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  1. Just a quick Thank You to everyone that's contributed to this thread. I've had my '16 Silvy less then a month and have learned more from this thread than I thought possible.
  2. The '16 Silverado I just got has an Undercover Flex cover installed. Seems to be well built and sturdy, however I haven't hauled any cargo yet so I can't comment on the ease of use.
  3. I recently swapped out an anemic 305 TBI for a built 355 out of a 69 vette. The vac port on the carb is what the booster line runs to. Can't find a tee fitting for that so a splice into the existing line should work.
  4. Any Iowans?

    Storm Lake Iowa area here. Recently picked up a very nice '16 Silverado 1500 LT, also about two months ago I inherited my dad's '04 1500 Z-71 with only 63K miles. She's in great shape and I hope to keep it on the road forever.
  5. Picked up a tee fitting to splice the PCV valve line into the brake booster vacuum of the '56. The Air Gap intake doesn't have an available port to use so this will have to do.
  6. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Been fighting the damn head cold that everyone seems to be getting so all I accomplished today was putting in the Weathertech floor liners for the '04 and '16 Silverados. Tomorrow maybe put on the mudflaps.
  7. Uploading some pictures

    Thanks Doug. I was attempting to upload from my phone and haven't had any prior issues. I'll try the old desktop later. BTW nice color on your ride.
  8. Uploading some pictures

    I hate to have my very first post on this forum be about something so simple, but when I go to upload a pic (tried several times) it's 90 degrees counterclockwise. I'm a member of other forums and have never had this issue. Simple fix?
  9. Hey guys&gals, middle aged guy here that's always been a GM fan but Chevys in particular. Currently own a built '56 150 two door sedan, '75 3/4 ton full time 4x4 (that's the farm truck), '94 Corvette LT-1, '04 Silverado 1500 Z-71 and a recently acquired '16 Silverado 1500 LT that's nicely optioned. The '04 was my dad's that recently passed away. It's got 63K miles and in really great shape. I plan on keeping it forever as it has extreme sentimental value to me. I primarily joined this forum to learn more about the '16 and to hear all the fun stories about this AFM system. I'll assume this is in place due to CAFE mileage goals? Seems like a dumb system to me, but as I said I'm here to learn and maybe even be able to contribute something once in awhile.

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