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  1. BDS makes one of the better lift kits out there.......reputation is solid, they have differential drop kits too cant go wrong with BDS/fox setup. not cheap but worth it i would say
  2. i put LEDS in my elevation no problems, and also in my 2500 LT again no issues........ton more light and cleaner
  3. 22s are awesome from what ive seen, totally happy with that.....as far as pricing when they come who friggen knows.....usually buy off the lot so will have to see.........cant find any limiteds with heated seats or wheel though my 22 2500 has them.......and not gonna pay full pop for later retro fit, plus dealers arent even hungry to sell......may be stuck for awhile no hurry, i just cant buy a Ford so it is what it is ( personal issue)
  4. i used a AT4 bilstein 5100 kit with eibach springs on 21 Elevation......raised the front 3" on stock clip setting ( had 2 more clips to increase height even more)......2" block in rear if i used stock spring it would have been 2" in front on stock clip never been a fan of spacers plus added benefit of a better shock is welcome........not that expensive i didnt raise it any higher cuz i didnt have a drop for differential but did have control arms.......was happy with it though since sold that truck
  5. yeah but what dealership is going to honor this?.........that might be a lil tough from what ive seen, enlighten me if you know dealers that are in this market
  6. yep, its so bad am thinking of dumping my 2500 for 1500 just to cut cost on fuel........its insane here
  7. when i was a kid in the 70s/80s we loved the humm of an offroad tire vs a street tire.......i dont mind it and would prefer a lil humm on the tires..... like the sound of a V8 as well ...... off road tire noise was well accepted........nowadays " its a thing" never even heard about tire noise being a negative until i came here a few years ago......doesnt bother me, always had trucks as personal vehicle my whole life so idk then again a 35" mud terrain on a 35'' rim makes no friggen sense whatsoever but yet there they are all day long on streets
  8. alot of dealerships arent letting people sell leased cars to third party vendors for exact reason your talking about.......idk about GM but there is alot of buzz about this very thing......very shady, but it is a thing......they want the profits instead of the customer getting it......again idk about GM, just heard about it awhile ago and followed it for minute bought 4 new trucks and sold same amt in last 4 years......just depended, sometimes carvana was highest, sometimes give me the vin, and even the dealership was higher for trade in........i just checked all of them with highest bidder getting the biz........these were all financed vehicles
  9. yeah it was just brand new when i ran it thru some mud and the ****** caked on there ......on 2500s thru wheel well its in plain sight and looks like ******.......think i will just let it burn off over time, bigger wheels will hide it but be awhile before stockers wear out......was also gonna trade it in but looks like that probably wont happen so whateves.......if i need too i will use the suggestions for resale
  10. ah, it will be nice drive though...... the ram i mentioned was 11% below but yeah i think your right, i didnt find anything like that for GM.........even Laura i believe was MSRP at the time.......all trucks are pretty nice so whatever brand, doesnt matter
  11. i had to just send a screenshot of my fico score to one b4 ordering ram back a few months ago, high volume dealer and normal as many others said same (i didnt buy it)........but yeah i dont really believe much of anything a salesman or finance says.......i do like the new 22 models though
  12. sad to say but the first, second, third, etc things i bought for new truck was gasoline........she is thirsty in the city
  13. sure its good, beats buying a new truck.....HD radio is better imo....only thing you dont get though that i would want is DIC function of IOU over the IOR......used that everyday and dont believe this changes the DIC functions
  14. bought a 2022 LT 2500 with heated seats/ wheel , park assit and blind zone lane change alert........trucks are huge so it definetly helps parking........my build was sept/21 though i didnt order it i would be frustrated too and probably wouldnt have bought it if these were deleted, as much as they cost
  15. had 4 T1 GM trucks and 2 with rear sliding windows.......no issues on any of them, my first had lil clunk on 8 spd but not horrible, second 8spd was flawless........ dont live in rain and snow so only car washes think GMC was better looking and slightly nicer finish overall, but 4 trucks 4 good results for as long as i kept them......
  16. tires have nothing to do with it, its in the tranny.......chip shortage or screw up at factory maybe idk.......seems very odd all AT4s should have it, 2 trims down have it...... when i owned both my 1500s i actually ran it sport mode alot.......i would want it if i paid that much coin for a truck thats supposed to have it
  17. GMC is by far the nicest looking half ton, imo
  18. had RST with terrain mode (no 2 spd) and it had sport mode, i believe even LT probably gets it.........all AT4 have 2 spd anyway, but i dont believe its linked to that......AT4 should definetly have sport mode also had gmc elevation and it had sport mode
  19. When you up that high you wanna drop front diff down so cv angles are flatter.....heard a few lifts that said auto 4wd isn't recommended and few peeps that had issues...... Long as axle angles are good should be no issues with 4wd.....I would do it just for piece of mind..... 3.5 to 4 in is too much without correcting geometry, imo
  20. I believe you have to change out the whole housing unit GM led lights aren't replaceable......its the whole assembly.....kinda sucks but that's the way they do it Add extra lights possibly idk
  21. i have seen a few but fleet work trucks.....
  22. cameras are on front grill, under L/R mirrors, tailgate, and 3rd brakelight..... parking sensors are in bumpers.... pretty sick camper and you dont see them very often, my brother has a Lance on his 2019 2500 HD its pretty nice.....think he paid like 20-30k slightly used......you can get anything you want if your willing to pay, lol......good luck man
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