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  1. how many shifts and separate lines is that, how many trucks per hour does each worker see? i worked at baltimore assembly on astro/safari years ago, i think we did like 52 vans per hour at each station with a single line running 16-20 hours per day. so 800-1000 per day.
  2. i dont know the answer to your questions, but welcome to the forum - work trucks rule!
  3. i daily drive a work truck crew 2500HD. i have better things to spend my money on than an expensive truck. i tell the kids just to drop their empty food packages in the vinyl floor, that’s why i bought a cheap truck!
  4. hey if my trans lasts that long i won’t be complaining that is great - especially for so much towing!
  5. not what you asked, but i have to put in a plug for snugtop. i have one on my 2016. with two kids and two large dogs, it is the perfect setup.
  6. I bought a 2016 gas 2500HD. For me, it wasn't a question of gas vs. diesel - I knew I had no need for a $45k or more pickup truck with a diesel engine, despite the fact that I think they are incredible machines. For me, I was cross-shopping a 1500 vs. a gas 2500. I just couldn't see why so many people bought 1500 trucks when you get so much more for nearly the same price in a gas 2500HD. Ground clearance, full floater, standard locker, steeper gears, stronger trans, stronger front axle, better engine and trans cooling, payload, towing capacity, etc. And you don't get AFM! I get that the gas mileage isn't great and it is a lot easier to deal with a 5.5 bed on a 1500, but man - you sure get a lot for your money going from a 1500 to a gas 2500HD. That was true when I bought my 2016 and it is even more true now with the 6.6 gas trucks.
  7. after 50k miles i dont notice anymore and i love my truck!
  8. Hey I have a 6.0 2500HD. It's been great and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. But I know for a fact I am going SLOW uphill if I pull a heavy trailer. For someone that doesn't want to deal with that but isn't sure they want a diesel, the 7.3 with the 10 speed is the best deal going. A 6.6 gasser is certainly better than my truck, but that 7.3 Ford is fantastic. For the record I have three GM vehicles - a 2016 2500HD, a 1972 K10, and a 1965 GTO. I am not a Ford man by any means! But for my money right now, the Ford is the gasser to get in the HD market.
  9. If I were buying a gasser today, I would get a Ford 7.3. The engine is great but the 10 speed will really make all the difference.
  10. yes. sweeps right, then left, stays left. range reads “- -“ but as of yet no warning light - maybe the system only polls for that warning every so often, i dunno. not driving much with the shutdown. also, i just checked my records and this same problem was fixed under warranty 15k miles ago. is this a known issue?
  11. 2016 2500HD gasser. For no apparent reason, my fuel gauge suddenly reads empty. No alarm or low fuel light. Ideas?
  12. this is why i always buy the first one they show me and pay whatever they ask me to.
  13. white 2016 gas work truck here, i daily drive it and use it as the family vacationmobile. snugtop canopy for the dogs and luggage. i can’t imagine needing any more truck than this!
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