finally realized we had found her. She was dirty, covered with seeds and when I shaved her fur off I found two ticks, so she had a rough night. Had several people call and say they tried to approach her and she wouldn't let anyone get close and would run off. The last guy stayed near her to make sure, since he had seen the sign already, I tried to give him a reward but he wouldn't even face me when I offered it and walked off.
  13. Chit chat

    Still haven't found my little dog. She thinks she can take out a Lion, so I'm hoping she didn't go hunting for one. There are coyotes and bobcats around here.
  14. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I have never had one, but I have seen some Titans at home improvement places that look like they shouldn't still be on the road.

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