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  1. Were you hearing the ticking sound on the drivers side footwell/firewall during acceleration and did this fix that?
  2. Did you do this on you 2015? And where exactly is the V-band clamp located?
  3. 2019 Ram

    From what ive seen, Ford uses more hard plastics that Chevy or Ram. However, Chevys interiors seem to be less solid with more snap, crackle pops and less comfortable seats than the other two.
  4. Airaid Modular Intake Tube

    How do you like it? And what is this airbox mod you speak of?
  5. Anyone ever use this? Cheap alternative to a full intake and has crazy good reviews on amazon.
  6. I'd like to read fellow GM owners thoughts on the new ram. I have to say, I am digging the new body style. Always been a fan of the ram ride but never cared for the previous model years body. HEMI has always been a strong peppy motor and if they finally figured out a way to get rid of the ole' hemi tick then this 2019 may be a winner. Interior looks nice as well. Love my Chevy but ride/harshness, power, and interior are outdone by new ram in my opinion. Once the kinks are worked out, I may be trading.
  7. No I’ve got the LT model.
  8. Anyone have the intermittent issue where you put the truck in reverse and then the backup camera screen begins to scroll up and flicker before locking in?
  9. Thanks for help. I have looked but haven’t seen anything. Do you have a picture or any idea of where the grommet is?
  10. I have been having an issue with water leaking into the cab under the passenger side floor during heavy rains. Does anyone else have this issue? 2017 Silverado cc z71
  11. Let me know if anyone has had similar issues and how you fixed it. On my 2017 Silverado I not the carpet was wet only on the passenger side. Front to rear. Nothing wet along the firewall. No signs of water coming in from headline anywhere. Pressure relief on back of cab is good. I cannot find the source. Insulation was saturated throughout. This could’ve been this was for a week or so but I am just noticing it.
  12. My 17 does the same thing. Surging feeling on low rpm acceleration.
  13. I’ve seen that but I really thought that was for older models. Dealer fixed it this morning with a software update.
  14. U0073 is what showed. BCM code I believe but that alone doesn’t tell me much
  15. Started my truck this morning and the DIC says steering assist reduced drive with care. Won’t clear with a scanner. Anyone experience this and what was the fix?

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