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  1. Just to follow up, was planning to drive it Monday and deal with the issue next weekend, but the first right turn at a stop sign in my neighborhood killed the truck. Since I had to get to work I borrowed a car and my dad took it to get the recalls done and talk with them about it. (He managed to drive it in, with a follow vehicle) They finished two recalls pretty quick (think it was a software update) and the trucks seems fine so far (drove it to work this morning) so I think it was the “Loss of power steering assist” recall doing it I might have a weak ground still as this morning I noticed some dash flickering with headlights, fog lights, wipers etc But it must be connected well enough to make it I’ll update here if it happens again though, but like I said it was low speed turns, which probably stresses the electric power steering a lot
  2. Yeah I was watching that video on the G218, I'll check my battery cable again later (my dad said it was fine, he looked at it before connecting the OBDII) I'll probably go to the dealer for recalls and ask about it, might have them do it before popping my dash apart, but it doesn't look too bad to mess with the driver side ground there so if they want too much I might make the attempt
  3. So I just got the code email from onstar, I have the following: Module ECM Engine System Diagnostic Code P155A Diagnostic Information An issue has been detected in the Traction Control System Recommended Action Service at your convenience
  4. So I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab 105k miles currently, I was driving home from the mall area just now making a right hand turn onto an access road with my right turn signal on. I was giving it a little gas as I noticed people were starting to get a green light on the left turn ahead and all the power went crazy. I lost the center console TV screen, lost steering, heard all of the locks sort of make clicking sounds. Then one second later everything came back up like normal. It might have even killed the engine, but I'm not sure if it did or not. The battery is strong, no issues with starting, and I drove it home without stopping or pulling over fine. No check engine light, I pressed the onstar button and had them run a diagnostic, they said something about traction control and shortly after they said that I got a pop up on the dash that said something like "brake assist" or something like that (I could be wrong, kicking myself for forgetting the exact notification, shouldn't of hit OK on it) We put an ODB2 scanner on it anyway, nothing there, and my dad Hit clear on it anyway (maybe a bad idea if anything useful was saved there) I know there were a couple recalls that I need to take care of, but not sure if it's related to an open recall or not Let me know if anyone has any ideas, would hate to have it happen again in a higher speed situation
  5. So I've heard two tips so far, fingernail test (which it fails in places) and to run water on it, if it disappears with water it's in the clear coat. (Does not disappear in places) Beginning to think maybe it was intentional as it would take some pressing to get that deep I would think
  6. So I bought some concrete paver stones online, 35 in total, went to pick them up, but they didn't load them up front yet. Went with the guy to the garden center, which was the wrong place (they are actually inside) and finally we find the ones I bought. Turns out the ones I bought weren't the right ones, we load up the ones I actually want, I pay for them and have to go to the customer service desk to return the first ones. The guy says he will load the bricks into my truck while I straighten things out over there. I have a movers blanket in my truck and tell him to load them on the bed and not the tailgate on the blanket and head on over to the service desk. When I get back they are wrapping up, (with four or five guys helping there now) I drive slowly home and as I'm unloading I get to the point where I need to climb into the bed and notice a long white scratch.... As I'm freaking out about that one, I call my bud to complain about it and as I'm talking to him I noticed over the wheel well further up there is a whole lot more So I hang up with my buddy and call the store, they get me to a manager, and I'm just telling them in my shocked disappointment about what happened, they say they can pay up to $500 and have insurance for things over that and want me to get an estimate. So I guess the world wont end, but I always hand wash my Truck and park far away from everything and do just about everything in my power to protect it from damage and then this happens. I could have bought a small amount of bricks over time and loaded them myself, I probably could have loaded these myself (after all I unloaded them myself without scratching anything) but figured it was a pretty easy job What got it I think was they had these gloves on and must of put their hand on the side of the truck getting in / out of it Maybe it's just the clear coat, but they seem pretty deep, hopefully the dealership can do a good job where I wont notice any blending Pictures, in order I noticed them (They look way worse in person trust me) https://imgur.com/gallery/ouFwlbi
  7. So coming back from the gym I unlocked the two or so times to open all the doors and the driver side rear door did not unlock. Started messing with it today, if I roll down the window and open it from inside, the door will unlock. And while hitting the lock / unlock buttons it will not move up or down, but I do hear a electronic actuator moving inside the door from somewhere below the lock. I'm thinking the actuator arm or something similar came loose some how, but am not sure. Anyone have a similar issue? Any good videos / instructions on pulling off the door panel and taking a look? Maybe the location of the fuse for the door locks?
  8. I bought my truck used at about 36k, now at 90k with the Michelin Defender LTX AT2's still tons of tread and grip
  9. Yeah, dealer did it, I called to complain and they said they would fix it, but really there was nothing they could do, I polished most of it out
  10. At 90k miles with original oem pads, thought they needed changing once, but they were fine. Definitely replacing with oem pads when the time comes though
  11. As some one who always handwashes, I am glad to be reminded to stay away from car washes. One time I got a free oil change and they washed it for me, putting tiny clear coat scratches on it, never again
  12. I've heard this can happen when it gets to the colder months, humidity and temperature and such have huge effects on paint
  13. Finished it up, hardest part this time was getting the chrome skid plate to attach to the plastic filler plate. These two plastic pieces are suppose to snap together, but wouldnt do it even with extreme pressure and tapping it with a rubber mallet. Eventually we noticed on the front of the filler panel, there are little plastic nubs, these nubs were getting dug into by the chrome piece making little rubber flat spots. We got a razor knife and cut the nubs a bit and then with the rubber mallet and a towel to protect things we got them to snap together. Then after 10 or so bolts to hold the plastic pieces to the bumper and another 20 or so bolts to hold the air dam on we set it back on the truck and it went together quick. New chrome tow hooks werent there before and look nice. I need to install the license plate bracket, but it seems too nice to add that thing to it
  14. Dug into it a bit today, photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/KFb3Z Hardest part was getting the bumper cover loose, I've heard you can get under it and get the four 10mm bolts, center two are easy enough, but the outer two were near impossible for me. What we ended up doing is pushing out the tabs under the bumper cover where they slide into the truck and pulling it loose a tab at a time, once it's out the last two grill 10mm bolts are easy to access So the bumper itself is a chrome metal piece, under that there are two bumper brackets that hold the fog lights and wiring and such. I've had to pull those off and about 500 little uclips from the old bumper to put on the new bumper as I didn't see any hardware/screws included, just the parts themselves. I changed out the "filler panel" part number for the one with tow hooks: 22944881 and also ordered the chrome center skid plate they call it (really is plastic) that goes on top of the filler panel: 22944882 In the photos I took some extra's of the parking sensors, they came out easy enough, pull out the red tab, then stick in the screw driver from the opposite end to help pry it over the little nub you see there when it's disconnected. The sensors pull out from the plastic ring inserts by sticking a screw driver in there and twisting a little, the plastic inserts come out from the inside with four little push in nubs I'll get some more photos of the brackets and such behind the bumper tomorrow, thought I got good photos of them, but suppose not. I'll also get a few of the chrome tow hooks, got those from amazon as it was a discontinued part for some reason from GM
  15. So I just ordered all the parts above, plus one more plastic skid plate behind the bumper: 22847943 think I might need the chrome piece as it might be separate from the “filler panel” https://m.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-GM-OEM-14-15-Silverado-1500-Front-Bumper-Skid-Plate-22944882/292173650867?epid=0&hash=item4406e81bb3:g:FboAAOSwgv5ZXTon But I’ll wait to see what I get to be sure Edit: also got the license plate bracket: 22763523 and it is blue
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