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    I would bet that GMC tends to sell more high-end vehicles with gizmos that break. Chevy probably sells a lot of LT and WT models.
  2. Call me cheap, but instead of using a cargoglide under my cap i just keep a metal rake under the cap. Whatever slides forward, I pull back with the rake when I need it. Could be tire chains, recycling, a pet, a child, whatever - the rake works for me!
  3. I just sold our small travel trailer. Thinking about getting one of those large instant tents. I have two of those big buddy heaters and they will keep a tent warm. The travel trailer was too much work and you had to be careful where you took it.
  4. just pretend it is a rock crusher muncie in your 454 chevelle, aka “melba toast.”
  5. Remote Start Activation

    i am cheap and ugly too, but even i’m good enough for remote start. best $300 i ever spent.
  6. if you need a diesel, there is nothing better. if you don’t, there is.
  7. Um the Ford 6.2 smokes our 6.0's in virtually every acceleration test - unloaded, loaded, steep hills, heavy loads, doesn't matter. Now, as for maintenance, packaging, and long-term reliability, maybe the 6.0 has the edge. But a Ford 6.2 is a very capable, long-lasting HD truck engine. Some of the perspectives from GM fans on this strike me as a little silly.
  8. ford probably lost a sale to me by making the 4.30 gears and locker options. the gm came how i wanted it just with standard equipment.
  9. Super Duty 6.2 is a great truck.
  10. i better stay away from that. i already feel spoiled by power windows and fuel injection, and now i am shopping for a receiver with a bigger screen. funny how ya think “i don’t need all that crap” and the next thing you know you are looking to upgrade!
  11. i have a 2016 crew work truck without digital assist. i have never driven a vehicle with it. what is it that you like? i bet it is one of those things like heated seats, where you never noticed it before but once you have it you can’t go back!
  12. Sorry to hear that. My grandfather always kept old license plates as well, from WV. I always envision myself restoring my old 72 Chevy truck and driving around on country roads in WV when I get older, trout fishing with an old dog and sporting a 1972 WV license plate loud and proud. One of these days!

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