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  1. I have a ceramic coating on my truck but no film. I did see some of the stuff my installer was working on at the time and he was wrapping the edges of all his stuff. I would see if your installer would do anything to help you out. Also, the film is flexible. It may protect against the typical dirt and grim scratches, but a rock at highway speed would most likely do some damage underneath. Even if the film didnt peel up, I would think that force could be transferred underneath.
  2. It is listed as an added auxiliary cooler. I think it is in addition to the standard one, but I cannot tell you if it is integrated or external. I have not been crawling around mine to look for it. I do not have a part number for the springs, but standing in the bed of mine vs a Z71 it does feel slightly more stiff. The Z71 shocks are better all around than the max tow. My brother has a Z71 and I have a max tow so I have experienced both. The Bilstein blows both out of the water though.
  3. The max tow gets lots of things that also come on the top level trims, but the little extras include: Transmission cooler Higher rate rear springs (for increased GVWR) re-valved shocks (Not as stiff as Z71 Ranchos and very bouncy. junk, replace with Bilstein) Towing mirrors 9.76" rear axle Also, most of these things can be had for a little less money on the Max Tow package than getting a Premium or top tier package.
  4. My apologies, I went back and re-read. You did mention changing the amount of air in the bags. I keep about 10psi in mine all the time as Firestone recommends between 5-10 when unloaded. With the 5100's I have zero bounce or bucking on any surface type. I also have a much longer wheelbase. Hopefully your issues go away with the new shocks you ordered.
  5. Are you adding air in the air bags before you pick up your load or after? If the increased air pressure is in lifting the rear with no load, then the increased rebound rate (as mentioned earlier) is too much for the factory shocks to handle. My '18 Crew cab standard bed max tow was very bouncy right off the showroom. I installed Bilstein 5100's and Ride Rite air bags at the same time and it feels so planted now no matter what I am doing. I would try setting the pressure in the bags once loaded, and also get some better shocks.
  6. I installed mine at the top setting and I got just under 2" of lift. I still have about 1" or so of rake. I also have air bags to raise the rear back up with heavy loads so I wasnt concerned with being nose high.
  7. I have mine plumbed separate, and the valves going out the back of the bumper. I have the Firestone RideRite assist bags on my truck and I love them. For all the weight a 1/2 ton can handle they seem plenty durable.
  8. Bull bars

    All of the ones I have seen look stuck on and out of place. I have not found one I like. I am probably going to end up making one myself, but not sure when that will happen.
  9. I would contact the police, and when they cant do anything take a baseball bat to the windshield of the car that hit you. It wont solve anything, but it will make you feel better!
  10. I use my valves to hold the license plate on. IMG_20180511_180815496 by Mike Kubiak, on Flickr
  11. I now have almost 9k miles on my 8 speed and not a single issue. I do notice that on colder mornings, if I do not use remote start or let it warm up a bit the first few times it shifts from 1st to 2nd are a little harsh but not bad. After it is warm though there are no issues. I am going to try switching to AMSOIL transmission fluid to see if the improved cold flow properties help with that.
  12. I just bought the truck in April and installed the bags in May. I have not driven through snow with them yet. If you tow frequently though it is a good investment. Firestone makes good quality rubber air bags. I doubt it will be an issue in winter up here.
  13. Same as these guys. AMSOIL oil and filter. I actually went with AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 instead of the 20 weight. I have almost 10 more psi at idle when hot, and no loss of MPG. Is it necessary, no. But it puts my mind at ease, especially when towing and working the engine harder.
  14. Mirrors

    I have the factory tow mirrors on my '18, but on my previous truck I added tow mirrors from 1AAuto. They were cheap and held up well for the 5+ years I had that truck. They were just the plain black and I added my own LED running lights, turn signals, and puddle lights.
  15. Some places will say they do not fit, but the Bilstein website makes no reference to package options. They seem to be handling the load and extra rear spring rate just fine for me.

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