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  1. If you really want a vehicle that was made in America, buy a 55 Chevy.
  2. To look at it another way, if you could buy a 325 hp Duramax in the HD trucks for, say, $3500 over the cost of a gas engine, I'd have a diesel. For $9500 ... no thanks!
  3. A Duramax 6.6 is about $9500 over a 6.0 vortec, this 3.0 is only a $2500 premium. That's a massive difference. I assume a big chunk of the $9500 on the HD trucks goes to the Allison as well. In any case, I would seriously consider the diesel for such a small premium. If they appear to be reliable after a few years and the payload is reasonable, I would certainly take a diesel over a 6.2 for the same cost. Not so much that I'm a diesel guy, I drive a gas 2500HD, but considering the fuel economy, fuel range, etc., it just looks like a winner assuming they aren't trouble-prone.
  4. for reference, a 360 hp, 6500 lb truck has the same hp to weight ratio as a 180 hp, 3250 lb car. So basically, slower than a base model Honda Accord.
  5. i agree with the post above - torque managment.
  6. Check out Bob is the Oil Guy. The consensus is that for a standard oil change interval, most any oil is fine. I use the walmart supertech synthetic or mobil 1 super (which is the cheap version) and diy. Costs me less than $25 for a full synthetic oil change. In my case, I have a large shop and need to go to the dump periodically for other reasons (recycling), so I don't need to make a special trip just to get rid of used oil. And I have found the dealer or quick lube places to be inconvenient, expensive, or both.
  7. The perfect truck?

    I pulled my house off the foundation with my last diesel. Wife got cranky, made me sell it and buy a gas truck
  8. The perfect truck?

    Honestly one reason I have a cheap truck is that I am a dirtball. Like, people with nicer cars don't want me sitting in them
  9. The perfect truck?

    That's right. Everyone should buy the right truck for them. I know what's right for me and why it is right for me. But some people say leather is great for dogs. As I said earlier, I'd like a bigger display. I paid extra for a remote start. Some people have two frequent drivers and like the seats that remember their position. Some people like to adjust their pedals. Some people are 9 foot tall and want to stick their head out of the sun roof when they drive. Whatever works!
  10. The perfect truck?

    Do what you want, crankypants. I don't care. I was just offering my perspective. If spending a boatload of money on a fancy truck gives you a chubby, go for it. I'd be sick to my stomach taking a 60k truck to go some of the places I take my truck during hunting season. And I drive my truck daily and we take family vacations in it too. It's not like 1960 when a base model didn't have air conditioning or power windows. A basic truck these days is a very comfortable, safe, full-featured vehicle by any reasonable standard. I get it though. You want the extra coochie-ticklers thrown in, it's your money and your coochie. Get 'er done, hoss!
  11. The perfect truck?

    Sure, I mean I get it. My truck is a daily too. We all spend our own money on these trucks and should get whatever we damned well please. All I am saying is that I find myself feeling better about my truck knowing I didn't spend a crazy amount on it, not worrying about scratching my cheap steel wheels, not worrying about my kid dropping food on my vinyl floors, etc.
  12. The perfect truck?

    I drive a base model gas 2500 and I struggle to understand why people put themselves through these decisions. My truck does everything I could ever ask of it. I have power windows and locks, air conditioning, stability control, antilock brakes, six airbags, and a 2900 lb payload. The truck rides great with 55 psi or so. What is it about fancy headlights, cooled seats, heated steering wheels, fancy 20" wheels and such that makes people spend so much money? I have a nice 65 GTO that I fuss over and spend way too much on. But a truck?
  13. rear axle noise

    I think I was being oversensitive. I have about 35k miles and havent thought about it in two years. Not saying your situation is the same though!
  14. Best tire PSI?

    i run 55 front, 50 rear as well. seems perfect. if something ever breaks, i will takeit to the dealer and have them set the tpms warning thresholds to 45/40. until then i will just be annoyed by the warning light.
  15. I just hope Ford figured out how to get the spark plugs out of the danged thing.

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