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  1. The dealership is in this truck way too deeper than they should be, and they are looking for a way out. Somebody padded their pockets by allowing way too much on the trade. They can't put it on their floor plan, so they are stuck. After thinking about all of it, it really kind of pisses me off that they tried to pawn this thing off on my wife. It's not surprising She is just there for the paycheck. My wife has been in car business most of her life. She was born into the car business. Her daddy was a used car dealer. Unfortunately, he died in 1986. She got back into the business in 1994, and has worked at dealerships ever since. As recently as a couple of years ago, she was the controller for three dealerships. The money was good, but the job was impossible. New car dealerships have changed. They're nothing like they used to be. They were once like families, but no more. The new breed of dealer couldn't care less about employees. Of course, there are exceptions, but things just aren't like they used to be. My wife is doing a job now way beneath her knowledge and skill level, but she has her nights, weekends, and sanity back. She can even take a day or two off from time to time, if she likes. Some things are more important than money. . My '07 Classic has been and still is a great truck. I've had to do virtually nothing to it in the 11 years I've owned it. I expect at least another 10 years of great service from this truck. Our '96 dually is like a part of the family. When it comes down to it, I'm not sure we could ever part with it. These two trucks don't have all the bells and whistles of new trucks, but I can live with that. I like everything I've read about the new 6.6 gas engine they're using in some of the one ton trucks. Maybe a few years down the road when the used ones come down in price, I'll take a look. Thanks to the posters above for your input. I feel great about walking away from this deal.
  2. After taking a sort test drive in this truck, I am killing this deal, and the wife understands. Before spending this kind of money on a vehicle, it has to blow me away. This one didn't. My two trucks that were paid for years ago will continue to do what i need them to do. If you took the time to read this post, thank you. This thread can be closed.
  3. My wife works for a car dealer. They've got a truck on their lot that was traded in back in December. It is a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT. This truck has 101,000 miles. It is a crew cab 4x4 with a 6.5 foot bed. Carfax shows that regular maintenance (oil changes) has been done on the truck since new. This truck has the 6.0 gas engine and six speed transmission. She wants to buy this truck. I am trying to decide if we should. Our current situation is that we have a 2007 Chevy Silvarado Classic as my daily driver. It hit 150,000 miles last week. We bought this truck in February, 2011 when it had 48,000 miles. I've done all the work on this truck since then, and it is in good shape. It still drives good and looks good. I really don't put all that many miles on the truck. I drive a company car for my job. We also have a 1996 Chevy crew cab dually with a vortec 454. We've owned this truck for 21 years. The only thing we use this truck for is pulling our camper, a 38 foot fifth wheel that weighs about 11,000 pounds dry. I've never weighed this camper with all of our "stuff" in it, but I'm guessing it's somewhere around 14,000 pounds. The pin weight is about 2500 pounds. The dually sits in our shop all of the time. I bring it out when we have camping trips. It generally sees about 1000-1500 miles per year. It has about 165,000 miles on the odometer. I've done quite a bit to this truck in the last 2-3 years including a new A/C compressor, new oil cooler hoses, new power steering hoses (all 5 of them), new Bilstein shocks, and the addition of a TCI aluminum transmission pan. This is still a pretty nice truck, but it is 25 years old. If we buy the 2015 GMC, it will probably mean selling both of out existing trucks. I think the '07 will bring $10,000-$12,000, and I think the dually will bring $6,500-$8,500. These are just guesses on my part. I really haven't surveyed the market yet. The dealership is asking about $32,000 for the 2015 GMC. I have no idea if this is a fair price or not. They can't put this truck on their floor plan, so I believe they are motivated to sell. Here are the things I have to decide: 1. Do I really want to take on a car loan? Affording the truck isn't really an issue, but I hate car payments. 2. Do I really want to downsize from two trucks to one? It is always nice to have one to fall back on if the other is down for any reason. 3. I have to ask myself if I really want to give up the dually for pulling our camper. We don't take the camper far from home, Our jobs don't permit us to take a lot of vacation trips. We take the camper to Texas Motor Speedway 2-3 times per year. Other than that, we occasionally take the camper to casino campgrounds, or other area campgrounds. None of these places are more than a couple of hours away. Gaining the four wheel drive capability would be nice. I've had the dually stuck in that TMS campground several times over the years. That's no fun. I'm also trying to decide if swapping from an 8 foot bed to a 6.5 foot bed will be okay. I've been looking at some torque and horsepower charts. I believe this 6.0 is very similar to the old Vortec 7.4 in the 3000-3500 RPM range, which is where I try to let my engines live when towing. I'm not going to turn the 5 grand it takes to get the peak numbers. I believe the six speed transmission would give the 6.0 some advantages over the 454 and it's four speed. She's brought the truck home for the weekend. I'm going to get it in my shop in a little while and look everything over. I'd like to hook my camper to it and get it on the highway for a bit if I am able. However, I'll have to wait for all of the ice and snow from this week's winter storm to melt first. We are in northeast Texas. This week was unreal. I'll gladly accept any input you have to offer. Before anybody tells me to buy a diesel, just understand that I have no interest in owning a diesel. I'll accept the limitations of the gas engine. Everything is a compromise.
  4. More info: On the emissions sticker under the hood, this vehicle has the following certifications: EPA: LDT, Tier 2 Cal: LDT, ULEV Another question: Are there different ECM flashes for different states on this vehicle? Thanks
  5. A friend is looking at a used 2016 Equinox. It appears that the car originally came from a California dealer, and it has RPO code NU5, which is California emissions. What I want to know is exactly what that means, what hardware was different than on a regular Equinox sold in the other 49 states. I also want to know if the performance is affected in any way. Thanks.
  6. '96 one ton dually, vortec 454, two wheel drive... Can the oil pan be removed without raising the engine?
  7. After doing a little reading about all the DEF headaches, I think the best thing for me to do is to just keep driving the old gas hog. In the past couple of years, we've replaced the A/C compressor and fixed all the A/C leaks, replaced the intake gaskets, and replaced the fuel pump. It also has new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc. This is the first real money we've spent on this truck in 19 years of ownership. It has about 170,000 miles now. We use it only to pull our fifth wheel, about 12,000 pounds. Because of work, we don't get to take all that many trips, and those trips are never more than 125 miles from home. I haven't put more than a thousand miles on the truck in each of the past couple of years, so the gas mileage thing isn't a big deal. It spends most of it's time sitting in the shop on the battery tender. The truck is kind of ugly (faded paint, etc.), but it is mechanically sound. The only real problem I'm aware of right now is a power steering leak. I add a pint of PS oil before each trip. My wife works for a car dealer with several new car dealerships. I spotted that 2011 on one of their websites, and it looked like a pretty nice truck. That's why I made the inquiry here. Thanks for the input. I believe I'll keep my money in pocket.
  8. I've never owned a diesel pickup before... As far as the duramax goes, how was the 2011 model year? Pros, cons, etc. I assume they used DEF that year? If there is anything else I need to know about a 2011 dually, please let me know. (My hauler for the past 19 years has been a '96 Chevy dually with a vortec 454.) Thanks.
  9. When you installed the new crank, did it spin over easily in the block with none of the rods hooked up? Is the original crank and the new crank broken in the same place? What kind of engine is it? 350 cranks and 305 cranks often get interchanged incorrectly. They have the same stroke, but the counterweights are different. Overtightening the belts can cause the crank to break near the front. I can't see the dampener causing the crank to break that fast, unless it is an externally balanced engine and the dampener is the wrong one. If this is the case, you would have definitely felt it.
  10. Most rearends don't have drain plugs on them. The easiest way to add one is to drill a hole in the cover and weld a bung to it.
  11. When I bought my 1996 one ton crew cab dually back in 2000, the left front shock was completely gone from the truck. I put two new shocks on the front. Since that time, I've paid very little attention to the front end on this truck. It's been a very reliable truck and I've mostly just driven it. Back in March, I felt the brakes starting to grind, so I knew it was time for to turn the rotors and get new pads. While performing that service, I noticed that the top nut, washer, and bushing was missing from the left front shock. I put on a new bushing, washer, and double nuts. This morning, while checking the air in the tires, I noticed that the bushing was gone. I assume that it was somehow hammered away by the movement of the suspension. My washer and double nuts were still there. I just finished putting a solid steel bushing on there. Does anybody know what causes the front shock problems on these trucks? When I first bought the truck and discovered the missing shock, somebody told me that it's fairly common for the front shocks to just fall off these trucks. I have no idea what is going on. Is it possible that some brands of shocks bottom out on these trucks? This truck hasn't been lifted or lowered or anything like that. If spending money on a different brand of shocks would solve my issue, I'd be happy to do it. The shocks on there currently are cheapo Monroe Gas Magnums. Like I mentioned previously, they are 16 years old. When I had them off back in the spring, they still had a gas charge on them. I compressed them manually, and the gas pushed the shaft back out. Any info appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Here is the best part of the entire story... My wife is the comptroller over two new car dealerships. The service manager at one of those dealerships told me to just bring the truck to him, and he'd take care of getting all the work done at no expense to us. One of their hourly kids will be doing most of the labor, under the supervision of one of the seasoned mechanics. My wife is really well liked by everybody in that service department. It pays to not be an a$$hole at work. Here is the list of parts that will be replaced: compressor evaporator core accumulator orifice tube heater core blower motor blower motor resistor
  13. I found a distributor 50 miles away that has the Sanden 4440 for $233. I'm going to pick that up in the morning. I bought all the other parts I need at O'Reilly's today. Thanks to everybody for the help.
  14. I made a couple of phone calls and checked... The ACDelco evaporator core is manufactured in Taiwan. The Four Seasons evaporator core is manufactured in China. So I guess I need to ask myself if I believe the Taiwanese evaporator core is worth more than twice the price of the Chinese evaporator core. I am inclined to say no.
  15. That's what I'm thinking. I was getting really confused by all of the different ways these compressors were described on the various websites. I finally decided the price is the giveaway. Like I said before, the 4440 on the Sanden website is $250. All of the "Sanden style" compressors I see are in the $125-$150 range. I believe I'll spend the extra hundred bucks and do it right the first time. On the evaporator, can I do better than AC/Delco? I see a bunch of aftermarket evaporator cores in the $50-$80 range. An AC/Delco evaporator core on Rock Auto is about $150. On a job that difficult, I certainly want to put the best piece I can in there. Is AC/Delco the way to go? Thanks for all the replies thus far.
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