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  1. So one needs to keep it a secret that the brakes are failing. That’s what you want? Someone should not have to die before it is fixed. Remember the Toyota braking issue? He has every right to voice his opinion and ask for help without you beating on him.
  2. There are some shady things happen at some dealerships. Some caused by lazy techs. I feel for ya, but when do you call BS and enough is enough. Dumping it like I did is extremely costly. Wishing you luck!
  3. Did you get the old parts or did you see them? I find it hard to believe GM would make that big of mistake. I would tend to believe the mechanics only did part of the work.
  4. They fix all kinds of rattles under warranty. That letter is there fix unless you force them. They know what’s wrong and at least one way to fix it. It’s a numbers game now, they know very few will push the issue. Those that do will get compensated. Say 10k trucks effected, they know 90 percent will accept the dealers claim nothing is wrong. So that leaves 1000. Of those 80 percent will take the warranty, that leaves 200 to buy back or repair. So what’s cheaper to fix at 3k per truck? 1000 repairs at 3000 ea. Or 200 at 3k? 3 million vs 600k. Of the 600k, they just resell the returned truck with no warranty and reduce there cost to only the difference between their cost to build a new truck vs resale of the returned truck.
  5. Maybe it’s more of a geometry issue that the lift kit fixes.
  6. Remember, they were fixing them or at least trying. That is clear cut proof there is a problem. It is evidence in your favor. If it is true that the GM stuff is fine, it tells you two things. 1. The AAD stuff is defective in some way. 2. GM will never fix the issue because they already have the fix in hand. They are just stringing you out until they don’t have to pay. You have an easy case, but, you will never get anything unless you go the lemon law and hire attorney for that. GM choose to use an outside vendor and they are responsible. They already admitted a problem and have a fix for it. They can make all the excuses they want, facts are in.
  7. Jay Dankovich GM Service Operations Mail Code 480-204-015 30501 Van Dyke Ave. Warren, MI 48090
  8. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Cooling-Off Rule allows you to cancel a contract when you purchase something at your home or at a location that is not the permanent place of business for the seller. But not all sales can be canceled under this rule. Exemptions include sales that are under $25, goods or services that are not designed for use in the home, sales made by mail or over the phone, a sale that is arranged from prior discussions at the seller's permanent place of business, goods or services needed for an emergency, and repairs to personal property that are solicited by the buyer. The Cooling-Off Rule does not cover transactions that involve real estate, securities or insurance, automobiles sold at a temporary location (as long as the seller has a permanent place of business) and arts and crafts sold at fairs
  9. Personally, I think GM boxed themselves in. They were repairing them because it was defective and now nothing. It’s going to be hard to say nothing is wrong and don’t need repaired at some point. Unless you get some spoon fed arbitrator or judge that never mowed their own lawn, they will see it. It’s a numbers game now. GM sells what 180k in trucks, let’s say 1% is effected. That’s 1800 jingles, maybe 5% of those go thru the hassle. So they make 90 people whole by upgrading them to a new unit vs spending 2-3k on 1800 trucks. Hire an attorney, you will get a new truck
  10. Hind site is 20-20, but damm you should have returned the truck the same day. You have 72 hrs to back out of a contract.
  11. What choice do you have? GM refuses to fix it. So, .......
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