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  1. DO you have a link for the mod you did to allow the rear camera to come on while driving?

  2. Mobile mirroring

    As mentioned I think the best solution would be to upgrade the head unit to one that accepts apple car play or Android Auto. There may be some companies who can put the newer software on your older head unit.
  3. Bilstein 5100 shocks at max height and stock wheels/tires for now. IMG_20180626_182652411_HDR by Mike Kubiak, on Flickr
  4. I have had my 2018 8 speed Silverado since March. I now have almost 5K miles on it, 2 trips towing the race car, and absolutely ZERO trans issues. When it was only a couple weeks old we still had some cold weather here in Ohio and I would notice a harder 1-2 upshift on occasion for the first couple shifts, but then it was fine. It could be the warmer weather or the learning process, but I have not had a hard shift in more than 2K miles. I love the 8 speed, but im sure there are some bad apples in the bunch which give them the bad rap.
  5. I was looking back in Feb/March and ended up ordering in early March. When my dealer did a search there were 3 CC SB NHT in the country available at the time, only 1 in the color I wanted and none with all the options I wanted. We contacted the dealer of the black one and they never responded so I said screw it I'll just order. Are you ordering a T1xx in Jan/Feb??
  6. I wanted a crew cab (kids and car seats) and standard bed (hauling) when I was looking. I found very few in that configuration so I had to end up ordering mine. Crew cab, standard bed, Max Trailering package is what I wanted, and ended up ordering. I love it though!
  7. New Truck Break-in

    I broke my truck in the same way I do when I change rings or brakes in the race car. I drive down a low traffic road in 2nd or 3rd gear (with the engine warm) and aggressively accelerate from about 2500-4500rpm and let the engine brake bring me back down to 2500rpm. I do not floor it, but maybe 3/4 throttle. As mentioned this load with flare the rings out up against the cylinder walls and help seat them. On the race car I do this with break in oil and change it when I get back to get the assembly lube out. On a street driven vehicle you can change it anytime between 1000-5000 miles and be OK. For the brakes, you need to bed them just like changing pads and rotors. Do a few mild slow downs from about 35mph to 10mph (do not come to a complete stop) and give the rotors a few seconds to cool off in between. Then pick up the speed to about 55-60mph with controlled slow downs to about 15-25mph. Make the last few more aggressive, but do not slam on the brakes. Give the rotors time to cool off by driving straight in between stop attempts (20-30 seconds is sufficient). Do your best not to sit at a red light or stop sign during the bedding as you do not want the hot pads pressed up against the rotor when not moving. Bring it back to your house/driveway and park it and let everything cool off.
  8. Thanks guys for the pictures! I think the white looks good on this body style. I am 30 years old, but consider myself pretty old school for my age. I enjoy chrome bumpers on trucks, and my '71 Corvette, I like white letter tires, and I hate the blackout all 1 color stuff people do now. I prefer contrast and accent colors (ie chrome). I agree that excessive curbing can cause the white to show in other places, so just dont hit a curb! lol I have been off roading in numerous vehicles with some white letter tires and scraped the sides on rocks and sharp edges without losing a letter of exposing the white. It would take deliberate repeated abuse to make it an issue for most people.
  9. I was quoted $1250 for a full paint correction and ceramic coating of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra (comes with a 9 year warranty when professionally applied). I actually got a discount to $950 because I brought it to my detailer same day I picked up my truck directly from the dealer. This preventented more contamination to build up and gave him a blank slate so a little less labor. 2018-05-29_09-04-52 by Mike Kubiak, on Flickr IMG_20180407_183259583_HDR by Mike Kubiak, on Flickr IMG_20180407_183107324_HDR by Mike Kubiak, on Flickr
  10. Thanks for those that posted. Are white letters that outdated that no one else has pictures?
  11. I only found a few threads discussing the topic of white letters out on tires, but not very many pictures. If you have 17 or 18" wheels and a taller 33-34" tire with white letters out please post a picture so I can decide. I typically like the white letter look but not sure how well they will go with the new body style. Please also add wheel/tire combo specs. Thanks!!
  12. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I believe it was counter clockwise, but best to line it up on the wall before and after.
  13. I have close to a 2" level and I will upgrading to 20" wheels and 275/60R20 tires as soon as I have the extra money. I have seen several posts of that tire size with no rubbing on the many wheel/tire threads on here.
  14. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I leveled my '18 using Bilstein 5100 on the max setting (about 2") and my headlights were off a bit. I parked next to my brother's '16 and aimed the lights on his garage door about 20ft away. It only took like 1-1.5 turns of the adjustment screw to bring it back down.
  15. 2015 LTZ purchase

    Congrats! Enjoy your new purchase!

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