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  1. Get the rubber spring things.. it’s your leaf springs . Read the upper posts. These are rubber bushings that separates the two leafs making the sound. It’s a known widespread issue.
  2. It’s 1/4” thick. You can buy a 1/4” 12 x12 sheet on Amazon for $21 also
  3. Radio is playing but screen is blank. Try to get to the Home Screen and nothing. Any idea or fix for this? 2021 SLT
  4. Check out my last post. Installed the Spring thing kit. No more clunking sounds finally!!
  5. Installed the “SPRING THING “ KIT. Works great. No more clunking sound. Spring-thing.com. Here’s a pic of them installed on my 21 Sierra . Spring-things.com
  6. Ok…bought the “Spring Thing” rubber spacer kit. I don’t have a jack or jack stands so I had my dealership install them . They work fantastic. No more noise at all. The shop foreman actually did it for me. He said their dealership actually had been putting rubber bushings they made a couple of years ago and it solved everyone’s clumping noise. However, GMC came down on them and said to quit doing it and they stopped paying the dealership for the install. GMC is putting these cheap plastic spacers in that don’t work. He said it’s only a bandaid fix. So, I recommend these rubber SPRING THING. Ea
  7. Sorry for a dumb question, but do you have to undo bolts to slip in this rubber piece? I just had the leaf springs replaced on my new 21 Sierra with 300 miles on it and still have the clunking noise. Looking today I see the inserts are indeed plastic on the new springs .
  8. Well, it didn’t last long. Thumping noise is back as before after new leaf springs installed. This is a problem that GMC needs to get resolved.
  9. They did today. No more thumping noise. Took about 2 hours.
  10. Did you see the post above with GM bulletin notice in regards to this. The shop foreman at my dealership will be working on mine himself and said just replacing the bushings does not fix the issue. So he ordered the whole package to replace mine. Tuesday is the lucky day to get fixed.
  11. My truck is finally going in next week for leaf spring replacements. There is also a bulletin out on this matter..
  12. Evidently it’s not bushings, but they are replacing the entire leaf springs.
  13. The thumping noise I hear is when I go over a bumpy road or driveway curbs at a slow speed. Coming from the back of the truck.
  14. Found out today that the thumping noise is indeed the leaf springs. Took a whopping 10 seconds of riding with a service manager for him to know what it was. They wrote up a ticket, ordered the springs, and will call me when they come in. The guy was great and professional. He said they are seeing issues with the new trucks and the whole leaf spring has to be replaced.
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