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  1. New Guy in Florida

    Welcome...you'll like this forum. Lots of info and a bunch of good people that share what they know.
  2. Scared of the K2

    I'm very new to this forum but have been around Chevy trucks most of my life. Not quite two months ago I bought a '16 Silvy, 5.3 six speed extended cab with 28K miles. Already had a nice tonneau cover but I did get new tires because the truck had regular "car" tires, meaning not much grippy tread. I paid $28,400 for it. I LOVE this truck! No issues so far although I did buy an extended warranty from my local Chevy dealer, just in case. My truck has no vibrations, trans shifts smoothly with no "clunking" and with new Bridgestone Revo 3 tires it has a very smooth highway ride. Granted I've never driven a 6.2 truck but the 5.3 does everything I'll ever need it to do. My dads '04 Silvy w/64k has a 5.3 and hauls loads of beans/corn to town with ease. When shopping I found the truck with the right color (not even sure what its called), right cloth interior because I hate leather and it was basically in showroom condition. I couldn't even find a rock chip anywhere. From my albeit limited experience with my K2 I can highly recommend it. Let us know what you decide and don't forget to include pics. Everybody likes pics.
  3. I got the extended warranty from my local Chevy dealer. Zero deductible if the work is done there (they're actually a very good dealership) but if I do have a needed repair away from home, I think it's over 50 miles, all I pay is $100. The total for the warranty was $2800. With the issues including the AC condenser, vaccum pump and whatever else can come up I figured overall it'd be worth it knowing the truck's covered. As stated in my original post, 10K miles a year will be the most I put on it. Between the '16, the '04, the '75 and my two cruisers it should work out pretty well.
  4. Best Seat Covers

    I got a set of Coverkings for my dads '04 Silvy about five years ago. They've held up exceptionally well and still fit as snug as the day we installed them. I got the "fake" neoprene but found it to be very durable.
  5. My '16 Silvy 1500's warranty started in April. It now has just under 30K miles so I checked out an extended warranty today. I've finally faced the fact the older I get plus the continuing advances in auto tech means the less I know how to work on them. I still love turning wrenches on my two old cruisers but these new rigs I know less and less every year. The new warranty is bumper to bumper for the next seven years and up to 100K miles. I'm thinking 10K a year is about what I'll put on it so it should work out. I'll still do everything I can do though and will attempt to tackle something if I think its doable with a shop manual in hand, but as far as the newer electrical and computer systems I admit I'm out of my element. I figure $33 a month is cheap enough insurance for what any major repair could cost.
  6. On another thread I mentioned I recently put on a set of these tires but hadn't put that many miles on them. Did a 600 mile roadtrip this weekend, about 500 of that interstate driving. Average speed was 70 mph and these tires were very smooth and quiet. Also dealt with several inches of snow and the traction was very good. Tires also had pretty good response when I did some "spirited" lane changes. Overall I'm pretty happy with them.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    So far I'm liking them. Today I put on 160 highway miles to come see my son. Very nice ride with surprisingly little road noise considering it has a more aggressive tread design than I'm used to. If they continue to perform like this, when the time comes I'll put a set on my '04 Z-71.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Here's my '16 Silverado that I got less than a month ago. All I've done so far is the obligatory Weathertech floor liners, mudflaps and I did put on a set of Bridgestone Revo 3 tires.
  9. Ultimate tow?

    Gotta love the Iowa class battleships.
  10. The X

    I've used that phrase many times since my divorce.
  11. Just a quick Thank You to everyone that's contributed to this thread. I've had my '16 Silvy less then a month and have learned more from this thread than I thought possible.
  12. The '16 Silverado I just got has an Undercover Flex cover installed. Seems to be well built and sturdy, however I haven't hauled any cargo yet so I can't comment on the ease of use.
  13. I recently swapped out an anemic 305 TBI for a built 355 out of a 69 vette. The vac port on the carb is what the booster line runs to. Can't find a tee fitting for that so a splice into the existing line should work.
  14. Any Iowans?

    Storm Lake Iowa area here. Recently picked up a very nice '16 Silverado 1500 LT, also about two months ago I inherited my dad's '04 1500 Z-71 with only 63K miles. She's in great shape and I hope to keep it on the road forever.
  15. Picked up a tee fitting to splice the PCV valve line into the brake booster vacuum of the '56. The Air Gap intake doesn't have an available port to use so this will have to do.

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