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  1. +1 on the foam cannon & chemical guys Probably the most important is to use the two bucket method with grit guards when washing. Google it if you’re unfamiliar with it. It’s actually also better to start with wheels/rims first since there’s usually a lot of dirt on there that will make it’s way back on the paint if doing last. Also ceramic coating is probably the best thing I’ve ever done to my vehicles and makes washing/maintaining a clean look so much more enjoyable.
  2. From my experience this is an overblown “problem” that is amplified by (social) media. I live near the rougher parts of town and 90% of the crimes here seem to be car break-ins. Looking at Nextdoor seem to confirm that. There’s been 1 home break-in in the 5 years that I’ve lived here and 1 car stolen (an early 2000’s Ford pickup). Most of these crimes don’t seem very premeditated so I doubt there’s a high likelihood of someone going through all the trouble and planning to somehow acquire dealership codes, locate individual customers and hack into their cars. In these premeditated cases it seems more likely that the dealership itself gets hit as they are able to take many cars at once and either part them out or take them abroad (which is still rare but it has happened). If it were ever to happen to me, I personally would never risk my life over a piece of metal. Strapped or not, they can have it and I will be much happier dealing with my vehicle insurance than having my wife collect on my life insurance. Not that I wouldn’t want my wife to get paid, but I’d rather live to see my kids grow up rather than playing Rambo with all the associated risks.
  3. Nice review and very nice truck! Did you also get the GM performance upgrade? I custom ordered mine and checked off every box, including CAI/exhaust and sunroof. The only thing I didn’t order is the off road appearance package which I thought was just silly looking for something not functional. I already placed my order when they announced the 6.2 and considered cancelling and waiting for the 20s but glad I didn’t since the first TBs with the 6.2 aren’t set to arrive until next year. For being built in may, mine has had some (mostly minor) gremlins and it seems your early build truck had less issues. Maybe it’s because mine is built in Mexico (which unfortunately I had no control over when ordering). Enjoy the Beautiful truck and hopefully it stays as trouble free as it has been so far!
  4. So today I start the truck, put it in drive and guess what... the “service 4wd” message goes away. Drove it 200 miles back home and message didn’t come back. Go figure.. fingers crossed it was just a one time glitch.
  5. Today I was backing up a slippery/steep driveway - tried to put in 4lo and service 4wd light came on, 5500 miles.
  6. IMO dealers should only have 5-6 configurations of each model for test drives, compare options, etc. Once you’ve decided what you want, you place an order and get your brand brand new truck. That’s how it works in Europe and I never understood the inefficiencies stocking up on 100’s of cars, some of which no-one may want. The only advantage is being able to drive it off the lot the same day but I’d happily wait for getting exactly what I want and knowing no one has honed it in a test drive. Added benefit is you can completely configure to your taste and no more endless hunting for that rare combination of options dealers won’t stock because they don’t think it will sell. I bought my Silverado on order but that seems more of a rarity so it was a huge hassle on its own - wish it was the standard car buying experience.
  7. Ahh yeah I haven’t thought of that. There are podcasts on Spotify, and there’s free apps for that too but probably not that one. There are certainly some exclusives on Sirius you won’t get anywhere else. My twin daughters love Dolly Parton and some kid songs so that’s their playlist
  8. I have Serius on my LT TB and I would never pay for it, the sound quality sucks!! You’re much better off with Pandora or Spotify. I use Spotify and with offline mode I have all the music I need wherever I go, reception or not.
  9. Get ceramic coating, it’s pricey (~$800) but will make your truck look like new for 2-3 years. When washing, use the two bucket method (google it) - about twice a month. Then repeat the ceramic coating every 2-3 years and your truck will look like new for a very, very long time.
  10. I think you're right. I have the sunroof and only had one 'unused' wiring harness - rest was all plugged into the console. Could also be for the power rear window (which I have also).
  11. Btw - easy test to see if it works (before putting everything back) is by covering the sensor in the back of the mirror with your finger, you'll see it slowly dim, put truck in reverse and see it light up again, then back to Park to see it dim. Mission accomplished!!
  12. Can confirm, this simple method works. Taking off the console sounds more scary than it is, it goes back together very easily. Even the two front screws some had trouble with went right back in on the first try (maybe I was just lucky lol). Altogether in total it took less than 30 mins, what took the most time is prying all the glue off the wiring harness, mine was covered in it (see pic)!! Thanks @Semedar for the pics - made it a lot easier to do it!!
  13. Without knowing the residual and MF (money factor) you really can’t say anything about lease. Go on Leasehackr or Edmunds forums to figure out what the residual and MF are this month for your ZIP and you’ll know if you’re getting a good deal. That number doesn’t seem bad on the surface but again, without knowing those 2 things you really can’t tell. In addition you can ask your dealer to provide it but make sure you still ask inn Edmunds so you know they’re not marking it up.
  14. The TB is def cheaper but once you start adding options the difference becomes less, but still significant in my mind (1500-2000). I’m also in the camp that I much more prefer the looks of the Chevy.
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