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  1. Thank you very much, I appreciate that, never seen sound slips of the GM one so I was wondering cause where I am in Canada it needs to be OEM, or else you can get the ticket for loudness or all that stuff thanks
  2. Does anyone have the single exit GM performance exhaust for one of these trucks? Specifically an 18 just wondering how loud is it compared to stock vs an MBRP touring or corsa touring? thanks
  3. I can’t find it anywhere but what’s the replacement part # or even carriage bolt size for the 18 Silverado 1500 tow hook bolt, the one you have to cut off to get out. Just wanna know sizing or replacement part # from gm thanks
  4. Has anyone replaced the top buckles on the Rev tonneau cover? i have the bakflip universal replacement for them but can’t seem to get them undone. No it’s not as easy as undoing the 2 screws any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. I was wondering, who came from the DL8 mirrors, purchased OEM tow mirrors and the OEM harness to make them work. how to I install the extra harness’ to make the tow mirrors work properly? thanks
  6. Sarcasm bro, just trying to have fun, don’t have to take things so literal
  7. Sometimes fun is in the eye of the holder, appreciate the input feller
  8. Thanks for the input, send me a link to the truck nuts please?
  9. Was wondering if any of y’all installed a train horn yet on the trucks and where? Got a trail boss and want some ideas of where to mount it and what kit to buy! thanks!
  10. Yeah man, you’ll be fine, I got the 20 Trail Boss with the 1.5” RC level running 20x10 -24 Fuel Mavericks with 33/12.5 Fury RTs, I also deleted the mud flaps and after that zero rub It rubbed a slight bit at full lock with the mud flaps on that’s it
  11. Has anyone thrown in a set of rock lights yet? im looking at oneup lightings 4 piece and wanted to see how they looked lit up on the new trucks especially trail boss
  12. Has anyone installed a powered subwoofer yet into one of these trucks? Been looking around lately and the stock system w/o Bose needs some more thump at the least. not looking to rattle the mirrors off just something to take the lows off of the door speakers and to see what y’all have stuffed under the backseat in terms of a powered subwoofer. thanks!!
  13. I was wondering if anyone had installed a powered subwoofer yet under the rear seats or found a compact box for a small sub to bump up the stock system without removing the whole under seat storage?
  14. Has anyone thrown on the flowmaster flowFX cat back for their 5.3 TB yet? Want to pull trig just want some real world reviews on it compared to a lousy YouTube video
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