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  1. I just hope Ford figured out how to get the spark plugs out of the danged thing.
  2. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    now they just need to make a turbo 6.2!
  3. saellite rescue beacon and two bottles of malbec.
  4. Fog light option for WT

    i just hold a flashlight out the window. what a bunch of sissies.
  5. Drove in 4x4

    you are probably fine. i’ve done a lot worse without incident.
  6. Really minor stuff, but: (1) I bought a base model crew 2500HD. The LT was only $2k more over the WT I bought, but I really wanted vinyl floors and I didn't really care about all of the upgrades on the LT. First vehicle I've had with a backup camera and the IO3 radio screen is too small. In retrospect, I might have gotten the LT just for the screen size. (2) TPMS. It's a 3/4 ton truck so the factory recommended pressures are set for pretty heavy loads. I tend to run around at about 55 PSI front and 50 rear, so my TPMS warning light is always on. I would like to have a factory setting to configure when the TPMS warning comes on. I know a tuner can do it, but I really don't want to modify my truck.
  7. i have a base crew gasser, 32k and no issues. i struggle to understand why gm would add complexity with the electronic assist, when my steering is perfectly fine without it.
  8. Ok, I'm keeping the battleship. Thanks for all the help.
  9. There have been lots of informative posts in this thread and I am appreciative to everyone that has given it their best shot to provide an honest answer.
  10. See those kind of numbers make me think it is seriously worth considering making a change. If I am going to save over 1k per year on gas, that's something I have to think about.
  11. Well it sounds pretty simple - keep my 2500HD. The gains in mpg going to a 1500 are probably not going to be worth all the effort to swap over the canopy and the rear slider, change out the tires, etc. If we were talking 7 mpg it would be something to think about, but for 2-3 mpg it just doesn't make sense. I do love my current truck, I'm just a tightwad, fwiw.
  12. thanks to everyone that provided substantive input. sounds like i should keep my 2500HD, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze if i am only going to get 2 or 3 more mpg. for those who criticized the thread, may god have mercy on your pathetic souls.
  13. Topper Questions

    i paid 3500 for a snugtop mid-rise 6.5 bed with just about every option.
  14. i got 13 in a 2016 6.0 2500hd. was curious how a comparable half ton would do.

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