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  1. I agree with young appreciate all the help. I know its out there and it doesn't help this is my first diff rebuild. Like I stated earlier, it has been fun learning and researching and I have extra time on my hands so I am in no rush. Ill do some more digging. Might make a few calls too. I have been referencing these two web pages/forums for info as they are similar in my endeavors. Truck mod Central -Rebuilding GM 8.25 IFS TahoeYukonForum - 8.25 Front Diff Rebuild Both have been great sites, the Yukon link is an 05 Yukon and the Truck Mod link is for pre 2011 given that he posted it in 2011.
  2. So today I started divining into the bearing adjuster install and found some helpful info on another forum. "Take your carrier bearing adjusters and install the roller bearings in both. Install new lock tabs, using a dab of grease to hold them in place, then drive the adjusters into place in both case halves. Set your distance on the adjusters back to about what they where when you removed them, this will just give you a starting point for setup". My issue here is sort of two part. one of the adjusters was pretty bad and had to be tossed, the second adjuster I had to unscrew to clean, not realizing I needed to gauge the gap. So no luck there. But I think I can full screw then together and then unscrew a bit and install. Then adjust once I get the carrier case in. So I am not too worried about this portion as I will have to make adjustments anyway. This part is strange. So when I disassembled the diff, I had no locking tabs on either side. The right side, long axle shaft side, i figured the lock tab was destroyed due to that side bearing failing. However, the opposite side did not have one either. So I decided I would head to the dealer to see what their thoughts were. They pulled up the drawing and showed that I do not have those in my 2015 GMC sierra Denali 1500 8.25/3.42 front diff. So they stated I did not need them. Yet when I look in the case I can see where both of the lock tabs would go. So now I am confused. Does anyone have any thoughts on my confusion with the lock tabs? I know I may be overthinking all of this but I really want to get this right and I have a lot of time on my hand and the truck is not critical at the moment. Nice and slow to get it right. Pics below:
  3. I ended up with the AllDATAdiy and it was pretty limited for my 2015 in terms of front diff. Gave pricing and parts with some exploded views but nothing too detailed. For my 2009 Yukon XL it was extensive so that is good.
  4. Thank you so much, I am checking it out right now. I get the theory and taking my time, I just want to make sure I get the preload and back lash perfect. Really want to make sure I do this right. It has been fun learning how to do it. Thanks again.
  5. Ended up buying a new differential case from Yukon Gear, a Master Rebuild Kit and a bearing adjuster with lock ring (Pics). At the moment I have the new ring bearings pressed on the new carrier case and I am in the processes of installing the side bearing adjusters and races.Does anyone have any recommendations or can send me the step by step procedures from a shop manual for my differential? The only issue I am having now is getting the correct way to install them and get them set. Thanks for the help.
  6. Finally got the inner output axle shaft off. Used a 20 ton shop press. Slid right out. Looks like the two major areas are the differential case and the axle shaft has some gouging. Any thoughts on a good place to buy these two parts? Will bring them into Yukon Gear on Monday to see what they say about the rebuild.
  7. I’m going to take it into Yukon Gear and see what they think about the parts but so far only that shaft and the bearing are the issue. Everything else looks great. The bearing only had a small amount of pieces that came out. Looks more crushed than anything. I have had zero luck since my first post in finding a used one and rebuilt ones were spendy. I think the kit from Yukon gear is like $200-300. Depending on what I need. I’ll plan to rebuild and if all else fails then go with a rebuilt from Yukon Gear. Still can’t figure out how to separate the inner output shaft and differential assembly.
  8. So I dove into the project this weekend. Dropped the front differential in about 2 hours. Over the last few days I got the case apart and started taking things apart to inspect them. Found some bearings that were pretty damaged but overall everything looks pretty good (pics). Maybe some scoring on the shaft where the bearings were but not sure its an issue yet. Let me know what you think (pic 3 & 4). My only issue now, is that I cannot remove the inner output shaft (pics 2 and 5). The bearings and race are on there and I cannot part them. I tried a brass punch to start, then moved on to a gear puller to push it out. All with no luck. Any thoughts on how to remove it? Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was thinking if I tied them up just loose enough so they could rotate then it would work out. Wasn’t sure about any other areas that had stress points that could cause damage. And for sure no 4wd.
  10. North. Mukilteo. So not really Seattle but it’s easier to use Seattle as a landmark than the Muk. No one knows about Muk unless you live on the west side. Lol.
  11. Quick question as I start to put together a date and time to tackle this myself. I talked to the guys at Yukon gear and they have all the parts in stock. But one issue I am running into is that my garage is not long enough to keep the trucks on jacks for multiple days. Can’t close the garage door. So my question is, can I pull the front differential and then jack the truck back down on to the wheels and roll it out into drive way with out any damage? This way I can rebuild the differential over a couple days and then bring it back it when ready to reinstall it. I don’t plan to drive it but would just roll it out and roll it back in. Looking at the axles from underneath it appears it would be fine but I wanted to make sure before hand. If this strategy doesn’t work then I’ll have to take it to my uncles shop and put it on his lift and it’s a bit of a drive to get to and from there over multiple days. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Checking out Yukon gear now. Thanks. update: I live less than 10 miles from Yukon Gear. I’m going to head over to their shop tomorrow. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I hit up a few pick and pull places around Seattle. Added a couple alerts in case one comes in. I’ll check out a couple local shops and see what they have. Thanks again.
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