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  1. Hello All I recently purchase new running boards to replace the stock silver ones that came on the truck when i purchased it. Would anyone in the Atlanta area be interested in buying them? i would post them in the for sale forum but i dont have 50 post so i dont know if it is allowed. I attached a pic of them PM me if interested Thanks
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words G. Now if can avoid the valve spring issue and the rear window leak i think this will be a solid truck. However from what i see, the rear window leak seems to get most people with the sliding rear window. I hope i don't develop it as the fix seems to be a hit and miss on the dealer end. The valve spring issue is less common considering the number of units sold but my truck falls in the affected date range so time will tell.
  3. Good im glad they got you taken care of. So was it just one spring? Did they only replace that one spring or all of them? I'm wondering if i have this problem if it would be worth it to just have them do all of them so i don't half to worry if the other ones will fail. So glad your ride got taken care of so quickly. keep us informed of any other gremlins that pop up. it seems that the electrical gremlin and valve spring issue and the rear window leak are the most common with these trucks. I hope GM gets them all worked out. I want to have confidence in my new ride but the electrical no start gremlin got me in the first 120 miles. I did find the fuse block bolts were loose by about 1/2 turn so maybe that fixed that now just 2 more possibles to go. Time will tell i guess
  4. Wow that sux makes me wonder what happened to the ones in front of you
  5. subscribed . I just purchased a 2020 and had the dead battery issue at 120 miles the dealer replaced the battery stating the vehicle sat on the lot for 4 months with not being started. I hope my valves hold up now confidence is a little shaken in my new ride. OP pleas keep us informed on what they find out with your new ride. I hate that happened to you.. Good luck
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