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  1. wait until next year and buy a brand new, heavily-discounted outgoing model when the 2020 trucks hit the lot.
  2. i like them, i actually got both of mine right! one is on a plow truck, lets me go straight to work. the other is on a hot rod, lets me get out of the driveway asap while the baby is sleeping. but nothing beats the remote start on my 2500hd. that is just the cat's meow right there!
  3. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    agree re: 2500 diesel, i would get 3500 instead. not sure re: 3500 gas - think heavy trailer for contractor around town, not doing the rockies with a big wind-catching 5th wheel, maybe towing a hydroseeder or something with a trencher and a bunch of sod in the bed.
  4. Not that anyone gives a crap, but I need to adjust the choke on my Holley double pumper one of these days.
  5. horsepower under the curve is all that matters. torque numbers are only relevant to the extent that they tell you something about the shape of the curve, since the tq number is specified at a particular rpm (and therefore hp can be derived at the tq peak as well). a 6.0 with 200 additional horses from a supercharger will smack a stock duramax around all day long ... until it breaks.
  6. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    i love my 6.0 but i would not want to tow 13k with it very often.
  7. my 6.0 is my economy vehicle, my other two include a big block 72 chevy 4x4 and a 505 cid 65 gto. enjoy your fuel economy!
  8. huh? how many deutch marks per centiliter again? how many yen per imperial gallon? i am confused! 'murica!!!!!!!
  9. On the bright side, there are a lot of smart and respectful enthusiasts on this site worth talking to, and it's really not that hard to ignore those that aren't. I should have been smarter and just responded to someone worth responding to. Toodles!
  10. even assuming this is true, who cares? i don't know about you, but i really could care less how much power i have at the flywheel, all that matters is what is at the wheels. as for oem vs. aftermarket, i suspect the real difference is that an aftermarket tune can take a more aggressive approach to timing and maybe afr, reduce torque management, etc.. Really just taking out some of the safety factor the OEM builds in to make sure the drivetrain holds together through the warranty period. But that margin is yours for the taking if you want to take the chance, it is not some fairy tale. I have no plans to tune my truck, but that doesn't mean I feel the need to disparage those who do. .
  11. 6.0 hesitation

    I did some reading, I think it is the TCC. When I first bought the truck, I did a few controlled panic stops to see how it handled and the engine stalled once. Apparently that is a TCC symptom. We will see what the dealer says.
  12. 6.0 hesitation

    That sounds exactly like my issue.
  13. 6.0 hesitation

    I almost never have my ac off! cools me in the summer, dries the air in winter. i was going windows down for awhile there but a damned yellow jacket flew in the window and stung me in the head, so back to the ac!
  14. I have a 2016 6.0 2500HD. It seems to hesitate, kind of like a lean miss, at around 1/3 throttle, particularly going uphill and staying in a lower gear. It isn't terrible. Truck is still well within the warranty, but I was curious if anyone else has experienced this just so I can have some ideas going into the dealer for warranty service. I've heard the 6L90 can do some weird things that feel like an engine miss, so perhaps this is not really an engine issue.
  15. Rev limiters have changed my whole driving philosophy. It was one thing to bang my old hydraulic cam 350 around, not knowing when I might break a valve spring and crack a piston. An L96 with all the OEM nanny systems? I cannot hurt this thing. And I'm not bad at hurting things, I took out the drivetrains on a couple of slantback HMMWV's in Germany back in the day, spent the next few days laying in the mud with a face full of transmission fluid as my reward.

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