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  1. Being this generation, 2014 - 2019, will soon be two generations back in history, GM has zero interest in remediation. They’re focused on the upcoming generation. They’re in a Klingon Death Match with Ford and Ram. Along with gas/diesel technology, theres hybrids and EV’s to deal with will cost mountains of money to develop and bring in-line. Sorry...
  2. Glad that you did so well! Btw, what’s CAD stand for?
  3. Tell you a funny story about my 6.2. Not long after I bought it I decided to take it out on the interstate and see what it would do. So, chose a stretch of road that was nice and straight with no traffic and put the petal to the metal. Well, my bad ass 6.2 took of like a striped ape.clicked through the numbers on the speedo at a rapid rate. So, as it approached 100 mph I’m thinking Wow, I’m thinking this this thing might do 120 mph or more. Then... the speedo hit 98 mph and the truck speed flattened out and would do no more. So, I’m wondering what the heck just happen. Big disappointment; big bad @$$ engine won’t even do 100? Well, you know the rest of the story. Come to find out the truck has a speed limiter set at 98 mph . I since found out that youngsters often buy a tuner and remove the speed limiter setting. But, being old and such never bothered ...
  4. You and I have traveled similar paths when it comes to cars; I’ve been driving a truck since 1975. Bought a brand new standard cab long bed with in-line 6 engine. Had am radio and dealer installed AC. Everything else was standard, 3 on the tree, no power anything. During the oil embargo hung a twenty gal saddle tank on the right side. Drove the piss out of that truck.
  5. Lol, well, “knock on wood”. I don’t have a shaker. My big aggravation is the low speed hard shift between 1st and 2nd. The recommended TSB helped but didn’t totally eliminate the problem. But, back on topic; while a mid-size would take care of my needs same as you, I’m a big guy and thereby prefer a full-size truck. And, as you pointed out there’s little if any economic advantage in driving the smaller truck. Btw, I have the 6.2 and it tows my 6,000 lb TT great. And, mileage is good too.
  6. Lol, yeh, those Tacoma’s appear the platform of choice across the Middle East. Back here in the USA there’s a large almost cult following for the Tacoma. Good clean used one’s often sell for almost as much as new ones. However, I’m staying with my full size Silverado just in case the Zombie Apocalypse breaks out. Might need a platform larger than a Tacoma, lol !!
  7. Appears you have your chops set on a Tundra. So, suggest you go ahead and buy one. concerning the dreaded Chevy Shake; I’ve been on this forum since the early days and I’ve observed some very heated debates about the cause. To date, I’m not aware of anyone nailing a specific root cause. I have my own theory but not going into it now. However, I agree with the posted who stated GM knows. I’ve been lurking on the 2020 forum some and have not seen any posts about the Chevy Shake. So, appears GM May have corrected it and eliminated the problem. We shall see. about engines; agree with the positive comments about the Tundra engine. However, the GM 5.3 and 6.2 are sound tried and true engines as well. These pushrod/cam-in-block engine trace their heritage back to the original Chevy 1955 265 ci engine and the design has evolved over the years to its current state. Not getting into the pros and cons of pushrods vs ohc engines. A topic for another day. Calf rope.
  8. Your comment about low tension rings caused me to wonder if this person is using OEM recommended oil. I believe it’s 0/20 weight. I think sometimes folks may be a bit Leary of such light weight oil. but, gotta say, I’ve been driving GM trucks since 1975 and wife went through three Suburbans while we were raising three girls. I had a few engine problems but never had an oil burner. Worst problem I had was a 2005 6.0L engine cam had a soft lobe, dealer rebuilt the top which was under warranty. about Toyota’s; I personally believe their engines are bullet proof. I shopped the Tundra a few times over the years but I don’t like the seat design and interior layout as well as GM , maybe because I’ve driven GM for so s long. But, the big show stopper for me has always been price, too high and sales guys are too proud of their products to suit me. My two bits
  9. Yeh, for sure. And, how about those 84 mo loans? Unbelievable? Having raised three daughters I would never allow them to buy a brand new vehicle at twenty years old. Yes, I know at twenty young folks are adults but I’m still their go-to guy for all things automotive. This girls dad, brother, whoever, that let her buy such an expensive truck was stupid.
  10. Yeh, agree. Appears to me there are three distinct issues with the 2014 ~ 2018. Theres the nefarious Chevy Shake which have had more causes attributed to it than there are parts on the truck. Then there’s Torque Converter Shudder which there’s a TSB out on doing three flushes using Mobil 1 Blue Stripe TF. I had this done and it eliminated the shudder. Last, theres the low speed hard shift most notable when shifting up/down between 1st and second. I still have the problem although not as pronounced since the TSB flush. Basically, instead of the tranny learning my driving style I’ve learned it’s still. If I come to a complete stop the downshift usually works ok
  11. Well, there are some variables that may influence that; temp, humidity, sunlight, and AC system design. I can say though if your AC system is putting out cold air within 15 ~ 30 seconds after a “cold start” you should be a happy camper. I rarely remote start my Silverado and let it idle except in winter but it will start putting out cold air after driving about 1/4 mile. My wife used to own a 2008 Avalon that put out very cold air but it took about maybe three to five minutes for the ac to really get with it which is a long time when temp is 100+ in Texas. I think it had to do with the system being highly computerized/ automated, not sure though.
  12. I had my condenser replaced a few years ago as a warranty repair. And, as you I suffered from PCRS (post condenser repair syndrome). So, went to local auto parts store and purchased an ac thermometer. Looks like a miniature meat thermometer, costs about $10, stick it in a center vent. If your AC is operating properly after driving a bit you should get a reading somewhere between 38 ~ 42 degrees. On my Silverado I get a reading of about 40 when outside temp is mid to high 90’s (live in Dallas area). Of the four family cars my wife’s BMW reads the best at 38. Anyway, go buy a thermometer and put your anxiety to rest ...
  13. I’m thinking this Stephanie2012 post is click bait .
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