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  1. Chit chat

    I was just reading about the Blazer. GM is the best Mexican auto maker on the planet.
  2. "Why don't you just go to the illumati and help them build your robot replacement." --Bill Burr
  3. Chit chat

    My co worker had his 2016 in the shop for 3 months waiting for a wheel bearing. He was driving a Cruze with a Monroney for a month or two.
  4. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Crap, my garage is full. I miss my 4th, it was just too used for me to keep around. Probably still have it if it was in this condition, but it was a money pit, would have dumped 10-15k in it to get where I wanted to be after realizing I likeed it more than a track rat. https://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/d/spiro-2000-chevrolet-camaro-ss/6793710358.html Auto convertible, my wife is even interested. These 6th's come " broken" in from the factory. 2700 miles and I have had four cosmetic items fail and had to adjust the nav screen.
  5. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    New Sill plates are installed.
  6. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Oh, and Hauled it all back in my dad's F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost. He has had it over a year and I just connected his phone to the SYNC 3 system today. He thought it is was a pay service(probably thought it was Ford's variant of OnStar), and made his first hands free call. gotta see if I can do the Android Auto update to it myself for him, that will blow his mind.
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Not bad.^ Took my attic from 6" of cellulose to 12-15 depending on the spot. That's R44 to R55. HVAC company wanted $3000 to get to R38, cost me $550. Some spots might be R60 minimum, bought plenty so I completely covered quite a few ducts completely, and a 24 inch tall return. Should have parked all my cars at the curb, didnt think it would carry that far. No new holes in the Ceiling, but did have a close call.
  8. Chit chat

    Been able to keep the thread clean, only posts pertaining to the topic, so linking here for people to join in rather than a bump. It's been a while, few tens of thousands of members join since it died out. Admins: Is there a way to unlock editing for that particular thread even though it's way past the deadline, so people don't have to make new posts....
  9. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Not sure of all the details but at the dealer heard an advisor talking to a customer. " Yeah, I'm sorry but I didn't order all the parts, since you'd is a 6.2.........well, see, on the 5.3L it's so common I would have surely ordered them, the cam, AFM, and other parts.........I was surprised because I didn't think this happens on the 6.2 enough to consider it, but here we are"
  10. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    That muffler will buff out.
  11. Ugh. I guess it's their nature (Dealers being shady)

    Checking back in on this, I know why some GM owners down play this. Now that I have owned a new GM, the service network, at least on the Chevy side, is so subpar with the customer interaction side of the business, it all makes sense. Even with my Mazda dealer being so shady, they at least answer the phones, and are willing to discuss things. I have had two Chevy dealers just completely willing to loose business if they don't know the answer to simple questions. It's Stark contrast to 6 other dealers spanning 4 other unrelated brands that have been great. I had a service advisor hang up on me last year when I asked if I could just get the part to save me an hour of waiting for them to do a literal 30 second fix(replacing the engine cover, literally 30 seconds). I asked because other Camaro guys have had success with that(and they have asked because if you don't know, a number of Camaro's have been totaled at dealerships being placed on lifts incorrectly) Because why wouldn't the dealer want to get credit for warranty work they didn't even have to do. Even looking at online reviews, all brands have random bad dealerships, but the GM complaints(at least locally) are consistent, poor or completely absent communication. Why is this?
  12. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Went to get the new doors sills. They were supposed to call with an update on the second, still waiting, I called today the person that I talked to was shocked I haven't been given an update yetand it can't find my service advisor, or the service order for the parts. I called back after 6 hours because I still haven't heard anything and she confirmed the guy is there, and told me she's going to get this to a manager. So they've got one great employee there at least.
  13. My favorite is the new progressive commerical mocking Chevy. And I don't even like progressive! It's a shame they didn't use a Chevy instead of that Audi.
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I needed two 1/4 washers. They cost 21 cents each. I'm just going to start drilling holes in coins. I'll save 11 cents using a dime

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