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  1. they already sold my friend sorry. Thanks for the inquiry though
  2. also the smart driver app when i drive my Camaro says i never get over 80 as well, which i know is a lie. I think its an average speed per ignition cycle or some shyt. but it is deff not correct ever.
  3. not going to work. Take your ticket like a man. And quit trying to get out of it, ITs good thing you didn't get put in jail for felony charges, IE reckless driving if you had a passenger then that's reckless endangerment, so on and so forth, You were doing wrong, Accept the consequences of your actions. Now go pay you fine and move on.
  4. Here is my setup Fuel Vapor 20x10 -19mm offset Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 275/65/20 I put on ready-lift 2inch leveling kit did a mudflap bracket delete with trimming the innermost portion of the flap and zip tied the liner in one spot. No rub at all
  5. here is your oil filter solution https://www.lastdropwrench.com/ You don't half to use the valvomax oil collection bag, the unit just comes with the plug and drain tube. You can order the oil bag if you like its not required
  6. Here is some new black magic give this a try i have heard lots of satisfied customers on the camaro forum https://www.valvomax.com/
  7. NP Buddy The RC HD are adjustable meaning you can slide them in to touch the pinch-weld or pull them out pretty far if you need more step
  8. I have the RC HD2 they mount level with the pinchweld on the bottom, they have plenty of grip and are simple to install.
  9. https://www.americantrucks.com/readylift-silverado1500-2-in-billet-aluminum-front-leveling-kit-66-3920.html#customer_reviews Anyone have experience with this kit? Is it a - sure why not? Or is it a - do not do because ______ is better? It looks easy to install and i cant see any negative in it or foresee any potential problems but this is why im asking, am i missing something?
  10. Hello I dont know if this allowed in here but i will soon have some 2020 RST factory 20inch take offs wrapped with nitto ridge grapplers in 275/55/20 with more that 50% tread left that i wont need as i will be getting new wheels and tires soon. Anyone in GA interested? New the rims are 395 from Detroit wheel and tire website may be cheaper somewhere else let me know. And Nittos new are 1000. So all new this is a 2600 dollar package not to mention TPMS so i will consider taking 1700 for the set. Sorry i dont feel like shipping out of state unless you do all the leg work and tell me where to take them to drop off within reasonable distance to me.. Atl area..... Otherwise i can meet half the distance between me and you. We can work out details if interested. Thank you V/R Greg
  11. Man thats a sweet wheel setup you got. what offset and size tires you running also what size lift and how much cutting did you half to do?
  12. Looks good what is the tire size? and did you do any trimming for the +1 offset?
  13. finally someone with the offset im looking at. I have a few questions, Are you lifted or leveled and, did you half to do any trimming to get the +1mm offset to clear with stock tire sizes? Or are you stock height and just put the wheels on with no trimming or fitment issues? Also can i get a pic from down the side to see how much poke you get out of +1 offset? It looks like you get quite a bit especially if you dont half to do any trimming Thanks bud
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