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  1. Just do it! I bet most dealers would be happy this mod was done should they ever even notice.
  2. Appreciate the info. I've been mulling over led bulbs or doing the complete led headlamp/fascia swap on my 24 LT.
  3. Love that bug deflector on the hood! What kind is it?
  4. Gas mileage is the same between 6L90 and 10speed, I've had both. I get anywhere between 11-13.5mpgs city and 18/19mpgs highway ripping around the toll roads in Texas. Towing my 10-12k camper, I get 5-11mpgs depending on winds on the highway. My camper is very tall.
  5. Best got dang exhaust I've ever made. Zero drone, still can hear the stock intake and just a slight deep grumble. I'm in love. I made a side exit tip as well that has a 4.5" od.
  6. Currently welding up a Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator and Streetpower muffler. Will have a report back later today when she's mounted and running.
  7. I second this. My 2021 gmc 2500 with the 6L90 never went over 174 down here in Texas unloaded. Towing in this heat is when I'd sniff the 200 degree mark.
  8. That high pitched squeal is the allison transmission just making noise.
  9. @Agargano98 let us know how it goes getting that fixed. Really sucks man.
  10. 4200 HARD miles on my 2024 and zero consumption. I check every week or so and nada. Also had over 32k on my 2021 6.6 and zero consumption. Harsh towing for those miles as well.
  11. 4200 miles on mine and I do have a harsh downshift to first on a decline. Not as bad as what my 6L90 used to do, but it definitely has softened up with the abuse I've given the truck over the last month.
  12. I've noticed the same. If I get my WIX filter from my local O'Reillys all is fine. I've noticed QC issues on the filters I order online and have shipped to me. Coincidence? Who knows. Odd to me though
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