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    2019 Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2L
  1. I have a 2019 Sierra 1500 6.2L. The truck started making a very annoying sound when it starts during auto start/stop. The sound is hard to explain but I would call it a squeal. It is kind of high pitch. At first I thought it was a belt but I don’t believe that is the case. It only does it when the auto start/stop starts it. During a normal start it doesn’t do it. I also think the truck is slow to start and a lot of times jerks as I hit the gas because it is still not 100% started. I had the dealer check it while in for another issue and they said it is normal?? I try to
  2. I had this issue. It went away though. What did the dealer say? Did it happen again?
  3. Had the same issue when truck was two weeks old. GMC said to turn the truck off for three minutes and let the computer reset. It did a software update and seems that may have fixed it. 2500 miles in now and hasn’t repeated.
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