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  1. Op can you give any insight into if while the hood is closed and you spray water at the grill and hood near the hood release latch that water would enter the air inlet hole any water droplets or puddles near the hole. The reason i ask is there is another post with 2 cases of people getting hydro lock from going through seemingly small puddles of water and having it go into their intake and blowing their engine which GM is denying their warranty saying it was their fault. Both stories are similar and involve only 3 to 4 inches of water Here is the link to the last page.https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/242789-funky-rant-on-edmunds/page/3/#comments
  2. from my research the air inlet in just to the right of the hood opening latch, its the round circle in the right hand corner of the shroud. Water would need to go hood height and slip between the hood seal and the shroud And be sufficient volume of water to fill the 3inch diameter pipe completely to create a seal and have the intake suck it into the engine. That's going to be quite a bit of water. From looking at the sb air intake install video. the inlet pipe is quite long and has a bend in it to reach the air box. The only other option for water to enter is that the inlet pipe is somehow separated from the air box and enough water is flooded to again create an airtight seal and have water vacuumed into the intake. I am confused how it would happen with the described circumstances. Maby more details from the OPs with the problem will provide insight. IE i drove into a 3 inch puddle and it came over the drivers side of the hood or close to it and so forth and so on. just saying i drove into a 3 inch puddle of water doesn't give us much to go on... More details please, so we can all know how to avoid this disaster.
  3. surprised they didn't hit you with a non disclosure clause. This document proof will defiantly hurt GM's rep but it seems to me that they dont care about it. Playing the numbers game like in the movie fight club. X number of units sold divided by possible cost of recall= if x is less than y then they do nothing.....
  4. following to see if anyone else chimes in with the same issue. so there are 2 similar instances so far.........
  5. just got mine back, complete new seal and new bolts. fingers crossed this is the first/last attempt
  6. im really considering the last drop wrench as dropping the oil filter is my least favorite thing to do
  7. and since we are on oil change magic heres another black magic device https://www.lastdropwrench.com/products
  8. https://www.valvomax.com/products/m12-1-75-quick-twist-valve-with-stainless-drain-tube-knob-1?variant=33149385736301 but here you go
  9. https://www.valvomax.com/ go to home page and put in the relevant search information for your vehicle.
  10. if i were to use one of the quick drains it would be the valvomax from my research
  11. this one is a little better design than a fumoto https://www.valvomax.com/collections/quick-twist-valve
  12. i don't have the exact specs however for my ZL1 its 18ft/lb most oil drain plugs are typically in range form 15+ ft/lb. just don't over do it you will be fine, as long as it is on there good and snug by your arm torque meter with standard length wrench. remember the longer the wrench the more torque you can apply than with shorter wrench with the same precieved force
  13. what is the acceptable amount of time for a manufacturer to come up with a fix for a well known problem? It seems to me that keeping water out of the interior of a vehicle should be on the priority list during engineering. Its just sad to see that such a well documented issue is only getting the "lets put a band aid on it and see if it goes away" approach. Its not the random valve spring issue or some other random mechanical issue that only happens to a small data pool, considering the amount of trucks sold. It seems to be well into the 60 to 80 percent range of not if but when it will happen. Which in my mind should reach a trigger threshold with the manufacture to investigate and change the design on future models and come up with a 100% reliable fix for past models, not a- we will do this and see if it works approach. AND defiantly don't keep making the trucks the exact same way expecting a different result. that's the definition of insanity... With numbers this high one could only conclude that they just don't seem to care. Because they cant say they don't know about it.
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