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  1. Just looking for some thoughts/reconmmendations. I have a 2015 Sierra 6.2L. Factory warranty has expired, and now I'm looking to tune. I'm super disappointed in how wimpy this 6.2L performs, along with the goofy-ness of this 8 speed transmission. I had Justin @ BB tune my 08 GMC 6.2L for me years ago, and really liked how he improved throttle response and how the 6 speed worked after tune. I've seen some positive posts about guy in Van Buren (tuning by JP) so i'm thinking of taking truck to him. Other than that... was leaning towards Diablo canned tune. Question is... do you guys think that there is really a noticeable difference between using the "canned" handheld tuner tunes and custom tunes (JP, Blackbear, Lew, etc.)? Thanks for feedback!
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