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  1. After reseaching the web, I have come to the conclusion that they will fit but wanted to ask. I am looking at buying a pair of factor running boards from a 2016 crew cab duramax to put on a 2017 crew cab 1500. Anyone can confirm my findings or tell me differently please? Thanks for the help.
  2. I hope for you CaptGary. It was pretty hard to walk away from GM. But I used it as a DD and the shutter bothered me like crazy. My wife was pretty upset about the situation so she supported me 100%. She loves the frontier...especially being smaller (has more room for my son in the back though). My brother has a 2014 crew cab 4x4 V8 and his is super smooth in the transition. Obviously mine came out of factory specs, they just weren't willing to fix it for me. Poor customer service if you ask me!
  3. Well I had forgotten about updating this post. I took it in 3 times. On the 3rd time GM got involved. I believe the dealership was told to do 3 maybe 4 things. After all was done it still had the vibration/shutter. GM told the dealership to drive one like mine. Service manager said it had some but it was extremely minimal compared to mine. GM said it was the nature of the beast and it was normal. Dealership said all the right things but I didn't get the good freling that things were going to work out. The next day I went out and bought a Nissan Frontier. Hopefully you all get treated better than I. Very frustrating to say the least!
  4. If GM created something like that it probably wouldn't work properly... Seriously though, this guy must not be very bright!
  5. Good looking truck. My dad has a 2014 BigHorn quad cab 4x4 hemi with the 8 speed and 3:21 gears. Gets between 18-19 running around and 20-21 on the highway. He really likes it.
  6. Good luck with them helping out. I contacted them on Friday evening, acted like they couldn't care less. Said I would get a call on Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest. Been over 2 weeks since I have called and still no word. Great customer service (insert extreme sarcasm)!
  7. Mine developed a vibration and it consistently got worse. GM said it was the nature of the beast (being a v6). Service manager was pissed because he knew how bad mine was. He wouldn't program the AFM out though. I now own a nissan. If GM won't stand behind their product, I won't stand behind them. Sad too, because it was an awesome truck otherwise...
  8. I hope it is too. I wanted them to fix it as I understand any mechanical device can come out of specs at any time, which this one did. The way GM handled it was absurd in my mind. I feel like they didn't care about me at all. When I am ready for a new truck I will go to all places, not just the Chevy dealer like I have before. I bought the Nissan Frontier. Less room width wise, but more room in the back for my boy, its a crew cab vs my double cab.
  9. Well I was supposed to be contacted by GM yesterday between 4 and 5. Apparently I am not worth a call. I traded my truck in and bought a Nissan, one of the hardest things I have done. I am 33 and have always driven and been around GM product (grandfather started Montgomery Automotive A/C Delco parts distibutor). Hopefully when I am ready for another truck, I will look at GM. Right now I am really happy with my decision.
  10. Just got back from the dealership about my vibration/shake. They did what GM told them to do and it still has the problem. GM told them to drive another v6 on the lot and it had a similar vibration, although not near as bad. GM said it was the nature of the beast with the v6 and AFM. If it is nature of the beast wouldn't it have been that way since day 1? Service manager was awesome stating he would be upset too if it was his truck. Called GM customer care and started a process of trying to get some help. Hopefully I can get some type of assistance, but I'm not holding my breath. Just not having a great feeling about this, unfortunately!
  11. Well I have decided to post my problem. I will begin to say my dealer is doing everything right so far. They have had it in 3 times and the shake is still present. My shake come from going from v4 to v6. I can tell when my truck is lugging in v4 mode because my truck starts to shake. I will watch the tach jump 2-300 rpms (going back into v6 mode I have a work truck so no indicator) then it rides as smooth as a truck should. My dealer feels it and just opened up a file with GM. I will let everyone know the outcome.
  12. I know my truck 4x4 double cab 3:42's had no problem pulling what I put behind it. I was able to maintain 67 mph going up mountains right at 3800 rpm. I could've gained speed if I wanted to. Truthfully I would have zero problems pulling 6000 pounds. I would take it slower so I could stop easier. This new 4.3, while not a V8, is a very solid performer. You will be just fine with that weight!
  13. 16000 miles on mine. Have towed between 3000-3500 and it did it very well. Worst tank of gas has been 15.3 (towing in western Maryland mountains) and my best has been 22 (running 75 going to Disney). For everyday driving not much difference between it and my brothers 14 CC 5.3. When he steps on his thats the difference. Not enough for me to worry about though...
  14. Well I bought a double cab v6 and my brother just bought a crew cab v8. I get about 2 mpg better than him. I got the v6 because I'm poor. With all that said, I really love my truck. It has as much power (at least by seat of the pants) as my brother's old '13 5.3 and gets much better mpg. I don't tow a lot and I don't haul a lot so the v6 fits me nicely. If I could've afforded a v8 probably would've gotten one, but I don't need one!
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