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  1. XPEL install

    Sure did. Went with the Suntek this time (recommended by Detailer, same price as XPEL). I got a package: full front clear bra and full Quartz ceramic coat for $2400. A lot of dough but I think it’s worth it with black paint and I plan to keep this truck for 10 years or so.
  2. Don’t forget it’s the internet and without knowing all the information like is it purchase or lease, did they have a trade, what type of financing I would not put too much value on these “I paid xx” posts. 20k off sounds good until you realize someone got 5k less for their trade, they financed at 10% APR due to bad credit or are not including the 10k in “dealer installed accessories”. At the end of the day, too many variables go into a car purchase and it’s impossible to paint a complete picture in a single post. Not saying some of these deals aren’t possible, there’s crazy circumstances like you came 30 min before closing on quarter end and the dealer was 1 sale away from hitting their quarterly bonus and giving an extra 5k off your truck would earn them 50k in bonuses or you are buddies with the son of the dealership, member of military and GM employee who happens to qualify for 9/10 rebates to get to 20k off. Without getting that complete information these posts should really be taken with an enormous grain of salt.
  3. These light interiors are pretty rare on dealer lots. One reason I had to custom order mine!
  4. Sport Bar on bed

    I actually like how it looks with this color - very nice looking truck 👍 is it shadow gray? Also love those smoked out tail lights - how did you get them to look like that?
  5. Yep, even after email negotiation they tried to pull a fast one on me when I came to pick up the truck. My sales person wasn’t there so her manager was doing the paperwork and the price he showed was about 1,000 more than agreed. Had to pull up the original email from 2 months ago and show it to him. Should’ve seen the look on his face, even said something that he’s losing money on the deal (yeah, right!). Reminded me why you should always have it in writing!
  6. I’m lucky there are like 20 Chevy dealers within 50 miles here (CA Bay Area) and I emailed most of them but even still was hard to find one willing to deal. I wanted to custom order (impossible to find the combo of a fully loaded standard bed in a dark color with light interior) and most dealers didn’t even have allocation for Trail Bosses to begin with.... after lots of back and forth, between a few dealers, got two down to 750 below invoice before rebates. Just make sure you negotiate over email, they will do anything to get you in or not give you a price, just keep calm and move to the next one... sooner or later you will find one willing to deal because they are desperate for business, need to hit a quota, etc You should expect a better offer for an in stock truck, go out of state if you have to. Or wait until the end of the month. I was ready to fly out 500-1000 miles to get one but luckily didn’t have to in the end. Be persistent and keep negotiations over email and you will find a deal. There’s also that YouTube guy Chevy Dave selling from Ohio and shipping nation wide. Good luck!
  7. TB Owners, what PSI?

    Btw - the door sticker assumes you’re fully loaded so that’s usually too high in real life anyway...
  8. TB Owners, what PSI?

    Also 18” w/ DT tires here. Agree on 41 not being comfy. I’m running 38 now and it seems a little better but haven’t tried going lower. Will try 32 but wouldn’t that wear the tires out a lot faster and noticeably worse MPG??
  9. I was worried about getting the 8 speed mostly from reading this forum you’d almost think the 5.3/8 speed is some sort of afterthought that GM decided to throw in the mix just to differentiate the lower trims. When I placed my order the 10 speed wasn’t announced yet. Yes, I could’ve waited another 4 months and paid more to get into a ‘20... Boy am I glad I didn’t. The 5.3 with the 8 speed is very quick and smooth. Apart from folks who have transmission issues due to some legitimate defects I believe the majority of complaints seem to be coming from folks who just traded their S-class for a Chevy lol.
  10. New TB Owner. Some questions.

    Only 200 miles on my LT TB (early June build) but it feels well made, only time will tell but reading the forum seems like they ironed out some of the issues since the earlier builds.
  11. GMs current interior is miles better than the plastic fantastic GMT900 days from less than a decade ago. But in all fairness all pickups, RAMs and Fords were terrible at the time, we’ve come a long way. I remember looking at lightly used LTZ Silverados and there was not a single one without the AC controls peeling off. IMO a truck interior should feel solid and durable foremost and I think GM nailed it with a more utilitarian interior of the T1xx. I’d like to see those new RAMs after another 3-5 years of (ab)use, something tells me they won’t hold up as well as GMs but only time will tell...
  12. Thanks! I haven’t seen the interior in person before ordering but I knew I wanted something other than black if the option was there.. happy I made the gamble. No level, it must be my slanted driveway lol
  13. I believe he means putting it in L (not D) and shifting manually with the buttons on the column shifter.

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