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  1. We run a '13 3/4 ton and a '17 1 ton with the 6.0. Yeah they aren't very sporty but they are virtually impossible to destroy. I'd wager we beat on them in the mud harder than 95% of the end users in the country and most likely the world. I have pics to support this claim . We often times suck the air filters into the intake tube due to water and mud intrusion, it usually ruins the throttle body but has yet to kill an engine. An iron block 6.0 is beyond tough and it's hard to find an equal for reliability.
  2. FWIW, I just had 35x11.50 20 trail grapplers on stock wheels installed and I only have a slight rub on the sway bar. It does not rub any of my fender liner so far. It did hit my fuel mileage pretty hard though and I have a 6.2.
  3. I typically average 17.6 per tank. I'm sure some may know this but at speeds below 50-55 mph, engage tow haul and it will hold 4 cylinder mode much longer than normal. If your goal is fuel efficiency this will help. These trucks are quite efficient if the driver does their part.
  4. Thank you for posting results, because of you I have made a decision on my tire size. Thanks again!
  5. 14' 6.2 on factory 20's and stock tires, 112 mph for mine.
  6. Most commercial trucks run full synthetic in the transmission and rear axles. My KW actually calls for full synthetic 75W90 in the rear axles. I know synthetics handle heat better among many things, i was just curious how he determined his diff worked better. Maybe it indeed does work better, seems my diff works sketchy at best.....so im curious.
  7. Yep, mine is 110 also. That's plenty fast I think.
  8. First post, long time looker. Mine shuts down at 110-112. Weird how there are so many variances between trucks.
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