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  1. Yea!! Glad you got it fixed!! You are the official front drive GM lab rat. Short castings? Wow, seems like a major quality control issue.
  2. I have stated clear back in February that they have a mild short or power on the negative side causing many of the electronic issues. It is the small changes you can’t see that will someday make it a great truck. Like better programming, brake modules, sensor location etc. I stood back and looked at clear design flaws and realized that the interior was designed by geeks who never drive a truck. Consider, the 4x4 buttons, try hitting 4 high going down a bumpy road or finding the stupid windshield washer button after a splash. But it sure is easy to turn the auto head lamp feature on and off using the button on the end of the switch. They need swapped. Little stupid things like these made me realize GM has total rookie engineering and it will take time. I think the mechanical issues will be solved. That side of The Silverado is nice. My 6.2 and 10 speed was nice. Airlines went through this several decades ago. You can’t have a plane in limp home mode. They all have back up systems and strict procedures and all use Reliability Centered Maintenance. Boeing is a good example of what happens when all this electronic stuff is not engineered correctly.
  3. I would demand to know what the backlash clearance is supposed to be on that shaft. Also, you are banging exterior metal. Looks like that aluminum piece is hitting the case. Why is the yoke so rusty?
  4. I got my turbo’s crossed for ya! Good luck.
  5. 2013-14 models. Hey I owned one of those. Limp home mode was common! That was a pile of sh... that’s when I bought the first Raptor. You did not mention the vibration issue of the last generation of GM trucks. Tell both sides! The truth is, all brands have had issues. Never again will I buy a new model year. I did it in 2013 and again in 19. Both were total failures and both are junk.
  6. I don’t disagree with you. The point is the early build trucks are a POS. GM should fix the junk instead of cover up the problems with software and de-sensitizing systems suck as park assist, lane keep assist, pedestrian alert etc...FYI, when you trade, the dealer, no matter the brand, gets the service record. They see all the BS going on. They had all 5 of my visits and why. In four months, it was in the should 7 days! And for the record, I really liked the Silverado, it’s a great start but GM is NOT fixing the electrical problems nor the programming. I did sell it and bought a Raptor. All the systems work and of course all vehicles have there problems. Good luck, I’ll keep a tow rope ready for ya.
  7. GM’s third-quarter vehicle sales volume dropped by 14.7 percent from the previous year, the company said. Sales fell across every region and every brand, with Cadillac seeing the smallest decline in sales among its marquee brands, 3.9 percent, from the previous year. yes, just here to bash Chevy and help some of the people who made the same mistake I did. I should have never bought a brand that can’t out sell a fiat truck. So, go back to your cry room snow flakes.
  8. To bad, Raptors were not involved in that recall!!! Drive it a couple years, sale it for nearly what you paid for it. GM and Dodge, 30 percent drop leaving the lot. If u going to bash someone, better get your facts straight. You look like a total idiot.
  9. Thanks, your right! Back on topic. I once had F150 that had nearly all the symptoms. It made a rattling noise and vibrated a small bit about 42 mph. In 4x4 mode all was all well quite and smooth. First they rebuilt the transfer case because they said the driveline was spinning to fast, then the revered hubs, finally the found the ring and piñon were shot in the front. In your case, I wondering if the front driveline is spinning in 2 wheel drive. It should be. If not, maybe it’s just sitting there rattling. There are solenoids that activate your synchronizing clutches in the transfer case.
  10. Look up the facts, not from forums. Just like here. We all bitch about our trucks. I bet most of the new trucks are better than the early builds or at least I hope so. I am sorry guys, just hate that Chevy is not stepping up. I would have been happy with the Silverado, if they actually fixed things. Old farts like me expect stuff to work like it used to be before we hurt everyone’s feelings.
  11. iWE’s, most fail at 70-100k miles. I take that any-day over what I just went thru. I feel for ya’all, I loved that truck. I made a mistake, self inflicted pain, of buying a early version and a GM project. They are great looking and that 6.2 with the 10 speed using the 3.42 gears was awesome. But the 16k in options was a joke cause none of the shit worked. I hope you guys get the stuff fixed. Chevy lost a customer who buys every year.
  12. Just bite the bullet and dump it! Chevy screwed me and the rest of you. Today I was buying some beers and about to leave and the Raptor started raising hell beeping and such. There was a car a good 30 feet coming towards me. The system actually works! If it were the Chevy, they would have to be directly behind you before it told you. It reminds me of the old Nissan’s they called Datsun. They got the message years ago because very few bought the crap
  13. Dump the truck fast, when all these issues get out, your value will be nothing.
  14. Ring and piñon gear in the front.
  15. Are you sure that noise you describe is not the chain from the junk yard dog? Lol just kidding

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