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  1. Yes, in my post I said they are stock rims. My height with 35s is under 7ft with the 4.5” zone lift
  2. Ahh I feel ya 5’11” 220 good luck! I bet it’s going to look great
  3. With the pricetag to boot lol what do you plan on doing with your side steps that you’d need to hold a crap ton of weight? The XL already hold a good amount, the grip is ok I guess but the XL have a rhino line grip type which works fine, and I cut the stock leds out and wired in new ones. The stock ones for amp are purple. I haven’t had to maintain mine once, just pressure wash it with the rest of the truck lol
  4. They are just the XL. I wouldn’t invest in the extremes these look brand new 2 years later
  5. That’s what I have on mine I wired in LEDs to come on under it when they come down
  6. I agree if you aren’t jumping you might as well save the money and put it to another project
  7. Yes, the total height of my truck including the top of the antenna. I’ll double check it today
  8. Keeping the track width is why I went with the thinner tire. I originally had 35” tires but the handling changed. Thankfully Toyo has a return policy guarantee on their tires. One of the big reasons I went with 4.5 instead of 6” was the parking also [emoji4] with the tires and lift my truck sits at 6’9”
  9. Hah I think its all what you are going to use the truck for. I use it as my daily and mild offloading. 4.5 was perfect for that. Somedays I think about going up to 6 especially since its easy with the zone. The MPG would kill me
  10. 4.5" Zone Suspension lift with 295/65r20 Well worth it and the ride is awesome
  11. Finally got some new shoes on the truck! 35/12.50r20 Toyo Open Country AT2 on stock rims no rubbing or trimming. Here’s a progression for reference:
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