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  1. New truck options

    really? i have had four brand-new 4x4's and every one had a floor shifted transfer case. the two I regretted buying were higher-end trims, and the two I've had the best luck with were base model work trucks. last night my 5 y.o. crawled all over the back of my truck with muddy boots on and i sat in the front with the heater on, drinking a beer (not driving) and listening to motley crue. doesn't bother me a bit with cheap cloth and rubber floors
  2. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I just jam corn cobs directly into my fuel tank. I get some funny looks at the gas station, but saves me a bundle!
  3. sounds nice, but i gotta blow up my 6.0 first. i will get right on that!
  4. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I do not understand what you mean. Typically, drag cars and trucks designed for towing both have numerically high axle ratios. For instance, the 4.10 gearset in the 6.0 HD trucks is far more suited for fast acceleration than the lazy 3.08 ratio in some of the 1500 trucks.
  5. I remember many years ago needing a drill. And I went to the store and there were all kinds of drills, lots of corded and cordless versions of different sizes, different amperages, etc. I grabbed this gigantic heavy duty milwaukee corded drill, under the theory that if I bought that one, there would never be a time when I would come across something I couldn't drill with that one drill. And you know what? I was right. I still have that big heavy mutha, and I still use it for tough jobs. Sure, I've got a nice, compact cordless now that I use for most things, but once in a while I need the big dog and I'm always glad I have it. When I found out we had another kid coming and the Jeep wasn't going to cut it any longer. I was looking at Tahoes and 1500 crew short beds. But then I thought about that drill ... and now I have a 2500HD gasser. 20 years from now, I'll have a nice Tahoe or 1500 or Jeep or whatever, and I'll use it for most things. But once in awhile, I'll need the big dog and I'll be glad I have it.
  6. I believe you. Honestly, I just wanted to throw out a Cha Cha Muldowney reference for the heck of it.

    I had a 2007 "classic" which was basically a 2006. 4.3, regular cab short bed work truck, with manual windows, 4x4, and a stick shift. Like everyone always says, "never should have sold it!!!"

    No doubt new vehicles are far more refined, safer, better fuel economy, longer-lasting, you name it. That said, I drove my 65 GTO for years with front drum brakes and honestly I don't remember it being a problem at all. I kind of had it in the back of my mind that I should watch out for puddles or for brake fade in the mountains, but I had plenty of engine braking with the 10:1 compression, the 3.90 gears, and the muncie wide ratio ...

    i dunno, i was born in 75, but to me the best cars and trucks are all from 1955 to 1972. Don't get me wrong, I love square bodies and smokey and the bandit trans-ams and TJ Jeeps even, but a 55 chevy, a 65 or 68 GTO, a 67 chevy truck, 66 chevelle, man, those are just the best-looking cars ever.

    I have a 72 K10 longbed, I love her. But when she's not looking, I'm creeping around on the internet in incognito mode, looking at pictures of 3/4 ton 67's and 68's.

    For looks, I'd say the 67/68 trucks are the best. For durability, the TBI trucks were great for their time, and then the non-AFM first gen LS trucks were amazing. For collectability, 55-57 NAPCO trucks are the cat's meow. My personal choice would be a base model 67 or 68 K20 with white wheels, white bumpers, and a granny gear four speed. Medium green with a white roof.
  12. fleetside k20 please! seems to me we used to love our trucks back when we asked so little of them, and now we are so hard on them even though they can do so much more. i am constantly amazed at how capable and comfortable my 2500HD crew work truck is, that I could get something so refined for 35k. i can tow anything i want, it starts up easily, has plenty of room, drive smoothly, has more power than my 396-powered k10, never breaks, i can take the whole family on vacation and not think twice about anything other than whether the oil has been changed. a high country with a bigger V8? i am sure that truck is going to be absolutely fantastic, by any reasonable standard. the looks will grow on people, just watch.
  13. I like trucks with stick shifts, white steel wheels, and painted white bumpers. Where can I get one of those? I would like an inline six, if possible, and vinyl flooring 😬
  14. I just remind myself of all the money I will save when I am still driving the same truck in 20 years. You can't hurt these things.
  15. I swear someone at GM writes these threads to make people want new trucks. I love my 2016 gasser HD, it will last forever and tow anything I want to tow. But my first car and daily driver for five years was a 65 gto, and i miss that sensation of just hammering it every now and again just to make the back end go squirrelly and get my jollies. I bet that 6.2 is an absolute blast to drive, although I don't know how to save money running premium and driving like Cha Cha Muldowney everywhere you go.

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