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  1. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Highest I’ve ever seen on the highway is a little shy of 16 mpg. Normally around 14.5-15 at 70-75. That’s unladen too.
  2. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Because it gets 12 mpg combined.
  3. Definitely. A simple Vortec 4.8 without the AFM crap. Although the 4L60 leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. Tekonsha Prodigy P3 is what everyone talks about.
  5. Crew or Double Cab?

    Funny you mention Ram because Dodge actually came out with the short doors on their "Quad Cab" Ram in their third generation body. I believe a few years later (but same generation body) they released the Mega Cab.
  6. I had an 07 Avalanche with the Vortec 5.3 w/AFM. Used oil like a mofo but other than that, I didn’t have any problems with the motor. The Ecotec 3 fixed most of the problems associated with AFM. You could always wait for a 2019 and try out GM’s new DFM system. One can assume by the third iteration of cylinder deactivation they should have it pretty squared away.
  7. Deal of the century?

    Any luck? Looks like they updated the price to $34k today. Still seems fishy.
  8. Crew or Double Cab?

    If you’re looking for a CC, just keep searching. I bought a DC and the back seats are pretty upright. Not bad if you don’t have people back there or if they’re only there for a short trip.
  9. You'll also need to subtract the tongue weight of the trailer from your payload.
  10. Thoughts on this rig?

    Nice looking rig! Hope the dealer takes care of the little stuff.
  11. So I guess that’s a no... lol
  12. Did you actually buy a re-learn tool listed above? Most of the posts in this thread are written by people who’ve bought a tool from Amazon or EBay who’ve had success. There’s also a video showing the procedure on relearning the sensor positions in case you’re having a problem with the tool. Kinda seems like you didn’t bother reading the old posts and would just like everything spoon fed to you.
  13. Actual height 2500HD

    My truck measured to be just short of 78 inches. 2WD. Specs say 78.1". I'm aired down to about 55 / 65 psi front and rear respectively. I recently went into a parking deck with a 6' 8" (80") clearance sign. Had to drive underneath every column in the deck with one foot on the running board, one on the brakes, half my body outside my truck to make sure it would clear. It did clear with only about 2 inches to spare. These parking deck clearance signs are no joke.
  14. GVWR - payload (found in yellow sticker on door jamb) would probably be a good place to start.
  15. At a certain point, your main concern would be going over the GAWR for the rear. No matter how much you beef up the tires and suspension, the rear axle will be the weakest link. In a 1500 with a semi-floating rear axle, the driveshafts have to support the load. In a 2500 with a full floating rear axle, the axle housing supports the load and the driveshaft only propels the tires. I'm not a GM engineer so I'm not sure how stout those rear half-shafts are. I'm sure there is a safety margin built into the rear GARW rating, but it may be time to step up to a 2500 or a SRW 3500.

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