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  1. The body shop had to get the 2500 hood springs. That hood is heavy compared to our old 1500 hood. Despite what some people have said that’s all. Will walk outside right now & take pics under my hood for u.
  2. Bro love the rims. Very nice. Love the truck period but still nice choice.
  3. Ok guys couple of things, one I didn't do the work myself, a body shop did it, but I was there when they did the hood, yes its exactly the same size as the stock hood, u do have to change the hinges to the 2500/3500 ones.... I will be more than happy to take pics of them tomorrow, as I'm in Connecticut & its almost 9:50 p.m. here.... I do not have a supercharger yet, but with the now extra room it should fit just fine...... And yes my truck is a 2015.5 Denali, with the "Newer Style Front-End" conversion. And yes the headlights bumper, etc, was an exact fit...... And again if u all would like pics of the truck in diff areas that I didn't do, just ask & as far as the parts/cost, I've got a copy of the bosyshop parts from the insurance company, so it's got not just cost of parts, but labor & part #'s..... Hope this helps to clear up any & all questions. And trust me I get compliments almost everyday I drive my truck, which is a very good feeling..... Now as far as the "Chevy Brother" truck, I don't believe it's as easy as GMC.
  4. lmao..... Yea your prob right. But cuz of the accident, I didn't have to pay for any of the parts..... So def a bonus for me..... Trust me when I tell u a nice Jackson SuperCharger is coming...... Need to wake this motor up a bit. And yes I'm sure I'm going to crack open the motor to do some work inside, plus I may need new fuel rail & injectors.... But I'm not a Tech, my brother is, so all of that I will leave in his hands. I'm not going to even try & guess whatever else would need to me done to her.... LOL.
  5. Unfortunately you have to order the duct work separately & a new top for your air box, so you'll then have real & true "Ram-Air"..... So worth it..... LOL.
  6. The hood is ?% GMC, it's the same hood that is on the newer 2500/3500 with the Duramax motor.... But because the trucks & or body is exactly the same, u can swap body parts..... So u can get the hood, duct work & hinges, which you'll def need. As our stock hoods are aluminum, and the diesel models or the ones with the Duramax Motors are a steel Hood therefore they are heavier so you need the heavier Springs.
  7. Hey guys so I did a 2019 Frontend Conversion to my 2015 Denali, with the Ram-Air style hood..... But trying to find a wire harness that converts from 2015 to the new lights, well that's easier said then done. So I was given this site by a friend that did this conversion to his truck.... I highly recommend this site, as they use GM plugs & the wires are all as good or better than stock..... Nothing wrong with that in my book. Check them out, they have E-mail if u have any questions & in my experience they get back to u in like an hour or less...... These harness are truly "Plug & Play". No cutting any wires, no guess work, all that is done for u.... They have the schematics for all the years & work off of them to make sure everything is correct.... Plus they check everyone before shipment..... Pic of my Denali, before & after. Their website also include. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-sierra-p-p-harnesses
  8. Ok guys & gals, let me know if anymore questions & if u want any specific pic & I'll do what I can to throw it up for u all. Enjoy.....
  9. So here's some. Trtimg to upload more but the site isn't letting me do so..... But going to keep trying....
  10. Definitely agree with you there. Well ladies & gentlemen, I have got to Apologize to everyone here, I kinda got my truck back yesterday & didn't take any more pics....... I know, I know, Bad Jay..... LMAO. I haven't had her in just over a month & I just couldn't stop driving her around, like everywhere. LOL. And I've never had so many people stop & stare & ask a million questions & take pics, the compliments just kept coming all day long...... Made me feel like I really was happy I had the shop to the 2019 conversion, Hood was my idea, but the whole thing, it's just way more than I could have hoped for...... So I swear I'll post pics tomorrow, when it's nice & sunny out...... I even had one lady offer to buy it off me...... I respectfully declined the offer from her..... I couldn't, have to picture this, I finally after countless years buy one of my dream trucks. 2015 GMC Sierra Denali Crew Cab. Got an amazing deal on her & when I bought it, she only had just over 20,000 miles on her, for all accounts a bran-new truck still..... Now yes unfortunately I got into an accident, but only "body panels" were damaged & a couple of air bags.... Not one of those accidents where u go, "Ok get it fixed & sell it"....... Only thing the shop didn't do was the P&P Wireharness..... Kinda not happy about that, found a company online called Gen5, that makes the Wireharness Conversion? For the one I need it's going to cost about $205.00 & whatever shipping is.... Anyone use them? Any input? Going from a 2015 to 2019, I know its ganna be way diff, Have H.I.D. now, auxiliary lights are L.E.D.?(I believe, every site I checked out seems to all be pointing that way?) Thank u all in advance for any all info/help,
  11. And mine isn't even a 2500.... It's a 1500 Denali with a 2019 frontend conversion & the 2500 hood of course. But this also shows that it can be done to an older Sierra..... U can do just the hood if people want to, or even the whole frontend...... So I hope by me doing this everyone can see & have no doubts about IF it can be done.....
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