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  1. same thing just happened to me, did you figure out what caused it and how did you fix it?
  2. Has anyone every had the center nut on the top of the front struts break off, I was going over a speed bump and noticed the RH side of my truck felt really stiff. I looked at the struts and noticed the center bolt must have blown off because the strut bushing in the center was stick up way to high. anyone know what caused this and has anyone know the best way to fix/prevent it
  3. Truck looks good, almost looks taller than a 4". Whats the measurement from ground to bottom of fender?
  4. looked on ready-lift website and couldn't find them and emailed customer support but haven't heard back. I will check out Summit
  5. I currently i have a set of READY-LIFT Uni-Ball upper control arms installed on my truck and I was looking on the internet to see if it was possible to buy replacement ball joints if you already have the arms but i cant find anyone who sells them. Does anybody here know if you can buy replacements uni-balls or do you have to buy the whole control arm again? Thanks in advance
  6. I have a 2014 GMC sierra 1500 and when i take off from a dead stop there is a clunk sound and a small jerk. Anybody have any experience with an issue like this? trying to determine if its a driveshaft, SYE, or transmission/Torque converter issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 3.5” lift and no issues. Has a 2” drop diff and ready lift uni-ball control arms.
  8. THE_Engineer

    From Stock to Lifted

    Pictures of each stage
  9. I am looking for pictures of wheel spacers on GMC stock rims. I am debating on putting some on and just wanted to see what each size looks like (1" 1.5" 2") thank you
  10. you really don't have to cut that much off the fender liner, its not noticeable unless somebody sticks there head in there and looks. the best thing to do is go to topic labeled 2014+ leveling kits and see what rim/tire set up other people are running and see what you like. you can google what rim offset is, that will give you a better explanation then me sitting here trying to explain it.
  11. I am running 35x11.5 Nitto ridge grapplers on 2.5" RC leveling kit. I trimmed the wheel liner and it doesn't scrub anymore except on full lock it does hit the sway bar.
  12. I am not sure what the offset is on the wheels you are looking at but I have ran 35 x 11.5 tires on a rough country 2.5" leveling kit and stock wheels. Your going to have to cut a good bit of your wheel liner off so you don't scrub with normal turning. with my stock wheels I did still rub the sway bar at full lock. not sure what you mean by "safe" but it is possible with modifications to the wheel liner.
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