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  1. Toyota hardly has any discounts. They usually sell for msrp and if your lucky maybe $2k off. Only Toyota I'd consider buying is the TRD Pro. Too bad GM doesn't have anything to compete in the hardcore off road segment (Raptor, TRD Pro)...I know we have the trailboss but that doesn't seem to wow anyone, still riding on ranchos and frame is not built up or anything.
  2. Totally agree. My friend's tundra looks and feels like a tonka truck. Its a little wierd, they are built well...but they also don't pay attention to details.
  3. Just an update. Rode again in the Titan today and my friend said that he got $16,895 off from Nissan and and extra $3000 off from the dealer with the 100k mile warranty. That’s almost $20,000 off a brand new truck! I don’t care how good or bad it is but that’s a smoking good deal haha. (There was a household outlet in the bed which I thought was pretty cool). My friend has been defending his purchase ever since he got it...he had 5 strangers ask him about the truck yesterday alone lol poor guy.
  4. How's your 15 running? Best grill design by far but gotta say I've hear some horror stories about the first production year, hopefully your not facing any issues.
  5. Nice truck! I think with any brand the reliability goes down with each model year. 2004-2006 was the sweet spot for trucks in the US in my opinion.
  6. I personally like the Chevy becasue of the looks, handling, reliability, and its work history (dad had an old 2500). The Nissan never really struck any chords with me but after driving my buddy's truck I gotta say its pretty decent and should be taken seriously for any new truck guy. Also ... came back to check on the thread after having some dinner and I don't know where, but this conversation took a turn off a cliff I've had family members in the Forces (Canada) but never really took offence to any nationality or brand. I got a jewish friend with a garage full of Volkswagons and Mercedes so I guess times have changed. Power to your family though dieselfan1 gotta support the country and you do what makes ya happy.
  7. No way I'd ever get the 2019 models. Hence why I got the 2018
  8. Excessive amount? Have they even sold enough to call it excessive? Lol
  9. Warranty is pretty sweet, I think GM also had a 100k mile warranty years back...
  10. That's the Tundra I think...the Nissan has the regular slider which looks identical to the Chevy
  11. Hey, I have a Silverado but doesn't hurt to look around. Many people are cross shopping and it may be nice to get some opinions...even if it is a Nissan lol.
  12. What do y'all think of the Nissan Titans? My buddy bought one (gas) a while backed and it looked...peculiar. Even though I'm not a fan of the grill design the truck drove pretty great with really nicely weighted steering. I don't know if I'll ever consider buying one but it seems to be alright (especially with the long warranty). Anyone here own this truck before or know someone who has? Wanted to see how this community feels about it, I rarely see any of em on the road and was suprised when my friend rolled up in one. We all had a little laugh (at his expense) and he said he mainly bought it because it was cheap for the trim he got (Platnium Reserve). Dealers seem to be getting rid of them with 15k off msrp! To be quite honest I never really knew that Nissan made trucks haha, the only import I knew of was the Tundra. Here's a photo for those who don't know what a Titan is
  13. Thanks, I'm still suprised I have this issue on my 2018. The recalls were for 2014-15 models. At least my steering isn't acting up...just the Stabilitrak warning for now.
  14. Got it, thanks for the reassurance. Steering is not something one needs to worry about when driving. Wishing we could go back to the good ol days aka pre-2007
  15. You've all probably seen this but the footage at the end of this video is a little sketchy if you ask me. Hopefully that twiching doesn't happen when the car is in motion or else that's a pretty big issue. The wheel turned about halfway in the other direction haha
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