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  1. Aero spoiler things? Mine sounds much higher like at the windshield.
  2. I've got a real high pitch whistle coming from the windshield. Only occurs at speeds over 75mph (legal speed limits around here) and only with a cross wind. It's incredibly loud and highly annoying and before I go to the dealer I'd like to have something to point them in the right direction. There's no water leaks anywhere. I'm assuming it's wind buffeting over the truck but I have never heard this sound ever on any vehicle. Below is a video of what it sounds like. Anyone have this sound and had it fixed? I swear it's a leaking seal but I can't find it. Anyone
  3. My wife wants step bars for her truck (she’s short). Anyone have pictures of a 2wd with step bars they mind sharing? I’m having a hard time finding any that really look good to me.
  4. I'm doing a 2" shackle in the rear. I am aware of the rake a 2" drop up front will do but I do still tow and the rake is nice for that. This 2wd is taller than my 14 4wd that was leveled on 33's. A 1" drop would be ideal but it doesn't look like that's happening.
  5. Is there a cheaper way to do a 2” front drop than new knuckles? Or do I just need to suck it up and do the knuckles?
  6. 2020 1500. Looked closer and there’s plenty of space between the frame and bed to slide the bolt out.
  7. Was looking at the rear end yesterday in preparation to install my shackles. I’m assuming that to remove the shackle from the leaf spring, I’ve gotta lift the frame high enough and drop the axle low enough to get it below the frame so I can slide the bolt out. Or is there a hidden hole I’m missing that I can slide the bolt through? I’m not talking about the shackle from the frame bolt, I found that hole. I’m talking shackle to leaf spring bolt.
  8. Installed a Borla ProXS on the 2020 today. Cut out the exhaust valve and muffler but left the three mesh resonators. https://youtu.be/VxhdAg8D7lw
  9. Made a 180 mile trip this weekend. Speeds between 75-85mph. Was still averaging 18.5 with my range.
  10. Installed a Borla ProXS on the 2020 today. Cut out the exhaust valve and muffler but left the three mesh resonators. https://youtu.be/VxhdAg8D7lw
  11. Had mine for a couple of days now. Mainly got it for the auto stop disable but the AFM disable is a nice touch to.
  12. I've got the Volant intake from my 14 silverado 5.3 for sale. It's got about 50k miles on it. It is missing the throttl body to intake tube coupler and one hose clamp. Had to use that to put the stock intake back on when I sold the truck. $150+ shipping. Also got the rough country step bars for sale as well. There is a decent scrape on one bar on the bottom. Bars are still straight and solid and look great. Hardware is included. $150+ shipping.
  13. I still want to know what this "flash" did. They probably just reset the computer so it would relearn with the new air intake and that's it. Something that can be done at home for free.
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