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  1. speaking of alignments ... do these trucks ever need to be aligned if you stick with stock ride height and tire size?
  2. I would go with a 4.89, just to be certain it isn’t undergeared. 4.88 might be a touch too tall.
  3. I paid 35k new for a crew 6.0 WT truck with an MSRP of around 44, truck is a 2016. Not sure how much that tells you about the price of a used Denali, but I have seen 2019 trucks just like mine for less than 33k new.
  4. the OP was curious about why his truck wouldn't do a burnout. i think the fact that a 6.0 has about the same hp to weight ratio as a base model Honda is a pretty good answer to his question. I don't care if my truck does burnouts either, but I doubt the OP was looking for everyone else's thoughts on whether he should care about doing burnouts. he was looking for everyone else's thoughts on why his truck would not do a burnout, which is a decidedly different question.
  5. so we're literally all posting in a thread about why some guy's 6.0 won't spin the tires. i don't care if my truck spins the tires either, but if someone has a question about that, i have my ideas about why it won't do so.
  6. Sure, but if the question is why won't a 6.0 truck do a burnout ...
  7. I dunno, but i stand by the math. base accord runs about a 16 second quarter and a 6.0 crew is a full second slower. i love my 6.0 but i do not kid myself into believing it is a powerhouse.
  8. If you are not going to daily drive the truck, I cannot think of a single reason to go 1500. A gas 2500 will be the last truck you ever need to buy, and operating costs will be low if you have an economical daily driver.
  9. FWIW, you can run your truck in 3rd gear for years with a 9k trailer and not hurt it. If you trade it in now, 20 years from now, someone else will be still towing 9k behind it in 3rd gear, getting crappy gas mileage and thinking about whether they should get a diesel.
  10. That's probably an accurate statement. Me, I have a 65 GTO, a 1972 Chevy truck, and 1949 Oliver tractor to keep running. Literally the *last* thing in the world I want is to have to fix something on my 2500HD. But for someone who isn't satisfied with the factory performance and doesn't prioritize reliability to the extreme, I can certainly see why they would tune their truck.
  11. So let's say we take 2000 identical 2019 6.0 trucks. We tune 1000 of them and leave the other 1000 on a factory tune. We then add up any driveline expenses for those trucks over the course of the next 250,000 miles. Does anyone really believe that the expenses will be less for the tuned trucks? Or are you just saying that the stock trucks might save a few driveline repairs but the differences won't be great and that the juice is worth the squeeze?
  12. I understand there are some guys with good reputations and they know what they are doing. If you want a truck that is a little snappier, by all means, get it tuned. But don't kid yourself, there's no free lunch. If you want your truck to last as long as possible, leave it the heck alone.
  13. Exactly. You can get 200k harsh miles out of a factory tune. No way some limpdick on the internet is going to do better.
  14. Mods bring very little resale. I see a vehicle with even aftermarket wheels and I just picture the owner doing burnouts and snorting lines of coke off of the back seat. I know it's not like that, but personally I have absolutely zero interest in buying a modified vehicle.
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