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  1. Dry it (with microfiber towels)! Another thing I can’t recommend enough on black cars is clear bra and ceramic coating, really makes a huge difference!
  2. Thanks for the tip to let them know right away. I actually took it back just now so that service advisor could see it for himself and make a note for next time. He had the tech look at it and apparently the headliner fix is a bit more involved where they have to take the pillar covers back off and glue back to the roof *sigh*. Nothing surprises me anymore..
  3. Here you go. Not very visible but when (lightly) pressed with a finger it goes all the way in.
  4. Mine was “caulked” and got the truck back today after a week a the dealership. First thing I did is put the hose on it and it seems to be dry. My leak was very small compared to some, but was able to reproduce it every time I put a hose on the roof. Seemed like it was leaking through the third brake light area on the driver side only. I really hope it holds up but reading here doesn’t give me much hope. One thing I noticed is I don’t think they put the headliner back correctly, is it supposed to sag in the middle? Looks like they forgot a clip... not a huge deal and will probably deal with it when going back for my next oil change.
  5. Thanks. No it doesn’t light up. I’m still planning to black out all the chrome... personally not a huge fan of light bars but can see it looking good if done discreetly
  6. +1 on the gator. I bought a soft trifold one a few weeks back and initially the tailgate didn’t go down by itself but after “helping” it out a few times it does open by itself now. Very happy with it, especially for the price and how fast/easy it is to take off when not needed.
  7. Thanks yes I found those as well, but couldn’t find any blacked out Z71 badges for our trucks. Sorry, I think you read my previous post differently than what I was trying to say lol. Even Chevy accessory store has the LT and Silverado blacked out badges. As far as Z71 badges, I was only able to find them for older style trucks/Suburban’s on Amazon/eBay. Looks like only option is to look into plasti dipping, at least for now...
  8. Never plasti dipped anything lol but sounds like I should look into it. So there’s no replacement parts like for the tailgate LT and Silverado letters?
  9. I’d like to replace the chrome/red Z71 side emblems with blacked out ones on my LT TB. Does anyone know of a good replacement part? originally I was going to remove them entirely but my clear bra is cut around them so I’ll need to put something there that’s the same size as the OEMs....
  10. Had lots of minor issues in my 19 Trail boss, expected for first MY but still inconvenient to be without a truck for days on end. So far I’ve had issues with rattles and a cracked taillight that dealer won’t fix (which I suspect came from fixing the paint defect - see below). Paint defect (driver side door had to be repainted and blended in), non functioning rear door lock button didn’t work they did fix under warranty. Going back this week because the rear window leaks also on mine. Also have some weird whirring/whining noises coming from the front when driving but haven’t mentioned it yet. All these relatively minor issues wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t for the shitty Chevy Dealer experience. Coming from Audi’s where you are treated like a human being, free loaners, etc It’s night/day difference... I likely wouldn’t buy another GM product but if you’re set on it I would wait another MY or two for them to work out their stuff. edit: oh and completely forgot, during the (hot) summer I had an issue where there would be an unbearable stench in the car for first 10min after startup - which dealer said is “normal” and advised to turn AC off 5 mins before shutting off the car (like really are you kidding me, never had smelly AC, even not on my 72 suburban, ever)
  11. After following the posts here I decided to put a hose on the rear/spoiler area and yep, water is leaking through - only on the driver side but the area behind the rear seat back is wet, wonder how long it’s been going on without me noticing. Seems not as bad as some of the pics posted here with entire back seats covered in water. LT TB Mexican made, May 2019 build.
  12. Always change when the DIC tells me too. Most miles I’ve gone was 150k on a Chevy Avalanche before selling it and never had any issues changing whenever the oil life % was ~5%. It’s always amusing to see how the average forum member seems to know better than the thousands of engineers who developed these vehicles.
  13. I run my TB with Duratracs at 34 psi cold. Anything higher and the ride gets too bumpy for my liking. Don’t care for the added gas usage but will the tires really wear that much quicker?? I mean if their life is cut in half I may start not minding the bumpy ride as much lol
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