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  1. Thanks that’s a great idea, never thought about using it. I’ll add that to my list of options to consider. Even if I don’t use it for my light bar it might be a great way to wire in some additional work lights/ bed lights on the back rack.
  2. Thank you very much for the helpful feedback! Also thanks for the tip on the door sill channels. I plan on having my "controller box" mounted under the rear seats. So I was going to run my power through the firewall grommet, through those sill channels and to the rear seat where I can tie in with the Light-Bar wire from the plastic plug. I probably won't get around to doing this for a bit but I will try and document what I do.
  3. Hello, New member. I recently purchased a 2020 Silverado 1500 crew cab and want to mount an emergency Light-Bar to my BackRack. I am a volunteer firemen so this will be for a personal vehicle setup so I want to avoid any major changes to the truck like drilling a hole through the roof. I was thinking of possibly routing the wire to the front of the vehicle then through the firewall grommet but that seems like a waste of wire... since I want it to terminate under the back seats. I believe I have seen in the past others talking about routing the wire through the floor of the cab through an existing drain plug with a weatherproof grommet. Does anyone have any advice as to the locations of them or pictures/ links to any other posts about the topic? Does anyone know if they are also under the rear seats in addition to the front? Thanks!
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