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  1. get a used oil analysis done and see whether you have excess wear metals.
  2. ok sorry i misunderstood. sorry to hear about both of your issues.
  3. don’t wanna be a jerk but i will say this. i love working on and modifying vehicles, but i don’t mess with new stuff. i have a 72 k10 with a 396 and a 65 goat, always messing with them. my 2016 2500hd? bone stock. no tune, tiny 245/75r17 tires, nothing. i would love to drive a lifted truck with bigger tires, a tune, maybe even a supercharger. but i ain’t messing with my 2016, because i rely on it and don’t want any problems. if you wanna play, i think there is a lot to be said for finding an older second rig to mod and keep your newer truck stock. just how i handle things myself. good luck, OP. hope it works out.
  4. if it makes you feel better, your truck gets better gas mileage than my stock 2016 2500hd 6.0 crew cab on tiny 245/75r17 tires.
  5. i think it is more a question of whether you get burned by a big repair bill, which is far more likely with a diesel.
  6. i don’t know that the ls engines will take the big overbores like some of the older engines, but i have seen stroker kits and curious what other modifications are necessary to run one, besides the obvious internal engine work. basically, what do you need besides the stroked long block?
  7. i would like to hear more about 6.0 iron block vvt stroker builds in l96 or ly6 trucks. is feasible without a lot of other changes? or do you need injectors, fuel pump, other items besides the engine itself? i would want a stock idle, keep vvt and torque management, just basically a larger version of the factory l96.
  8. i think 2500 gas trucks get a smaller rear, 2500 diesels and all 3500s get the bigger rear.
  9. i have a similar (2016) gasser 2500HD and love it. But you have a GMT 800 half ton truck and those are some of the best trucks GM has ever made. IMHO you made the right decision. If the 2015 truck had 50k miles on it, would have been a much closer call.
  10. if you are in the 1500 market, good chance you can use something else - an SUV and a utility trailer, for instance. if you are in the 2500 market, you need a 2500, end of story. if they aren’t making many, and inventory got hit hard, then demand is “inelastic” and prices go up. also if you are a consumer and you buy a used truck, down time is just an annoyance. when you are using your truck to make money, it’s lost work. so the 2500 fleet owners sometimes really are willing to pay for a new truck to minimize downtime. i had a four door rubicon i bought in 2013 and in 2017 i traded it for my 6.0 2500HD crew cab WT 4x4. i had paid 35k for the Jeep brand new, and I paid 35k for the 2500HD. They gave me 30k for the Jeep with almost 50k miles, a dented front bumper, and smelly wet carpet. So I got a new truck for like 5k. I can’t say my Jeep experience was entirely positive, went back and forth to the dealer over and over again for the same problems. But I ain’t complaining about the resale!
  11. i did a lot of research on camper shells four years ago and snugtop seems to have the beat reputation, but they do cost more.
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