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  1. Sorry I couldn’t find the paper they gave me with the part number, but here’s the TSB they used to fix the creak with a leaf spring “insert”. Whatever that means.
  2. My point was using 1930’s suspension technology and still being unreliable. I’d buy the “tried and proven” if it wouldn’t make funny noises. let me find the work order and see if I can get you the part #
  3. I would recommend against injecting anything if your truck is still under warranty. Mine had the same creak on the driver side at 10k miles and when brought it in they said it was missing a bracket or something from the factory. It was some part because they had to order it. It did make it go away but of course after a couple months the passenger side started doing it. Bring it in, have them fix it. Another example of GM cost cutting and lack of quality control. Never mind the ancient suspension...
  4. https://www.gm-trucks.com/first-look-facelifted-2022-gmc-sierra-captured/ having just sold my 2019 due to its “lemon-like” issues, I wonder if the 2022 should be considered a “first MY” like experience just like my 2019 felt and if a 2021 will be more reliable long term. not sure I drive it enough to really appreciate the addition of “super cruise”. what do ya’ll think?
  5. Exactly, I thought loosing 4.5k wasn’t too bad given I drove the truck for 1 year and 15k miles. My truck is more of a weekend toy hauler and with two newborns don’t have much time for toys so I can wait out the craziness without having to get another one right away. Btw - dealer who bought it listed it for 55k the same day, I figured they would ask 50/51 but had no idea they would be that greedy, wow. But maybes that’s just really what the market will pay right now!!
  6. Funny, I literally just sold mine to the dealer today, 19 fully loaded TB MSRP 60k that I paid 51k for in July 2019. Dealers best offer was $46.5k. I honestly couldn’t believe it but needless to say I jumped on it and it’s not mine anymore. Same as you, my truck has been messed with too many times with as recently as this week they replaced the rear window and entire headliner, AGAIN. The build quality of this truck has been abysmal for me and it’s had way too many issues for me to keep long term.
  7. Awesome thanks. Good to know it stays on. Will be adding to my todo mods! Any chance you can share what brand/type plastidip?
  8. Here are KBB private party values for exactly same hypothetical 2019 LTZ truck with 14k miles, only one is double cab and other crew cab: 2019 Double cab: 37,800 - 41,000 2019 Crew cab: 43,000 - 46,800 (see screenshots) So it’s not even close.
  9. Nice truck, congrats! Mine is exactly like yours black LT TB except for I have the longer bed. Question: how did you black out the exhaust tips? They look awesome!
  10. I really can’t see in what world a double cab would have higher resale value. The reason GM is killing them is market demand, which is low in those trims. Majority of these trucks are used as commuters/family haulers and its the biggest market for them so logically, crew cabs in those “loaded” trims outsell everything else by a wide margin. That aside, it’s not like your double cab edition truck can be considered “rare” when still thousands and thousands have been made and sold so far. It’s not like it’s a limited run Ferrari lol.
  11. Same here, I was parallel parking on an incline street. Reverse. Put truck into D, apply throttle, nothing happens. I look down to double check I didn’t accidentally put it in neutral. SLAM! My wife and I both thought we got rear ended that’s how hard the truck jerked. Was just glad I wasn’t too close to the car in front or I could’ve seriously hit them. Add that to a whole slew of other problems I’ve had with my 19 TB
  12. Here’s one with 137k https://www.redhoagland.com/VehicleDetails/used-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LTZ-Winter_Haven-FL/4595640943
  13. The 8 speed in my 2019 TB is pretty much the only thing that I haven’t had issues with. I had a few hard shifts the first couple hundred miles but has been shifting smooth ever since.
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