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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-GM-Off-Road-Black-Step-Bars-23194640-Silverado-Sierra-Double-Cab-2014-18/254232568485?epid=655841390&hash=item3b317122a5:g:3vYAAOSwaDtc3Dwn I found these a little bit ago when looking for crew cab steps. They are pick up only, so unsure where it is in relation to you. Maybe contact seller and work on a price/pickup.
  2. Hey @lonewanderer812 Truck looks awesome! What control arms did you end up getting (just upper)? Is there a reason why you changed your end links? And are you running the kit in lowest setting (2.5" lift) or 1 notch up (3.2" lift)?
  3. https://eibach.com/us/i-8808-pro-truck-lift-system-stage-1.html Kit is on sale until April 12th. Makes it much easier to pull the trigger on purchase!
  4. 15 Camera views See through trailer See in trailer Operate AC and Water Heater
  5. I like the fobs and the ability to customize them to your liking. This is an image from his Instagram page where the panic button is red and start is blue. Most I've seen have all the buttons same color.
  6. What are your thoughts on Airaid Jr. Intake Tube Kit w/ Filter? I am taking mine off to go to stock for now.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply and stinks about shipping. Good luck!
  8. Will these work with any UCA material (Stamped Steel, Forged Steel, or Aluminum)?
  9. Got my buddies Jeep down to my house for a few days before we make the trip to Ocean City Jeep Week.
  10. Hey @Madcow2020, Truck looks good with the new tires. I am looking to do a similar lift setup (coilovers + new UCAs). What size tire are you running and still very satisfied with the setup?
  11. Nice! I just turned over 30k on my '15 5.3. Since purchase (used with 13k), I have averaged about 17.5mpg. Very happy as well!
  12. This is quite disappointing. The convenience of the app for the few times a month I remotely lock/unlock my truck is surely not worth $150/year.
  13. Truck looks good with that setup and exhaust is aggressive. Had headphones on at work and almost had me jump out of my seat! HAHA
  14. Nice! I'm from Balt. County as well, I live near White Marsh Mall and work in Towson.
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