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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone had a rear compressor issue with a new Yukon XL Denali? My wife and I bought the vehicle at the beginning of October 2018 and within a month the rear compressor began running excessively. We took it into the dealership with bought it from and the service rep heard the noise but was unable to reproduce it later in the day with the technician so they sent us away with the vehicle. The noise became more and more regular so we took it to a dealership near our house and they heard it and acknowledged the problem, this lead them to replacing the rear compressor. The change of the rear compressor didn't do the trick and the excessive running persisted, this is where the frustration really set in. The service technicians were going to run diagnostics and service the vehicle after we brought it in MLK Day. The service department manager interrupted the process and essentially tried to bully my wife into accepting the fact that this is normal behavior for a GMC Denali line vehicle. She left the dealership in tears. I called the service manager in disagreement with 1) his treatment of my wife and 2) disputing the fact this is normal. His response was the discharge the video with a bogus report emphasize the vehicle was in intended working condition. Now the Denali is sitting at another dealership while they try to replicate the issue. It occurs 30-40% of the trips we take in the vehicle and the rear compressor will run anywhere from a few seconds to 20 minutes. Has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution? I'm to the point I'm almost willing to just sell the vehicle back for a loss to be rid of it.
  2. New to the forum and thought I would inquire if anyone has some advice in regards to a starting problem I am having. Thank you for reading this. For starters, the SUV is a 2009 GMC Yukon XL SLT 5.3L SFI Flex Fuel (120K miles and oil change light is on, changed oil but have not reset light indicator as I have been playing with starting issue). For the last few weeks it has had a strange intermittent starting issue. When you turn the key to the acc position the battery reads correctly and matches my meter with all electronics working. However, when I would turn the key to the next position (ignition). It would just click. So I would turn it off and then retry with no luck starting. When held in full ignition position it would click and click and then start. as long as you held it in place for a good 5-10 seconds. I checked the battery again and ran tests on it. Brand new battery and no issues. I checked battery cables and grounds with no red flags. I removed the starter relay and jumped 30/87 and confirmed the starter itself has no issue. The starter kicks on and sounds good. Yesterday, I went to start it with a fully charged battery and it would only click. Doors would try and lock and unlock during the process but it would not start. I got out of the vehicle and locked the doors. use the FOB to remote start and the vehicle started with no issues. I got into the SUV and tried the key, and it started right up. Started it a number of times with the parking brake on, parking brake off with no luck in recreating the problems. However, I feel that it's only getting worse with no real answers and no way to recreate the problems or how to solve. Which is why I am here. I have googled quite a bit and read a number of posts here, but no real solution. So I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. I love troubleshooting but this is bit annoying. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey Guys, wondering which colour combination you think is best for the Suburban/Yukon XLs for exterior and interior? I know colour and taste is subjective but would like to see what everyone has picked! If you can post some pictures of your vehicle that would be awesome. I quite like the iridium metallic or black but still undecided on interior colour. I have a feeling if I go black on black it would feel like I'm driving an airport taxi haha (but it does look really nice though). So post some pictures if you can and why you chose that colour, if not thanks for looking at this thread! Cheers
  4. I have a 2002 Yukon XL Denali, and the button on the lift gate to open the window won't go in when I press on it. Which key do I put in there anyway? How do I open it?
  5. We are proud to announce the "GT" line of gauge faces. They are available in white or satin, you can preorder them now, however they will not start shipping until october 30th check out https://usdashworks.com/product/style-gt/ to check them out and place your order.
  6. Putting together a little Light guide similar to what MotoMedic did for the Silverados. More details to come on this with swaps and some photos (Scroll down a few posts). (Yukon and Yukon XL Only Low, High, fog, license and back-up apply as GMC has more OEM LED handling the others). Some of these may apply to 2014 model year but the bulb size is different like the 2014 Yukons. Tutorial videos (Courtesy of CarCareKiosk and some random dude on YouTube) reflect as: * Chevrolet ** GMC Side Note: OEM HID Color is approximately 4200-4300K. LuciasMaximus and I are playing around with color matching the factory LED DRL. The factory LED DRL appears to be between 5500K-6000K color wise. Suburban*/Tahoe*/Yukon**/Yukon XL**: Low Beam Lights w/HID*,** - D3S Low Beam Lights*,** - H11 (H11-55W) Replace Low Beam Bulb Tutorial * Replace Low Beam Bulb Tutorial ** High Beam Lights*,** - 9005 (HB3) Replace High Beam Bulb Tutorial * Replace High Beam Bulb Tutorial ** Front turn signal* - 7440NA Replace Front Turn Signal Bulb Tutorial * Fog Lights*,** - PSX26W - (12278 / 12278C1 / H28W) Replace Fog Light Bulb Tutorial * Replace Fog Light Bulb Tutorial ** Back-up Lights / Reverse Lights*,** - 921 (921W / W16W) Replace Back-up/Reverse Light Tutorial * Replace Back-up/Reverse Light Tutorial ** License Plate Lights*,** - 194 (194W / 12961) Replace License Plate Bulb Tutorial *, ** (Starts at 0:30) Rear Turn/Stop Lights* - 7440 (7440W) Replace Rear Turn/Stop Bulbs Tutorial *
  7. I purchased the wheels brand new from a Giovanna Wheel shop and have since chosen to go with a different set of wheels. Unfortunately the wheel shop I purchased from does not accept returns, so I am listing the wheels for sale. Wheels are brand new and unmounted, I only unboxed (1) wheel for picture purposes only, then it was repackaged with all the original manufacturer's packaging. Wheel Details: Giovanna Dramuno 6 Machine Black Finish Size: 24" x 10" Offset: +30 mm Bolt Pattern: 6 x 139.7 Center Bore: 78.1 mm Fitment: 2007+ Yukon/Yukon XL, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra 1500, Silverado, Avalanche, Wheels will ship double boxed and with all original manufacturer's packaging just as received from Giovanna. Asking Price is $1,750 OBO shipped to the continental U.S. Prefer Payment via PayPal I'm located in Dayton, OH and would be willing to meet up within a reasonable distance. Plastic Protective Cover still on Center Caps: One of the deepest concave style wheels available; About 3" Deep Concave from rim lip down to center cap: Repackaged with Original Manufacturer's Plastic Lip Protector: Some "Stock" Images:
  8. So maybe this has been covered on here before, but I've been in the market for a used Yukon XL, or Suburban. Looking at 2003-2005 models, and since I'm looking at buying an older vehicle, I'm looking for a 2WD, just to eliminate some of the extras, that are high dollar fixes, like transfer case, front differential... Anyway, to my question. I ran across a 2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali today. The guy has it posted as a 5.3L, and as a 2WD. Both of which I didn't think the Denali's came with. I don't see anything about 5.3L being available in the Denali's online, everything says the 6.0L. So I'm not sure if the guy is just wrong, or if it is just that rare. The second part, 2WD, seems to be debated, even on this site. I've seen people on this site, say it wasn't available in 2WD, and some say it was available in 2WD. Again I'm not sure if it wasn't, or was just a rare thing. The only thing I did find, was a website that sells GM certified transmissions, does have the option of AWD or 2WD for the Denali. Which would make me think it did, or the site was just stupid. I know sometimes, with dealerships, you could add on packages, so maybe there was a Denali package, that could be added on at a cost. My dad bought a Sierra, and pretty much did that, his looks exactly like the Denali trucks, but it isn't technically. Also the vehicle is a bit of a drive from where I'm at, that's why I don't want to drive all that way, just to look to see if it has front differential... Any body with some info, it would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Official Press Release View attachment: 2015-Chevrolet-TahoeAndSuburban-FrontView-LakeTahoe-010.jpg
  10. I have a 2003 GMC yukon XL 1500 that I have had since new. it has 139750 miles and has been a great truck. Probably 4 years ago, the light that tells you whether your in P, R, N, D, 1,2,3 etc went out. Not really a big deal. Now it seems that all the gauges will go out intermittently. Everything from the Speedometer, Tach, fuel and temp gauges all went out. Next time I drove the truck, the gauges worked. This has happened on two different occasions recently. Any thoughts on what could be the issue? I noticed there was a recall out there for this problem a few years and 60,000 miles ago.
  11. Ive got a 2003 Yukon XL 1500 that has given me fits with the windshield wipers. It has been a great truck but i think I've just had some bad luck when it comes to the wipers. Ive already replaced the windshield wiper motor twice. I hit an ice storm in NC last month and it wiped out my passenger side wiper (if one was going to go luckily it was that one) The motor obviously isnt the issue this time because the driver side still works fine. Seems as though maybe the pax side wiper fell off it track? Any suggestions?
  12. 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Yukon XL, & Yukon Denali Quick Overview Fold flat second and third row seats Second row gains 2-inches of legroom New cargo-management system Power lift-gate with adjustable height 8-inch color-touch screen with IntelliLink and optional navigation (Optional on Chevrolet, Standard on GMC) Multiple USB ports, SD slots, and a 110-volt outlet Available Blu-ray/DVD rear-seat entertainment systems Panoramic driver's rear-seat mirror Keyless entry and start (Yukon) Optional forward collision alert, front park assist, lane departure warning, lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, front and rear automatic braking, and GM’s Safety Alert Seat Yukon XL & Suburban have a 14-inch longer wheelbase and are 20-inches longer overall vs Yukon / Tahoe Inlaid doors reduce wind-noise Laminated windshield Aluminum hood and liftgate Rear wipers hide in new spoiler Family of 18, 19, 20 & 22 inch wheels Wider rear track 1/2-inch wider wheels New electric power steering New 9.5-inch rear axle with standard automatic locking differential Duralife brake rotors Standard StabliliTrak, tow/haul mode, trailer sway control, auto-grade braking, and hill-start assist Yukon Denali and Suburban/Tahoe LTZ feature magnetic ride control Same EcoTec3 V8 engines as trucks, 5.3L (355hp) and 6.2L (420hp) with six-speed automatic transmission
  13. Service 4wd is coming on for my 05 Yukon XL 150. We bought the truck at 62k and it now has 85k. Normal maintenance for the transfer case is 50k I think. Is there a service message that comes on once you've exceeded a mileage threshold for the 4wd if it hasn't been reset? What might be some other potential problems ? Thank You ! Wendy
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