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  1. Oh okay. Sorry for the ignorance, but all I have to do is use the E85 ethanol? It’s alrwady got the yellow cap and ready for it, but when I here people talk about tuning to the E85, I was thinking they meant some kind of additional mods needed to happen besides just filling up the tank with E85. I never used the E85 before but it’s definitely equipped to handle it. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I didn’t think about warranty being voided.... Will getting someone to tune it for E85 mess with the warranty? I’m still unsure what all an E85 tune does.
  3. Thanks! I love the rims I got for it but it’s got to be the tires that’s causing the vibration at that speed. It’s pretty smooth until I hit 70mph.... I just got some used tires with the new rims until I got the leveling kit installed so that way the new tires wouldn’t rub.
  4. Thanks! And yeah I remember when 18s were considered a bigger rim and upgrade and if anyone had a 20” then that was big news lol! Now most have 18” or 20”. They just look so much smaller and I guess over time I’ve grown to see those as normal too. I’m sure with the smaller rim back on my ride would be better, but it sure looks better now. The vibration still has me puzzled at 70mph though?
  5. Yeah I lived in North Dakota for 1 year and Wyoming for 4 years, so im very familiar with how messy the roads get up there lol! Luckily back home in Alabama, snow isn’t very common but it has caused some issues very few winters. I’ll definitely keep my new 2WD parked when it snows again down here!
  6. They look good! My offset may be throwing it off some though. I’d like a taller tire like that.
  7. Thanks. I’m still researching what I should do about my lights. The bumper doesn’t even have the cut-outs, so I could get a new bumper with some LED lights but I want to make sure I don’t blind anyone or look ridiculous.....
  8. There’s a procharger place about 80 miles away in Decatur, Al! I’ll call them up. Thanks
  9. Right now I have some 275/55/20s. I switched from the small factory 17s hoping to get a better and sportier ride and look. I ended up getting a rougher ride over 70mph on the interstate! I’m definitely opting for a 2.5” leveling kit so when I get some better tires, they don’t rub. I see know that I need a taller tire. My old ram that I used to have was all ready for me with the Hemi and Laramie 4x4 Edition. I’m just chasing some extra HP to get me through a couple of years.
  10. So the out of the box tuners aren’t worth it? I’m sure I’ll have to rely on a experienced tech somewhere to help but I was hoping some of these new plug in programmers were easier to use now. I’ll definitely look into the tuning to E85 and possibly 4.10 gears or 3.73...
  11. 2015 Silverado LT *Lighting... I’ve been researching all kinds of aftermarket bumpers with fog lights and it seems like everyone agrees that the aftermarket is brighter lumens and that’s the best option instead of replacing the plane bumper with a factory bumper with factory lights? Thanks, TomBrady80
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