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  1. I was at a dealer today and I was told the same about waiting 3-4 months except he pitched an APR of 6.99. I told the salesmen that I have bought several new trucks and I never finance through GM financial. And I've never paid more than 3% interest. That 1000-1500 they offer is easily negotiated in the sales price or trade in and if you calculate that interest expense then they'll make it all back and then some. GM is a joke now a days. Anyone with a good relationship with a bank and good credit can save thousands on interest. In short, I left saying intend to look more closely at ford and other chevy dealers first. I wasn't a mile down the road wen the sales manager called to offer another 2k off the sales price. My advice to people is never buy the first truck you come across and never shop at one dealer. At least if you want to save money. Now, some people may not care but Ill be the first to admit that Im tight with my money. Currently going rate is 13-15k off sticker. Good luck
  2. Yea I’m guessing your diesel was 6.0. Never was a good motor. We have a 17 model super duty at work and so far it’s been great. I had excellent experience with my 5.0 half ton as well. Got to go with what you like. Good luck
  3. I shouldn’t be so vague. No, these trucks aren’t all bad according to most who own them. But in my opinion and experience, Ford trucks are superior. I think fords transmission s/tuning is way better. I know the ride quality is better. I think the interior, while mostly hard plastic, is put together in a way that prevents the snap crackle pop sounds heard in these new gm trucks. I think gm paint quality has gone way down hill since the bail out. I’ve owned two of these trucks and both have extreme paint imperfections and flaking. I’ve had a water leak in cab due to a body seam that wasn’t fused together from factory. I will say my second new K2XX is better and doesn’t have the shake as bad as the first but over I will never buy another gm half ton. Garbage imo.
  4. You’ll miss the ford. I do.
  5. Vacuum pump & mechanics

    I’d like to know if the 2019 model still uses the mechanical pump. Or if they went with electrical
  6. Vacuum pump & mechanics

    I’d like to know if the 2019 model still uses the mechanical pump. Or if they went with electrical
  7. It seems like everything on these trucks needs greased or torqued. I found myself piling the hinges on the center console/seat the other day because of a constant squeaking noise.
  8. I test drove a new 2019 lt silverado and the appeal of any new truck is nice but I have to disagree with most of what OP says. Ride quality is not that greatly improved over my 17 model. Gauge cluster and interior suck as bad if not worse than mine. Best part has to be the new bed. Other than that my hard earned money is better spent at ford in the coming months. But who knows they have many problems as well and I may change my mind.
  9. Same here. 20-30k will tell you a lot about a truck. That’s why you see so many used 16-18 models for sale with low miles. This has killed resale value on these.
  10. Noticed the same with mine. And the springs on the 2019s seems to have fixed this issue. Have you been to the dealer recently for it? I read of some people having theirs replaced entirely.
  11. Has anyone had the dealer replace their leaf springs under warranty for the clunking/bumping noise and springs not sitting level on top of each other? Debating on whether I should suffer at the dealership tomorrow or just keep the rubber between them.
  12. Denali leaf pics?

    What does the end of the middle spring look like towards the rear bumper. That’s where the sound comes from. Do your new springs have a bracket there now?
  13. Is your truck a 2017? Mine is and I parked next to a 2019 today and they look different. Have a bracket to keep springs from sliding side to side.
  14. Care to post a pic of the part number on the bottom of spring?
  15. So what do we know. Its not vaccum pump or catalytic converters. Must either be in trans, fuel systems, mechanical in top end, pulley or water pump. Still see pretty far away. Be easier to just replace truck lol

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