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  1. i don’t have any doubt that one can make their engine last significantly longer with things like premium oils, short OCI, or bypass filtration. i just think 90% of us will trade our trucks in well before we reach the point where we start seeing the benefit from those efforts. even if you do keep your truck for 500k miles, is it cheaper to put all those miles on one engine changing your amsoil every 3000 miles or just run the cheap stuff by the OLM and buy a low mileage takeout engine with the savings!
  2. for those of us that grew up pulling the shift lever all the way down when we wanted to crawl in first ...
  3. go to bitog and self educate a bit. the hysteria over this stuff is silly and primarily a result of good old-fashioned ignorance. if you want to run an extended oci then yes, carefully picking an oil with a good additive package is critical. but if you just follow the olm, any old dexos in the correct grade for your truck is fine. again, virtually no one on this forum is going to wear out their engine by following the olm and using any oil that meets gm spec.
  4. my point was just that most of us are never going to wear out an engine using the OLM and whatever oil that meets the minimum spec.
  5. I will stop using the OLM when I actually wear out an engine following the OLM. I have a 2016 Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0 Vortec and 45k miles. When should I expect my 6.0 to give up the ghost by following the OLM, using Supertech 5w30 and Delco filters?
  6. i have a snugtop midrise with the heavy duty roof and my fuel economy is consistent with what other 6.0 HD owners report. I do not think the cap is a big deal. A lift screws up aero bad, aggressive tires create rolling resistance, but a modern cap has decent aero and probably isn’t much different than just driving around with a fat friend in the passenger seat.
  7. fuelly shows about 12 for 6.0 HD trucks and 16.5 for 6.2 half tons. I would guess your average 6.2 owner sees maybe 18.5 highway.
  8. have you ever heard of the “Internet?”
  9. I'm not surprised. I got 13.5 mpg doing 80 mph on a long interstate trip in my 6.0 2500HD truck. I thought about getting a 1/2 ton to get better gas mileage but after talking to a few people it sounds like at those speeds the mileage isn't much better, my brother figured he would have gotten 15 or so on the same trip in his 5.3 Tahoe. The cylinder deactivation might make a big difference if you slowed down to 60 mph.
  10. i have done a few gear swaps myself. i went from a 3.23 to a 3.90 axle in a four speed 65 GTO ... that put a smile on my face!!!! but here, sinking that kind of money into two axles on a nearly-new truck doesn’t make sense to me. yeah, maybe you will be happy, or maybe you will be out a bunch of cash and still want a diesel. the problem is that you have to spend the money to find out. if you want a real reason to regear, beat that sumbitch until you break a rear, like i did doing 6k clutch drops with my 3.23’s ... that’s how i wound up with 3.90’s!!!
  11. i cannot see spending that kind of money unless you are doing the lift and bigger tires thing. i think it will help some but you aren’t going to go screaming up a steep hill with your travel trailer just by regearing.
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