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  1. It’s to bad they have all these issues. It’s clearly the best looking truck out there and the 6.2 is awesome. the axle is floating while in 2 wheel drive and falling towards the differential and bouncing back and forth.
  2. Buy what you want, it’s a design flaw. I agree it moving laterally, but to the low point which is the pumpkin. it’s called gravity. If they new a simple fix like replacing an axle, they would have done fixed it.
  3. This is just to get you thru the warranty after which the say, change the oring for 750.00. It is a geometry issue where the stub shaft falls to the low point. The oring is just a temp cushion until it fails. Get an extended warranty or learn to replace yourself or just turn up the Bose
  4. Did you ever figure out the root cause? Was it a geometry issue?
  5. Great looking truck! Glad you stuck to it and got a safer and more reliable truck. You can make some money as a consultant.
  6. Another point, Low Battery Voltage? Are they saying the alternator is WAY to small so your battery voltage just drops as you are driving? Then you lose your braking? WTF, total BS. The tech that worked on mine always had a charger on it during system updates. That was 8 freakin months ago and standard practice. GM, is BS-ing ya all. To get mine to work, we shut off all the fun stuff, lane keep, crash avoidance, auto updates, cancel on star etc... just turn everything off possible and drive to your next favorite brand and trade in it. You and your family will be a lot safer.
  7. Do you see anywhere That it states a loss of braking Power? Just go into your dealer and tell them your peddle feels hard. Lol I feel for you guys and gals that made the same mistake I did. It wAs the the best looking and biggest pos I ever owned. Are you guys really going to depend on this truck now that you know the brakes will fail with any heavy processing load? Run it into a parked car at Walmart and let you insurance co get after GM
  8. Fourth quarter: GM reported Silverado sales rose 1% to 163,341. Fourth quarter: Ram sales rose 7% to 172,579. For the year: Silverado sales slipped 2% to 575,600. For the year: Ram sales rose 18% to a record 633,694. That's right, Ram sales topped the Silverado by 10.1% for 2019. guess everyone likes to have brakes!
  9. Those charges are BS. Ford tried that in 13 when I bought a total lemon eco boost. I was able to prove I put milage on another vehicle and wanted the same rate they got. I settled for 75% rate. I still lost just over 2k on the whole ordeal. Considering all the issues, especially the brakes, you guys did well. Great job!
  10. So one needs to keep it a secret that the brakes are failing. That’s what you want? Someone should not have to die before it is fixed. Remember the Toyota braking issue? He has every right to voice his opinion and ask for help without you beating on him.
  11. There are some shady things happen at some dealerships. Some caused by lazy techs. I feel for ya, but when do you call BS and enough is enough. Dumping it like I did is extremely costly. Wishing you luck!
  12. Did you get the old parts or did you see them? I find it hard to believe GM would make that big of mistake. I would tend to believe the mechanics only did part of the work.
  13. They fix all kinds of rattles under warranty. That letter is there fix unless you force them. They know what’s wrong and at least one way to fix it. It’s a numbers game now, they know very few will push the issue. Those that do will get compensated. Say 10k trucks effected, they know 90 percent will accept the dealers claim nothing is wrong. So that leaves 1000. Of those 80 percent will take the warranty, that leaves 200 to buy back or repair. So what’s cheaper to fix at 3k per truck? 1000 repairs at 3000 ea. Or 200 at 3k? 3 million vs 600k. Of the 600k, they just resell the returned truck with no warranty and reduce there cost to only the difference between their cost to build a new truck vs resale of the returned truck.
  14. Maybe it’s more of a geometry issue that the lift kit fixes.
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