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  1. Bottom line is I need to figure out how to get my 2016 stuck so I have an excuse to upgrade to a new truck. Wish me luck, fellas!
  2. My guess is that you did just fine. Typically, incentives increase toward the end of the model year, and toward the end of the life of the platform. For instance, I paid 35k for a 2016 gasser with a 44k MSRP, and I saw similar 2019 trucks going for 33k as the 2020’s started coming online. I would guess people got similar discounts on the GMT900 as the K2 trucks came out, and so on back until Fred Flinstone got his first car.
  3. I like basic trucks. I got a new 2016 2500HD crew cab 4x4 work truck for 35k a few years back. Makes a Tundra look like a Prius, but it is a ton of truck for the money.
  4. Hard for me to see how replacing a 2016 is a good move. Assuming you have reasonable mileage on your current truck, you are getting to the point where depreciation is tapering off and the cost per mile of your current truck should be pretty low for quite a few years yet.
  5. BFG AT KO2 is the standard. There are other great tires, and you can get very good alternative tires for less money, but you cannot go wrong with the KO2.
  6. Marginally related, but I bought a 4.3 Silverado back in 2006 because I did not trust those newfangled LS engines and wanted something based on a good old small block architecture. Looking back, those non-AFM engines of that era are some of the longest-lasting engines of all time!
  7. there is always something better next year. your 2019 is a fantastic truck that will do anything you ask of it. don’t fall into that trap!
  8. i have a snugtop hi liner, stock tires. i get 13 highway. i would have guessed maybe 10 with 35’s, a lift, and the extra weight.
  9. Every now and again being a tightwad turns out for the best!
  10. My truck is a work truck and doesn't have the digital steering assist, so I am hoping to avoid the issue.
  11. That's interesting. For the most part, I've heard that the 2011 and up GM HD trucks have a rock-solid IFS due to some major frame and suspension changes that were made that year. I do not expect to have any issues with my 2016, but I also imagine the gas engine is a lot easier than the Duramax on the front end due to the weight. All that being said, my straight axle 72 will walk all over my 2016 when it comes to off-roading, it's just that I actually need that capability so rarely I find my new truck is really the perfect fit for me.
  12. Yeah I have an old 72 K10 longbed, TH350 but I'd like to do an SM-465 or maybe an NV4500. I'm fine with IFS, in fact I really like my IFS 2500HD, and I love my 6.0 vortec. But I do wish i could have a manual trans shifter on the floor next to my transfer case shifter.
  13. I hope you enjoy your new truck, but we need to talk about your user name
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