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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    “I won’t be putting any other tire on my truck (after the Goodyear’s wear out) other than Michelin Defender LTX M/S2s,” Good choice. I got rid of my oem Goodyear’s at about 30K miles and had the Michelin Defenders installed at Discount Tire. Side note; I have four vehicles in the family and run Michelin tires on all of them. Can’t go wrong with them. Color me a Michelin believer and a Discount Tire believer as well. Btw, I don’t own stock in either but of course DT is privately owned. Anyway, enough said 😊...t
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    What other work have you had done at 4 Wheel Parts; lift kit, airbags, off-road suspension parts, etc? Just curious.
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Fortunately my 2015 doesn’t and never has had the Chevy Shake, knock on wood. But, this generation truck is now out of production as five years old. And chatter about a recall and a class action suit has been on-going since the fall of 2013. Hope those of you who’s truck has CS get relief for sure. But, the longer this drags out the less likely it will happen I think.
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks, noticed the article was posted Feb 2018, almost a year ago. Will be interesting to see if this firm will actually file a class action lawsuit against GM. I’m guessing not.
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Well, if your question about a class action law suit is to me; I believe I’ve seen posts on this thread stating that various folks have discussed the possibility with an attorney. Seems that none want to take it on because there’s not an injury or death risk. Also, if you read through the 816 pages you will find that just about every part and component on the 1500 has been listed as the cause, maybe with the exception of the radio volume knob. Being sarcastic but you get the idea, there’s no single cause that can be definitively identified as the root cause. Lastly, GM has lots more money and attorneys than anyone on this thread and can outlast them. So, I’m guessing that those with the Chevy Shake will have to endure or sell....
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Opps, here’s the Discount Tire article 🙄... https://www.discounttire.com/learn/road-force-balancing?cid=06f4c9fe-2bf1-428e-83e8-c259180a513e&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=discounttire&utm_content=76690961660782&utm_campaign=Dynamic Search Ads&msclkid=1c35a09e1ef21fafb575fb78d6953842
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I did a search to learn more about road force balancing and came across this informative post by Discount tire. Have to say that I’ve been doing business at the same DT store for almost twenty years and have bought more tires there than I can count and have not as yet had a single issue. Last tip; I run only Michelin tires.
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    You nailed it. I made the same observation a few hundred pages back. The Frame acts like a huge tuning fork and any number of problems can create a harmonic condition. Ford has dealt with this by installing a large “rubber” pad between the frame rail and bed on both sides. Also, aluminum doesn’t carry vibration as well as steel, one of the few advantages along with weight it has over steel. I’ve been monitoring a 2019 Silverado forum to see if any Chevy Shake posts have been made. To date, haven’t seen any. So maybe GM engineering have solved the problem for the 2019 models. Hope so.
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Get Michelin Defenders....
  10. Stuck lifter

    Did a search before posting; Amazon has a variety of crate engines foe sale. You didn’t State year of truck but a 5.3 appears to run between $2,000 ~ $3,000 nominal. But, there’s lots of variables affecting price such as a racing Eldebrock lists at $27,000 which would scoot you down the road rather nicely 😉....
  11. Stuck lifter

    Presumably, you’ve pulled the intake manifold and associated head or at least removed affected pushrod? If the lifter is in the up position meaning the associated cam lobe is at its high point you might try grabbing it with a pair of vise grips and wiggle it free. If the lifter is in the down position your cam shaft has probably been trashed. Means either pulling the engine and doing an overhaul. Or, my choice, buy a crate engine and do a replacement. Good luck 👍
  12. Stuck lifter

    Agree. Just a semi-serious side note; I grew up with small block Chevy V-8’s, 283, 327, and later the 350. All during this period I thought the sound of a sticky lifter clattering in a cold morning was a GM design feature, kinda missed it when the sound went away on the newer engines 😏...
  13. Every extended warranty I’ve ever bought when stating, as an example 5 years/60K miles means the warrant has been extend to these numbers. In other words you’ll be purchasing an additional two years and an additional 24K miles. Btw, over time I’ve become a believer in extended warranties as labor and parts have become so expensive. Btw #2; their price appears fairly competitive, maybe a little high. However, I’ve always been able to negotiate and the deal ship has always been willing as a closer on the sale. Remains to be seen whether a little horse trading will be allowed on the GM package.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Off topic a bit; but, I’ll post anyway. Apparently, Trump is going to allow E15 gas to be sold everywhere. Wondering how this will affect 6.2L engines. I believe they’re only rated for E10 gas.
  15. Yup, my trucks vin # is on the list. Thinking I will wait till the next oil change and have it reprogrammed then.

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