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  1. It’s a 31.5 inch diameter tire versus a 32.6 inch diameter tire. 3.5% circumference/diameter change. Now my antenna flops off the garage door even more.
  2. Ok folks, need some assistance. I’ve got 17 inch steelies, 245/75 17 and I’m looking to buy a set of factory 18s and they’re wrapped in the Michelin 265/70 18. They’re take-offs from a 3500, so they don’t have TPMS. The tires are about an inch bigger in diameter, so first question: are there any wonky codes that it’s going to throw if I just put on the new wheels on call it a day? (e.g wheel speed sensor or ABS go haywire because of the bigger tire, lack of TMPS) Second question: do you think I’ll be able to talk someone at the dealership into changing the tire size in the ECU so my speedometer is correct? It would be an OEM tire size, but not associated with my VIN & build sheet. Final question: should I even bother to run the TMPS in the truck? I have my front at 55psi and rear at 65psi (no pressure warning light) when I don’t have anything in the bed for the better ride. Should I bother swapping TMPS or just run lower pressures without TPMS sensors and deal with the tire pressure light? Thanks in advance!
  3. I recall (but not 100% certain) that TRS tested the 2.0’s in non-projector F-150 halogen headlamp housings and they worked really well. I do think my issue was the GM projectors are not very good. TRS have a stock Subaru projector they use to test the beam and it worked really well in their testing room. They showed me a bunch of different HID components before I chose the ballast and temp.
  4. I can attest that they don’t work worth a damn in the projector style halogen headlight housing. They look brighter but they don’t throw the light down the road. I bought them through TRS (they’re local to me) and they allowed me to exchange them for HID’s which are so much brighter. If I had to do it over again, I should upgraded the projectors at the time too.
  5. I went to my dealership I’ve gone to the past 13 years. The service tech is great, but the mechanics are a different story. They will ONLY change the oil, they definitely don’t do anything additional like grease the front end (of the HD trucks), so I highly doubt they’ll change the fuel filter on a diesel HD. The dealership I bought my truck from also included six additional oil changes after the 2 GM ones but they’re almost an hour away and by the time I spend my time driving up there, waiting 2-3 hours for my truck, and driving back home, I’d rather spend the time and money doing my own oil & filter, especially since I’ll need to get under it to grease it anyways.
  6. I wouldn’t hold my breath on those items. They won’t even throw some grease into the front end.
  7. Although you did change the term of the original loan, the effect only primarily increased the principal payment in the 4 month period. 50k @ 2.49% for 72 months interest would’ve been $406 (vs. $402 for 48 mos.) But the total interest paid would be increased to roughly $3880 Interesting Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Really depends on a person’s relationship with the dealer. Not everyone has 5 dealerships within 40-50 miles of their home. If you only have one dealership in your town, you may not want to burn your dealer.
  9. That may be one of those docs that you wanted a copy of. The language in the document (which you acknowledge by signing) may indicate how they’ll get their money from you. Shady on their part though.
  10. Couple of questions about camper tops: 1. Anyone know if the camper top from an older 2012 Silverado 6.5’ will fit the newer trucks? Box dimensions identical? 2. Will the profile match up? Are the cab dimensions/height the same? Thanks!
  11. My thoughts exactly. It might take a better mind than me to figure this out, but I’d love to see sales figures for their 6.2 versus GM’s 6.0 to chassis manufacturers. Every new UPS truck in my neighborhood, the plumber, landscapers are all powered by the 6.0. Not saying that the 6.2 is bad, but it seems like Ford has gone back to the old ways of the pushrod for that reliability and smaller footprint.
  12. So the big blue oval turd has gone to a 7.3 liter big-block in their 2020 HD trucks with: an iron block, port fuel injection, and imagine this, push rods! Weren’t the Ford fanboys touting how great their OHC, aluminum blocks were a little while back?
  13. I wouldn’t go running to tell the DMV this, but they’ve miscalculated your unladen weight (curb weight). GVWR 9500# - Payload 26xx# = 6900# curb weight. The Tire and Load Information stickers are calculated at the factory and based on the vehicle’s weight, which takes into account the configuration and options from the factory. I have a 2500HD, Double Cab 6.5’ bed, WT trim, 2WD and I’m at 6213# curb weight. Crew cab trucks in higher trim levels are at least a few hundred pounds heavier. All my friends still on Long Island were happy when they could register 1500’s as passenger cars & drive on the Belt and Northern State Pkwy, but they still don’t have HD trucks because they’re all over 6000 pounds. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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