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  1. A good lesson learned here is that if you have a case open with GM customer service, it is tied to a specific dealership and not the vehicle (it may be the vehicle as well but it is definitely tied to a dealership). I discussed the situation with them and told them I had moved the vehicle so they changed the dealership on the case which allowed me to give another round of formal feedback on the dealership that I originally attempted to have the repair done at. Make sure that you keep GM customer support updated on your situation if you have an open case so they can keep the status updated. Hopefully others find that helpful.
  2. I did this and today was contacted by GM. The customer service rep was extremely helpful and listened to the entire story. I've also sent the initial work order of the dealership acknowledging the issue and the second which the service manager essentially used to blame the issue on us along with multiple videos to support that the vehicle is not "operating normally" as stated in the second work order. For the first time in the process I actually feel confident the issue can get resolved and like I have an advocate working on my side. Time will tell, but slow and steady going forward.
  3. I'll upload another video this evening, but had a pretty good breakthrough this morning. My wife pulled over after the noise started and climbed in the back seat. When she set on the third row far right seat, the noise would stop, and then when she would get off the seat it would start again. Passed the video over to the Service Manager at the local dealership (the second one where we bought the car) and hopefully it will help them narrow down what to investigate next time we can bring the vehicle in. Another twist in the saga but hopefully narrowing down the issue. And here is the video, I don't know what to make of this other than the issue is possibly being narrowed down.
  4. I posted the work order along with a link to the video as a review on the dealership's website. Maybe that will get some sort of response, because as you stated and the video makes clear, that is not a normal noise level. I've never had a GM before but I'm starting to learn this is par for the course when it comes to warranty issues and getting them taken care of. Pretty much have to be persistent and in it for the long haul. Good luck with your case as well.
  5. I opened a claim with GM this past Tuesday. I need to call and follow up on it. Good advice, thanks!
  6. I will definitely give this a look. I'm inclined to think it is a hosing connection issue because it is most common when the temperature is cold (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or so). I assume that's because once materials start contracting the issue is becoming evident / amplified. A good look over the hoses will hopefully identify the issue and I can do this simple fix. Here's to hoping!
  7. Appreciate it, the second dealership said they couldn't replicate it so it has to become constant before they'll do anything. Right now they are saying it's a "customer satisfaction" issue and the vehicle is fine. Pretty poor service by GM to say the least, but I've got another 30 months or 31,000 miles while it's under full warranty so there is that at least. I'm going to start compiling more footage and documenting it every time it does it, hopefully a pattern will emerge or I'll figure out some way to trigger it so I can get it fixed. The service departments I've dealt with definitely have a high burden of proof and beyond driving it, don't really want to put in much effort to figure it out.
  8. The second dealership is now also trying to tell me there isn't a problem with the vehicle. This is my first GM, is this standard for how they handle warranty service issues?
  9. Thanks for the information, I'll definitely check the bags when I get the vehicle back. Hopefully the current dealership identifies the issue, but the first day they had it they only took it on a 5 mile drive and didn't encounter the problem from what they told me. I'll check the bags with the technician at pickup if necessary.
  10. I haven't checked the bag levels but if the current dealership doesn't find the problem that is something I'll have to do. We haven't noticed any drop in ride quality in the back (not that I've set back there often but our daughters haven't said anything), the main issue is the excessive noise which in the cabin gets loud enough to drown out music. The current dealership hasn't heard it other than the first trip there with the old rear compressor, it was the dealership near our home where the service manager basically put his foot down that this is a normal noise for a Denali (there is no way that rear compressor is running normally) where they actually had heard the vehicle experiencing the issue. I think I'll have to reach out to the regional GM rep but was going to wait on what the second dealership said. He's going to look up the historic work orders and see that service manager's report that the vehicle is fine which really irritates me with how he behaved. I feel like I'm up against dealerships who care more about keeping GM happy than about fixing a vehicle with an issue. Very frustrating.
  11. Has anyone had a rear compressor issue with a new Yukon XL Denali? My wife and I bought the vehicle at the beginning of October 2018 and within a month the rear compressor began running excessively. We took it into the dealership with bought it from and the service rep heard the noise but was unable to reproduce it later in the day with the technician so they sent us away with the vehicle. The noise became more and more regular so we took it to a dealership near our house and they heard it and acknowledged the problem, this lead them to replacing the rear compressor. The change of the rear compressor didn't do the trick and the excessive running persisted, this is where the frustration really set in. The service technicians were going to run diagnostics and service the vehicle after we brought it in MLK Day. The service department manager interrupted the process and essentially tried to bully my wife into accepting the fact that this is normal behavior for a GMC Denali line vehicle. She left the dealership in tears. I called the service manager in disagreement with 1) his treatment of my wife and 2) disputing the fact this is normal. His response was the discharge the video with a bogus report emphasize the vehicle was in intended working condition. Now the Denali is sitting at another dealership while they try to replicate the issue. It occurs 30-40% of the trips we take in the vehicle and the rear compressor will run anywhere from a few seconds to 20 minutes. Has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution? I'm to the point I'm almost willing to just sell the vehicle back for a loss to be rid of it.
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