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  1. Tahoe/Yukon vs. Silverado/Sierra

    You mean just adding the leather right? I don't see a way for you to add heated/cooled function without going all out and buying a new set of seats and making all the wiring.
  2. Second Row window slit?

    Don't they have the same door as the silverado?
  3. Thanks guys, I don't expect any problems with the car and like others I will take care of it. Its just that browsing the forums it seems like a transmission rebuild/replacement is almost guranteed at 150k kms. Is this just me browsing the forums too long or is it an actual issue? I've also heard some nasty things about the cylinder deactivation causing some issues too. I do drive to some pretty remote areas and would like to have the piece of mind that my truck is not going to break down unexpectedly.
  4. Curious to know who in this forum has the highest mileage truck. Just took delievery of my new 2018 truck with the 5.3 V8 and 6 speed tranny and wondering how long I should expect it to last? Coming from a Toyota with about 350k kms I have set the bar pretty high haha. Feel free to post the year of your truck with the # of miles and what repairs/replacements you have done to date. Trying to get a little thread going about mileage and what people have been able to get. Since this is a 2014 forum I'm not expecting massive numbers, but I know some of my friends with Rams that have had engines and transmissions break down at 50k-80k kms (moment of silence for Ram owners) Ford seems to be doing a bit better in terms of major issues. If there's already a thread regarding this issue please redirect me to that one
  5. Took delievery of my new GMC Yukok XL earlier today and had an odd question about the second row windows. Anyone know why the "whole" glass doesn't go down? There's that 3 inch vertial piece at the back that is fixed in place. Only reason I ask is because my buddy's Silverado doesn't have that piece and since they are built similarly why would the Yukon have that obtrusive piece there that takes away from the clean side profile? Love some insight on this, is it merely structural? Cheers, Victor
  6. Tahoe/Yukon vs. Silverado/Sierra

    Thanks! I'll rarely ever carry any passengers other than my dog. It'll be just a dry-cargo hauler. As a young male in my late 20's I hesitated on getting the Yukon XL because I thought the pickups seemed manlier and didn't want to look like someone in their late 40s with a wife and 4 kids haha. The non-flat load floor and lack of A/C vents in the rear of the Silverados were also a deciding factor.
  7. Tahoe/Yukon vs. Silverado/Sierra

    The Yukon XL sure fits everything but lacks the functionality of carrying either dirty things or really tall objects. I'll just miss the look of the pickup and occasionally tailgating with friends in the bed or using it as a set up area for my gear and whatnot.
  8. Tahoe/Yukon vs. Silverado/Sierra

    Hey there, I recently went through the exact same dilemma but with the GMC Yukon XL vs Silverado. I personally went with the SUV even though I drive by myself 90% of the time. The reason I chose the Yukon XL was because I carry a lot of expensive gear that I wouldn't trust rolling around in the bed. The "waterproofness" of a shell/tonneau cover is also questionable as I park outside frequently. Secondly I regularly make a lot of long distance trips (give or take 500kms) and the SUV seems to offer a better ride quality due to its independant/multi-link rear suspension (don't quote me on that) but I know they're not leaf springs. As a side note, I don't think a pickup with a shell looks very aesthetically pleasing (but thats just me). Let me know if you have any other questions, I recently ordered a Yukon XL SLT. I'm also from Canada so the weather was taken into consideration too, as I like the fact that my cargo will also be climate controlled.
  9. I think bull/nudge bars are a surfire way to make your Burb look like a service vehicle I've seen a few throughout the week and I figured Black: Police/FBI vehicle Red: Fire Department White: Paramedic GMC Yukons are rare as service vehicles but there's an overflowing amount of Uber/Taxi drivers with Black Yukons. I think I'm down to shadow grey/white Suburban or Black/dark sky metallic Yukon XL The shadow greys and dark sky metallic is growning on me (especially de-chromed) but they sure are rare! From reading the comments I think a brown interior would be the way to go.
  10. Let’s see that picture once you get it! I don’t think you can go wrong with any colour but red does have that fire chief appearance to it 😆
  11. Their job is to rip people off I guess. I'll most likely have a bottom line in mind and won't take the car otherwise. I can get 3% financing at my local bank so I won't be getting caught in their loan/finance tricks. I won't be too particular if the price is right. Thanks for the tip though
  12. Haven't seen many reds to be honest but if you add some sirens on there your morning traffic should be a breeze
  13. Curious to know how much I can get off a new previous model year Suburban? Deciding on whether ot not to get a used on or just a 2018 Burb. Would $12 000 be a reasonable price to ask for off MSRP? I know the Ford guys are giving something close to that amount on their 2018 F-150 right about this time of year...
  14. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Gotcha. I don't think anything beats the look of a pickup truck but I guess I'm going to have to do with a Suburban or a Yukon XL. Pimping out a car is not something I would really do, even less so on an SUV. I guess I'll have to accept the fact that I would be as cool as the rich kids out there. Strobe lights definetly ups the cool factor but dealing with the cops may become a regular occurance haha.
  15. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Yep, thanks for the input. By the way, is the Suburban your vehicle or your wife's? I think a drawback of the SUVs is that it looks like a mom car (I haven't seen a single guy on the road with one) haha. How would you rate your Burb's cool factor from 1-10?

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