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  1. I wouldn’t have taken the 0% financing if that were the case, but when I bought my truck, it wasn’t one of those either “0% for 72” OR “$5000 off” deals. It was just an incentive where GM was offering $1000 off for financing through GM Financial. GMF also happened to be offering “as low as 0% financing for qualified buyers” which I qualified for. The dealership gets their bonuses for originating more loans, I get another $1000 off my truck and free financing. It was literally free money. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I got that rate when I bought my truck. I only did it to get an extra $1000 off the truck for financing through GM Financial. An interest free loan is not too shabby. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Need quick answer...will it blend...er...tow

    The combination of “a 150 crew cab” and “rated for 16,000 lbs trailer” is news to me.
  4. What light bar you have tucked behind the grille?
  5. I have the pass-through wiring hooked up on my passenger side headlight connection to a capacitor then to the relays. I don’t have the error message in my monthly Onstar report. I’m also using Hylux ballasts, so I cant speak of any issues with the Morimoto ballasts/igniter setup. If you got your stuff from TRS and you’ve got some time to swing by, I’m sure they’ll help you troubleshoot it. They’re in Atlanta and they’ve got a bunch of good folks working there.
  6. Are you running ballasts only or do you have a setup with relays?
  7. Try a camera system with motion alerts. May wake you up with a few false alarms a couple of times until you get the sensitivity/thresholds set properly. Then you can utilize the techniques referred to above when you see the person.
  8. Did you have the factory projectors? If so, ever have the HID bulbs in those projectors? The light distribution looks amazing from the FXR.
  9. I have the Hylux 35w ballasts in the factory projectors. I am using a relay because I didn’t think the factory wiring would be able to run the ballasts reliably. It was a bit of a pain to get the wiring run, but that’s more because I’m OCD. Interesting to know that the factory wiring is sufficient for driving the ballasts.
  10. So just to be clear, you retrofitted HID projectors into your headlights and you plugged the ballast into the H11 headlight wire coming from your truck? No relay and direct power from the battery?
  11. Apparently the L5P is still “essentially” un-tunable. The ECM is so highly encrypted that you basically have to swap out your ECM with an unlocked one to tune it. Don’t think they’ve got all that worked out yet.
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/09/24/the-associated-press-company-penalized-for-disabling-vehicles-emissions-controls.html Article talks specifically about particulate filters. It looks like the EPA can’t stop people from deleting and tuning their diesels, so they’re going after the folks who sell the tuners.
  13. The factory wiring doesn’t provide the power necessary to drive HID ballasts. You’ll need the relay and a capacitor.
  14. I agree with Penguin. There is no electrical components where the fire originated. The front right corner of the console and and front left edge of the passenger seat cushion was where that fire appears to have originated. Someone leave a Samsung Galaxy between the seat coushion over there?
  15. I want to see what’s on offer for the 2020 HD trucks . I initially hated the 2019 light duty re-design but they are slowly growing on me, especially the Sierras. On the GMC trucks it looks like they didn’t go as extreme on the front end as they did on the Silverado. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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