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  1. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    I switched to driving a pickup in 1975. And, I solved the Mall parking problem - by not going. Been happy, happy, happy ever since 🥴....
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I run Michelin’s on four vehicles one of which is a 1500 Silverado cc 6.2 4X4. Haven’t had a bad experience yet. Do I get 70K miles out of a 70K rated tire? No, I don’t. But, I do get 50K + out of them. However, I rarely wear tires down to the wear-bars as three of the cars are primarily driven by the women in my family. Call me chovenist if you want. I call myself protective. Besides, I buy all my tires at Discount Tire and they are always willing to call Michelin and get me an adjustment on the worn tires, typically about $25/tire which covers road hazard charge. Anyway, I’m happy 😊.
  3. Did ford discontinue the V-10 for their HD trucks? I know it’s still being sold to RV manufacturers for their gasser pusher option.
  4. Did a little googling before making this post; the only downside I could find with direct injection is the possibility of carbon buildup on the backside of intake valves. And, this occurs most frequently on turbo engines. Newer engine designs have reduced but not eliminated this possibility. However, some “experts” recommend using only Top Tier premium and have the valve cleaning treatment performed at 50K miles. I had it done on my daughters 2012 Hyundai Sonata and it now has about 120K miles with no issues. What are issues that have you concerned about direct injection? Just curious...
  5. I’m guessing that this new HD 6.6 may be a cast iron version of the current aluminum 1500 6.2, Bored/stroked. Kinda interesting though that the 6.2 exceeds the 6.6 in both hp and torque. Personally, I think GM should have designed the 6.6 to be a 7.0 which is legendary 427 CI and taken the hp to around 435 and upped the torque to around 500. Would have established a clear difference between not only the GM aluminum 6.2 but competition’s HD gassers as well. Anyway, my two bits 🙄...
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Oops! Almost forgot! Loop SH 130, a 40 mile toll road that runs around the southeast side of Austin has 85 mph speed limit. I’ve driven it a couple of times but was towing my camper in both instances so didn’t get to enjoy the experience 😏...
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Here in Texas speed limit is 75 on most four line highways outside metro areas and 80 on some interstate highways in West Texas.
  8. If I were in your shoes I think I would take greatmizzou’s advice. Then, wait till the end of year for 2019’s to drop in price and get a deal on 6.2/10 spd. Or, wait for the 2020 2500 which will offer a 6.7L gasser. However, you may decide what you’ve got works ok, especially if you only tow every now and then. Lots of choices, as most things it comes down to 💰...
  9. Lockable Pistol Storage

    I have a 2015 LTZ. And, I found the “hidden compartment “ under the cup holders while solving a mystery. I thought I had lost a check then awhile later I got an overdue notice on a bill I thought I had mailed. Being I’m one of those seasoned citizens I was thinking crap I’m starting to loose it. Then, one day I got in my truck to go mail a letter, dropped it in the bin and took off. Arrived at the post office and pulled up to the curb side mail box and reached for my letter. Well... no letter. But, this time I knew I brought the letter and put it in the bin. Anyway, to shorten this story I did some extensive detective work I finally found the villian and the three missing items. There’s a 1/8” slot between the cup holder and the bin rear wall. Just enough to allow envelopes, checks and such to slide into the hidden space. Anyone else have this experience? Or, was I just lucky 🥴...
  10. If towing a 6.5 ~ 7,5K lb TT you will need a weight distribution hitch. And, being your truck is lifted I suggest one with sway bars as well. Btw, I agree with the dude who suggested a 2500. Or, a 1500 with Max Tow package. And, forget about the lift business 😊
  11. Well, GM does a lot of surveys and analysis to base their design, performance and other attribute decisions on. So, they’re aware that their truck customers are two things; the most loyal and the most conservative among the various demographics. So, I’m guessing that have considerable data stating that the column shifter is a positive feature or at worse a neutral feature. I know that I never think about the subject until I come across it in this forum.
  12. Just pulled up 2019 Silverado interior pics, appears to be either an LTZ or Highcountry; there’s still a column shift. But, shows Push Start/Stop Button, no key slot.
  13. First oil change mileage

    Cancel my question. Noticed OLM is a hot link. Thanks 😉
  14. First oil change mileage

    Do you know what those inputs are? Curious.
  15. First oil change mileage

    Wondering if anyone knows what exactly is measured by the oil sensors to calculate the oil contamination?

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