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  1. I say clunk, but I think what I’m hearing wouldn’t be prominent if it weren’t for the chirp. So that may be nothing, honestly. It’s just a shame that people have to live with this, but it is what it is. I’m following a guy on YouTube that’s taken a legal stance, and has videos of startups and even attached a GoPro under his truck as he drove around and you could very clearly hear the noise we’ve come to know. He said he’s sending them to his legal team so I’m very interested to see how it works out for him. I really, really don’t want to get into all of that if I don’t have to. Best case scenario is they find a fix, and I can post it here so we can all get it resolved. Not hopeful on that, though. They’re telling him the same thing they’re telling us: It’s normal.
  2. That’s good info about the belt as I’m thinking I have that issue as well on cold startup, and instantly going to drive/reverse. I thought about spraying a little belt dressing on it to see if it gets better or worse. I think the noise from the video, and the noise at startup aren’t associated with one another. I’ve seen a handful of people with these trucks having literally the exact same complaints as me with no real resolution. I’m not sure if they’re just driving it in manual mode (like I am) and checking/waiting on a response from GM, or if they’re getting rid of them. A few videos I’ve seen swear that the noise is coming from *something* to do with DFM. I’m inclined to believe that since apparently switching to manual mode doesn’t allow DFM to operate at all. I really wish I could talk to an engineer that knew what happens when DFM isn’t on vs when it is. I’m sure they know about this, so maybe that wouldn’t do any good either. Just sucks I finally got the truck I wanted, and am met with instant issues that GM can’t figure out.
  3. Did you have this issue and that fixed it? Again I have to ask how switching to manual mode would alleviate a bad mount. I guess it’s possible that it shifts from 2nd to 1st harder when not in manual mode causing a shake, but I would think mounts would make noise all of the time and not just sometimes at specific points. Genuinely don’t know, though.
  4. Also, just to confirm because I see that I didn’t… putting it into L9 does make the sound go away completely.
  5. I watched a video of a guy with a GMC with the 6.2 that did have DFM. No idea what the difference is between DFM and AFM, I can for sure do the research, but how would putting the truck into L9 alleviate the noise from the serpentine belt? The noise is, I guess, difficult to hear in the video…. Unless you’ve heard the noise before, then it’ll stick out. When I stop and the truck shifts back to (I’m assuming) 1st gear, it makes a clunk noise and then a metallic chirping noise. Which the metallic chirping noise could be the belt, but I’m not sure how putting it into manual mode would fix a belt squeak. Genuinely looking for info here, I’m not trying to be rude. So hopefully I’m not coming off that way. Curious, did yours squeak when you stopped too? Or was it just at a cold start up? Thanks.
  6. Yeah it was baffling. He started with tire noise, then eventually said there’s a problem that GM doesn’t have a fix for…. Which is really unacceptable. That’s just saying, “Hey folks, come buy this truck for $60k just so you can ride around and be embarrassed every time you stop at a red light.” I’ve been doing a lot more research and it seems as if this issue has been going on since 2019 and they’re still churning these things out and turning people away when they ask for help. There’s no excuse for it. None. I understand things go wrong with vehicles, but there’s ALWAYS a solution. We’re asking them to track down a squeak in a defined space, not some impossible task that truly doesn’t have an answer. These guys need a computer or a bulletin to tell them what to replace, and that’s cringeworthy. A bulletin that tells step-by-step how to fix an issue that a real mechanic found. I guess I just expected too much. There’s no way I’ll drive this thing longer than a year with that noise.
  7. I have a new 22 Silverado TB with a 6.2L that has a squealing noise when I put it in drive/reverse after cold startup. Also makes the same noise when coming to a stop, and sometimes randomly when driving. I took it to the dealer and… to everyone’s surprise, I’m sure… they couldn’t hear anything. I rode with the shop foreman and shop supervisor. Foreman tried telling me, “This truck has aggressive tires, and when you come to a stop… they’re bowing in and that’s what you’re hearing.” I basically told him I’m not an idiot, and this is definitely a mechanical noise. I took a video of my wife driving it and coming to a stop, and it’s very prevalent. I’ve done some research, and found a few people that have the same issue… but haven’t seen a solution, or no one posts updates once it’s fixed. Or maybe it’s not? No idea. But it’s annoying, and it shouldn’t be happening. Curious if anyone else is having this issue and what the fix was, or what has your dealer told you? Attached a video. Hopefully it plays for you. IMG_9284.MOV
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