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  1. DIY Brake Job

    Wagner thermoquiet from Oreilly. Ran them on all of my diesels. Lifetime warranty so once they start squealing you just take them back and get new ones. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  2. I have a 14 and I’ve got HD radio stations. My moms 16 does not. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  3. 14’s have HD. I believe it’s 15+ doesn’t. My mom’s 16 high country doesn’t have it. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  4. I'd think a reg cab long bed would be similar to a double cab short bed in terms of length.
  5. I’ve got the Borla from GM. Came installed from the previous owner. It’s no louder than the factory exhaust. Maybe only just ever so slightly but it’s marginal at best. If you want to hear an exhaust then go buy a different one. No one is going to void a warranty for a cat back. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  6. Alexa skill

    Skynet//Alexa, same difference....
  7. Alexa skill

    Just how connected do you really need to be? This Alexa thing is getting creepy. Before long you are going to have to get your mortgages through Amazon. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  8. Use the cargo lights while driving.

    The better question is why would you need it on while driving? 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  9. Ended up getting a full flush since it’s been done once before. They used the BG machine so no added pressure. Can’t tell any difference but at least it’s clean now. And I’ve ruined one transmission just doing a pan drop so I’m well aware of the dangers and that trans had services done regularly and then did a pan drop on another that hadn’t been changed in 220k miles and it held fine so who knows. Given my family’s history with changing trans fluid, it’s a crap shoot either way. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust Diablo
  10. Well it looks like I solved the problem permanently. Loaded up a canned Diablo tune today. The throttle is so much more responsive now and I haven't even played with the throttle boost settings. The transmission shifts so much nicer as well.
  11. Put a Diablo canned tune on it. Throttle response is actually normal now. Tires light up like christmas from a dead stop and the trans shifting around town is so nice and snappy. I also disabled DOD//AFM which has been a blessing as well.
  12. I'm forever on conference calls in the vehicle and coordinating resources in the field so not having full functionality isn't an option for me. I'm actually hoping to get texts read back to me so I can be that much more productive while on the move.
  13. Road Noise Reduction

    I just did a test in my truck and at 75mph my ambient noise is 64-66dB. That’s no radio and no AC. 2014 z71 LTZ Volant Intake Borla Exhaust
  14. For the 2014's though I'd need to get the new HMI 2.5 and a new radio module and updated USB plugs, correct? All I want is Apple Airplay and bluetooth audio. I've got the 8" screen with onstar nav with bluetooth. Christmas is coming up and I need ideas for people.
  15. Right where the pictures show. I haven't had a chance to pull my whole assembly out yet but it's on my list this weekend.

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