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  1. My experience is limited but I have the GM one that comes with performance upgrade package. It sounds a little more aggressive than stock and I like it.
  2. That has certainly not been my experience. Maybe it depends on the state, but in CA, the “order” is nothing else than a loose agreement between you and your dealer. Nothing obliges you to actually buy the car when it comes in and technically nothing obliges the dealer to sell it to you (although they usually will). From what I understand, most states even have laws where any deposit must be fully refundable and the dealer cannot force you to actually purchase when the car arrives. Maybe when we say incentives we’re talking about different things. I’m referring to incentives as the rebates that the manufacturer (not dealer) provides that can be looked up online (either through their site or other sites that keep track of them). Usually the dealer receives when making a sale during the specific period the rebate runs. Of course the dealer can still provide their own discounts on top of anything offered by the manufacturer but for those incentives I’m pretty sure the dealer is bound by the dates that the manufacturer sets to actually receive them. Anything else I’m pretty sure they will be eating out of their own “profit”.
  3. Since I’ve never heard about being able to apply current incentives to custom orders I also wonder if that’s something that a dealer takes care of on their end or that certain manufacturers allow it? I thought that was why these offers usually expire at a certain date, in order to push for sales in that month/quarter/etc. If others can chime in I would be curious to know how it works. in my experience dealing with brands like Audi, BMW, Ford and Chevy, I’ve yet to encounter a dealer/brand who offered that to me. On contrary, that’s usually how they try to sell a car from their lot: you can order one but we can’t guarantee current incentives will apply when your car comes. Of course it wouldn’t be the first time they would lie to steer you into something they want you to buy...
  4. I went to one of the local dealers first to take a test drive and decide which options I wanted. Then I went to Chevy site and configured the truck exactly how I wanted it. Then I emailed all dealers within <50 miles explaining that I wanted to custom order a truck with $xx,****** MSRP (exact MSRP of truck before incentives) and asked for the best out the door price, excluding current incentives (as most confirmed that current incentives couldn’t be guaranteed at time of delivery). It’s important to send to as many dealers as possible because most will respond with ”come check out this XYZ random other truck we have that is perfect for you”, completely ignoring that is not what you want or give you some other runaround to get you inside the dealership. However a few (usually ones that are hungry for sales) will actually respond and give you an offer and say something like I can go $xxxx below invoice or we can give you $xxxx discount on MSRP before incentives. Whatever they say, make sure you reiterate in a response so they can’t give you any bs. Negotiating on invoice price is pretty common as the invoice price is set and can be looked up online (not to be confused it’s not the price dealers ACTUALLY pay for it as that price is usually much lower and depends on other agreements the dealer has with the manufacturer like holdback, etc.) So I would usually calculate the price myself and respond “So based on your offer, I will be paying $xx,****** for the truck before any incentives that apply at delivery, correct?”. After I received a few responses/confirmation I took the lowest price and went back to the original dealer where I test drove the original truck to allow them to earn my business. They actually matched and took a $1000 refundable deposit over the phone. Then they sent me the order sheet to confirm all the options. I didn’t set foot in dealership except for the test drive and until the truck arrived ~8 weeks later. Correct, I received incentives at time of delivery - they where actually slightly better then when I ordered. I feel like 4-5k on GM stuff is pretty typical unless the first few months of brand new MY, however right now, due to Covid they are even better (6k or more). Altogether I got ~18% off MSRP which was not bad for a custom order at the time. Either way it’s worth to always shop around and let dealers work to earn your business.
  5. 1. First time I hear that dealer will let you order and apply the current incentives, for any brand. From my experience, whatever incentives apply at time of delivery are the ones you will get. 2. Therefore, I always negotiate the price before incentives. When I ordered my TB with standard bed (for same reason that none were available with the options I wanted). I emailed all 20 dealers within 50 miles and ended up with the one who offered the best price ($1000 below invoice and before any incentives available at time of deliver). I’m sure they still made a killing as TB trim was very popular and maybe for yours you can negotiate even more off invoice at time of ordering. 3. Either way, make sure you have it in writing. Come delivery time the dealer tried to pull a quick one by putting a price on the paperwork that was $500 more than what we agreed. Luckily I had the email saved with exactly the price I would pay (I spelled it out exactly.. it was something like $55,125 before incentives..) That the salesperson confirmed in the email. 4. Make sure you inspect the truck fully before signing the paperwork. I asked to not wash/detail the truck as I was going to take it straight to get ceramic coating applied. Because the truck was so dirty I didn’t do thorough check and there was paint defects I had to later take back and have them repaint part of it. Had I checked better I could’ve refused delivery. Not that I would because of a few paint defects but another forum member had a wrong door installed and that would definitely be a red flag for me. 5. Do your research and due diligence, if one dealer doesn’t want to play ball, find another one. Get exactly what you want or keep looking and don’t settle for less. Good luck!!
  6. That’s a relief, thanks. This truck hasn’t been trouble free to say the least and glad I don’t have to add this to list. So just spray the stuff on the rusty parts? I’m also not sure how much of it to get, a can is 15$ but then shipping is too so was thinking to get a case but I likely won’t use it all.
  7. I thought I hit something driving today and decided to check underneath (for the first time.. I know..). Two things got me concerned: 1. There’s seems to be some “bubbling” on the part of the frame(?) could it be they screwed up and painted/coated while moist? Or is this normal? 2. I noted a very distinct checker pattern of rust on 4 corners of the frame (Showing pic of 1 but they’re on all 4 sides in the same location). Looks like something scratched/imprinted from a lift(?) Should I be worried? Needless to say all I’ve done is take it to the dealer for the numerous issues I’ve been having so if anyone is at fault it would be them (or the factory). 19 LT TB, 13k miles, only had the truck for 10 months (custom ordered and delivered in July 2019)...
  8. 2019 TB LT custom ordered in early May 2019 (late May build). Lots of issues so far (most minor, but annoying nevertheless); 1. Paint defects from factory - repainted by dealer body shop 2. Ordered truck with Performance exhaust/CAI, all weather mats didn’t arrive until a month later 3. Lock/unlock button on external door handle didn’t work - replaced under warranty 4. Rear window leak - caulk fix by dealer per TSB, so far so good 5. Numerous recalls (seat belt, brake wear indicator, few more I can’t remember..) - fixed by dealer but still getting messages from GM for outstanding recalls 6. Bad AC smell - dealer says normal 7. Rattle in driver side door - dealer ”unable to replicate” 8. Rear suspension squeaks - haven’t brought it in for that yet 9. Damaged headliner after rear window fix - haven’t brought it back yet 10. Whining noise coming from driveline (in both 2WD and 4WD) - dealer says normal What they say about first MY is true. I took a gamble mainly because my 2007 (first MY) Avalanche was flawless for 150k miles.
  9. Thomcat, I think in your last pic you can tell its a different DRL (LED strip is much narrower than the HC/mignight headlights).
  10. I have a non-midnight black LT TB and these headlights look notably different. The headlights in the pic look like the headlights of HC trim (thicker DRL and LED turn signal).
  11. Yes! I’ve had the same issue on my 2019 that started last summer when I first got the truck. The dealer said it was normal and he had it in every car he owned. Well, I never had it in any car I’ve owned, not even a 15yr old junker so he must be from another planet. I didn’t have time to deal with it and once the hot weather went away, so did the smell. I do plan to take it in again this summer if it comes back. I’ve only had it smell on 90+ degree days. Does yours smell all the time?
  12. You’re pretty spot on about dealer incentives not being aligned with the buyers. Trade-ins, finance, accessories/warranties and used cars is where they make the most money and I try to avoid that. I’m lucky to have 20 or so Chevy dealerships within ~50 mile Radius and I emailed all of them once I knew the truck I wanted (which was nearly impossible to find on lot given I wanted a fully loaded TB with standard bed). The test driving, negotiating and playing dealers off each other is definitely part of the fun, if you have the time. I ended up ordering from the one who would offer me the lowest price below invoice (excluding any manufacturer rebates going on at time of delivery). It was a lot easier since it was an all cash deal with no trade or financing through them (I brought my own credit union). They even tried to pull a fast one on me when time came to pick up the truck. The sales person I was working with was off that day so I dealt with the manager, he gave me a higher price by about $1500. I came in expecting them trying to play some tricks so had the email already opened on my phone. He looked at it and quietly went back to the office and came back with the correct price. With rebates going on at the time, I ended up getting 20% off MSRP before TTL. Not bad for a custom order and I have exactly the truck I want. Then the warranty problems started (leaky window, rattles) but still happy with it for the most part just wished I had waited a model year or two... oh well, that’s when the shopping will start again haha
  13. Went through same last year. Ordered early May, TPW was 5/20, truck left factory early June to then be stuck somewhere between Silao and Fremont CA. After escalating a few times truck finally shows up on dealer lot 7/5. I asked dealer not to wash it and when I got there I could tell it was sitting somewhere very, very dirty for a loooong time. Apparently the dealer ended up having it towed from the rail yard in Fremont to their dealership 40 miles away, otherwise its likely it would’ve been sitting there for another month until transport was available. It seems that if you’re not calling and complaining they put you at the end of the line.
  14. Dry it (with microfiber towels)! Another thing I can’t recommend enough on black cars is clear bra and ceramic coating, really makes a huge difference!
  15. Thanks for the tip to let them know right away. I actually took it back just now so that service advisor could see it for himself and make a note for next time. He had the tech look at it and apparently the headliner fix is a bit more involved where they have to take the pillar covers back off and glue back to the roof *sigh*. Nothing surprises me anymore..
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