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  1. My 2020 has payload of 3146. I checked a 3500 AT4 online and its payload was 3740. I wanted a 3500 long bed AT4....but could only find 2500 standard bed AT4 up here in AK. Max tongue weight on the 3500 was 3165 and my sticker has it at 2775.
  2. B&W companion (non-sliding one). No issues towing my cyclone.
  3. I had mine replaced under warranty. No issues so far with the replacement. They replaced the whole back window assembly.
  4. Baja designs S8 10”....wired into upfitter switches.
  5. That’s exactly what Thaflood was asking about, I was just confirming his question about the kit bundle part number.
  6. I ordered the complete kit part number for my truck...84942073 and it came with everything. Just match up the part number with your interior color and whether you have push button or keyed ignition.
  7. Found this video on taking center console trim pieces and radio off.
  8. Mine leaked last winter....but I live in Alaska and it was -30s/-40s. Replaced the gear box then the replaced the pressure line and had it arctic modded by a shop up here, not the ones GM sells.
  9. Mine is leaking from the other side. I also noticed the plastic trim piece on top of the window on the inside cracked in couple different spots. Dealership has a whole new back window on order for the crack and will properly seal it up. 2020 GMC 2500 AT4
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