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  1. I had the same thing happen to you cruising down the backroads 85kph and the flashing check engine light, a few guys helped me out on here and said it’s a misfire Take it to the dealer and get it documented for worst case OnTario situations. But like you never happened to me again, 2020 Lt TB 5.3
  2. Anyone throw in a kenwood powered subwoofer under the back seats or under the center jump instead of the kicker upgrade?
  3. I only wish they shipped to Canada, might be worth a shot to see if it does anything at all, compared to a Standard CAI
  4. I was just emailing them today, it is and it isn’t compatible with the 10 speed, it works but has it’s kinks but not actually made for the 10 speeds yet
  5. Just wondering how long people were going with their mono tube ranchos before putting in bilsteins or another shock. I just rolled over 6000km and they seem to be riding rougher and tougher. just wanted to some insight on how long y’alls were lasting
  6. Got a close up picture of it? & how is it holding up against the elements?
  7. Did you plasti dip or get new Z71 side badges? I love the blacked out badge
  8. I was just wondering if y’all knew anything about the rough country level for the TB voiding it’s factory warranty or not? or if it’s dealer particular
  9. I have the Trail Boss but either way the same, but thanks for the insight, just wanted to get a real world opinion on it instead of dumping the crazy bucks on the RL one, cause everyone always talks about are the UCAs and the ball joint angles but I actually wanted to see if they were that bad
  10. How is the RC level on the already lifted truck? How’s the upper ball joint without the new UCA’s? Can’t decide between that or the RL with UCAs
  11. I was driving home yesterday like normal, cruise set at 85 on the backroad, weather was perfect and all of a sudden the truck shoots a service park break light at me and a flashing check engine light on the dash and my cruise control stopped working all of a sudden. Pulled over, turned off the truck, turned it on, lights were gone but cruise control still didn’t work none and when the truck was downshifting, it was shifting really hard so I pulled over again and turned it off and on and everything was fine? I got an appointment with the dealer on Monday but this happen to anyone else or something similar? Kinda annoying
  12. Well thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it, eases my mind a little yeah agreed there is, tried to get the least amount of tech in the LT TB, just to keep away from these sorts of problems but who knows
  13. Yeah that’s exactly the sound, and it just caught me off guard cause I’ve never had it happen in any vehicle I’ve owned ah so I’m guessing it’s pretty normal for the truck then? Let it do it’s thing basically
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