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  1. When I saw that roof come off in multiple parts all I could think of is my leaky rear window in the Silverado
  2. It definitely sound pretty mad for a family oriented/luxury SUV. Here's a cold start in "comfort mode"
  3. I doubt many car purchases are made rationally or we would all be driving Priuses lol. I see what you’re saying but would argue however that the differences aren’t as large (as they used to be). As these trucks get more complex and tech laden they are also more prone to expensive out of warranty repairs. I would be curious to see in a few years how reliable/cheap to maintain this latest truck platform is going to be. Personally, I’m not putting a lot of faith in it, given that GM can’t even get a window to not leak under warranty after multiple repairs. Seems like all the recent generations have been plagued by wide spread issues: electrical issues and drivetrain shudders in the K2s, AFM and low quality interiors in the GMT900’s, etc. From my anecdotal observations seems like GM stopped building long lasting trucks after the GMT800 which I still see many on the road, by order of magnitude more than the 900’s for example...
  4. Ohhh the Z4M, that must be a blast to drive! That or an early Cayman are still on my wish list for a weekend car. Not easy finding a clean one for a reasonable price. The savagegeese YouTube channel did an amazing breakdown of the Z4M, you should def look it up if you haven’t seen it yet, although it will likely reaffirm everything you already know it’s an awesome homage to that car. And yeah, I’m planning to keep the X7 for at least 6-7 years but hopefully like 10, but then again I said the same about the Silverado when I bought it and here we are lol.
  5. Thanks for confirming what I already thought regarding the extended maintenance. I’m not even 100% sure about the extended warranty, it will likely depend on the first few years of ownership If I end up getting one. I’ve never been a fan of them and never got them, bringing me financially “ahead” so far... Nevertheless it’s great to hear a 7-8 yr old X5 is holding up well! My only concern with getting the M50 over the more pedestrian 40i is the V8 that has traditionally been more trouble prone in BMWs. However given its in its 3rd/4th iteration and seemingly later/newer versions are much less prone so I keep my fingers crossed...
  6. Lol, can’t disagree with that statement but at least I will be put in a nice loaner while it’s repaired/serviced. Needless to say an extended warranty will be in my future
  7. Because of the many issues I had with my truck, I had to let go of my beloved ‘19 TB. I purchased it with the intent to keep it 10+ years based on my previous experience with Chevy (even first model years like a rock solid 07 Avalanche that was still running strong when I sold it at 150k miles). Needless to say I was very disappointed with the experience of having a 60k MSRP truck have leaky windows, check engine lights, breaking door knobs, defective paint and I can go on and on.. The worst of which may have been the complete incompetence and lack of care on behalf of the (multiple) dealerships I’ve worked with (little care in providing good service, sloppy repairs, lack of loaners, etc). Now, I will definitely be back shopping for a truck again in a few years give the need to haul dirt bikes and other toys around. However for now, especially with other life events happening (adding a second set of twins to family!) I needed something with a bigger interior anyway. So thanks to COVID used car values I was able to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of my trouble prone TB and still not get completely washed. We decided to replace it with a 3 row SUV, seriously considered a Suburban for a while but didn’t want to buy the new one, due to the risk of having issues again with a new model but more important having to deal with crappy Chevy dealerships again. And having owned performance German sedans in the past I wanted something more fun anyway, so long story short we settled on this. I dub it the “500 hp minivan” but for those unsure what they’re looking at it’s a BMW X7 M50i with a 523hp twin turbo V8. Basically a USA made, German engineered muscle SUV with endless luxury. Needless to say its a blast to drive, fits our whole family 2 sets of twins and can even tow up to 7500 lbs... it doesn’t compare in no way to the GM trucks but nevertheless we are super happy with it. And I will still be looking to add a truck as a 3rd car sometime in the next 3-4 years. Lots of awesome stuff coming out like the RAM TRX, potential Silverado ZRX and new V8 supercharged Raptor as well as Cybertruck and Rivian so overall really exciting times we live in! Despite my love-hate relationship with the Silverado this forum and its members have always been a tremendous resource during the, unexpectedly short, ownership. The experience of owning the truck wouldn’t be the same without it! Hope to be back at some point (with something more reliable lol) but for now.. good bye and happy trucking all!
  8. No, had a 1971 Chevy and a 2007 Chevy and both were rock solid with well over 150k miles and still running. However the 2019 TB had waaay too many issues in this first year/15k miles and I bought it late in the MY (June 2019 build). Thanks to COVID I sold it with barely taking a hit but the time I spent at the Chevy dealership waiting for their crappy shuttle or getting sent to Enterprise for a loaner I will never get back.
  9. Yeah, especially when you go over to the German luxury dealer next door and realize that for the same price, you can get a much more luxurious SUV that handles better and has a premium badge. Probably equally (un)reliable but at least they will provide you with a loaner car whenever you take it in for warranty work. You should probably lease either car anyway...
  10. Sorry I couldn’t find the paper they gave me with the part number, but here’s the TSB they used to fix the creak with a leaf spring “insert”. Whatever that means.
  11. My point was using 1930’s suspension technology and still being unreliable. I’d buy the “tried and proven” if it wouldn’t make funny noises. let me find the work order and see if I can get you the part #
  12. I would recommend against injecting anything if your truck is still under warranty. Mine had the same creak on the driver side at 10k miles and when brought it in they said it was missing a bracket or something from the factory. It was some part because they had to order it. It did make it go away but of course after a couple months the passenger side started doing it. Bring it in, have them fix it. Another example of GM cost cutting and lack of quality control. Never mind the ancient suspension...
  13. https://www.gm-trucks.com/first-look-facelifted-2022-gmc-sierra-captured/ having just sold my 2019 due to its “lemon-like” issues, I wonder if the 2022 should be considered a “first MY” like experience just like my 2019 felt and if a 2021 will be more reliable long term. not sure I drive it enough to really appreciate the addition of “super cruise”. what do ya’ll think?
  14. Exactly, I thought loosing 4.5k wasn’t too bad given I drove the truck for 1 year and 15k miles. My truck is more of a weekend toy hauler and with two newborns don’t have much time for toys so I can wait out the craziness without having to get another one right away. Btw - dealer who bought it listed it for 55k the same day, I figured they would ask 50/51 but had no idea they would be that greedy, wow. But maybes that’s just really what the market will pay right now!!
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