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  1. this is why i always buy the first one they show me and pay whatever they ask me to.
  2. white 2016 gas work truck here, i daily drive it and use it as the family vacationmobile. snugtop canopy for the dogs and luggage. i can’t imagine needing any more truck than this!
  3. have an oil analysis done by someone like blackstone.
  4. growing up back when this was still a free country, a regular cab truck was considered a family vehicle!
  5. i would like a duratrac tread with a BFG AT KO2 sidewall, myself.
  6. I appreciate the comments. I just kind of step back every now and again and think about how much capability you get in the HD gas trucks, it is really something. The rotors are thick as Dagwood sandwiches and axles as thick as my thigh. I can't break this sumbitch if I try!
  7. Also keep in mind - weight plays a bigger factor in stop-and-go driving, aerodynamics becomes a bigger issue at high speeds. So, for instance, a lifted truck will probably see a bigger hit at highway speeds than a stock height truck with an intact air dam.
  8. direct injection enabled a higher compression ratio because you can inject the fuel later in the combustion cycle.
  9. I have a 2016 crew 2500HD work truck. I daily drive it and use it as our family vacation mobile. Kids in the back seat, dogs and luggage underneath the canopy in the back. I read the forums and a lot of the topics are about how the 6.0 is slow or gets bad gas mileage, how you can’t get a certain option on a certain trim level, how the cooled seats don’t quite keep the moisture off your grundle like they advertise. And I think, man, my truck is great! It’s paid for, has no problems, plenty of power for me. Yeah, the radio is basic, but it’s got power windows and locks, 4.10 gears, no AFM, I mean what else could you want? Yeah, the vinyl floors are always dirty and my grundle is as sweaty as ever, but wtf? I’m good, I like my truck anyway!
  10. that teal looks really close to the factory color on my 65 goat. love it. but the man needs orange. happy wife happy life. there is no choice here!
  11. i don’t have it. i did come down from 6500 to 4000 feet on a steep, narrow north Idaho forest road in 8” of snow this year. I put z chains (cables) on all four tires and used 4 LO and the manual shift function on my 6L90 to control my speed. I could see how it would have been nice to have, though. Hours of that stuff can wear you out mentally!
  12. ok, thanks. i’ve heard of hot rod engines breaking exhaust springs because of lack of oil to the top end, but sounds like that is unlikely here.
  13. does the 6.2 have an aggressive cam profile compared to the other OEM cams? also, i don’t know much about DOD/AFM, but any chance it affects how much oil gets to the top end to cool those valve springs?
  14. i hear ya. just razzing you a bit, and to your credit you took it well. you earn your money, you damn well better spend it how you please! i have a gravel road and a 2500HD, i don't see an issue with ride quality but that's me. coming from a jeep wrangler and a 72 K10k, this IFS rig is like riding on a pillow!
  15. Looks to me like the difference is about 3 feet - 51.5 or so for the 2500HD crew std bed, 48.5 or so for the 1500. I wouldn't let that make the difference for me but maybe you or the OP feel differently. As for ride comfort, some guys remind me of that story about the princess and the pea ...
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