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  1. 2014 Silverado stock parts

    To the top.
  2. 2014 Silverado stock parts

    Too the top.
  3. 2014 Silverado stock parts

    I've got the following parts for sale from my 2014 5.3 Silverado. Make an offer on parts. Buyer pays shipping from 78633. Exhaust manifolds Y-pipe Intake Intake manifold Throttle body
  4. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    To the top.
  5. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    Back to the top.
  6. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    Georgetown, TX.
  7. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    5.3. Crew cab.
  8. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    It's the bed that comes on 95% of the trucks sold so I believe that's the standard bed. I miss the old days where it was short bed or long bed.
  9. GM Borla Touring Exhaust

    Decided to put this back on. Item no longer for sale .
  10. I use the German spec of gutentight. Pronounced goot-n-tight.
  11. It came with the truck. To quiet for my taste. I run longtubes and the borla Atak on my charger. Truck needs to match but be a little quieter because it's the family vehicle haha.
  12. I'm about to pull the GM borla touring off my truck. It's straight out the back. I'm upgrading to something louder. Was going to post it for sale for $500+shipping.
  13. WTB - Factory 6.2 exhaust

    Looking for a factory 6.2 cat back exhaust. Crew cab short bed. Willing to pay up to $100+shipping. Thank you.
  14. I've got the dual rear exit that I'm about to take off. Mileage is unknown as it came with the truck when I bought it but I was going to post it for $500+ shipping. PM if you are interested.
  15. Borla........Le Sigh

    My offer still stands on trade. Mine is a dual that exits straight out the back. The truck is a third vehicle so I have no issue taking it down for a week or two for shipping. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo Bilstein 5100 Rough Country Level

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