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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Having been an operations manager and have manufactured product for the automotive industry; I can definitively say that who’s to blame for poor quality tires, depends. Tires built for OEM’s are built to their spec’s which are very likely different than specs built to for retail market. And, for critical parts, components, systems, etc, there are usually OEM process and quality control engineers monitoring supplier manufacturing processes. So, maybe the suppler was building out of spec product or maybe the OEM spec was not tight enough. I will say though, at least in my line of work, automotive specs were tighter than for product built for retail.
  2. Fuel tank size?

    Yeh, agree. I’ve done the same analysis as you and I have the same concerns. My TT weighs 6,100 dry and probably 6,500 or more with water, propane, etc, etc. So, my tongue weight when towing is probably fairly close to yours. Anyway, the lessened payload capacity that an in-bed tank creates is the main reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on installing one. Personally, I think GM is missing out on a lot of sales by not including a 35 gal tank and tow mirrors as standard items on their 1500 Max Tow package. I know I would jump on it immediately.
  3. A/C Condenser

    I agree. If there is such a number give it a call. Regardless, suggest you talk to the dealer and ask because it’s a known problem if they or the factory could assist with the cost even though your truck is out of warranty. I’ve had good results with this from time to time. Keep in mind you’re asking for what’s known in the industry as “Good Will” assistance. So, check your guns at the door if you know what I mean 😉...
  4. Fuel tank size?

    Thinking about an in-bed mounted transfer tank similar to one in below link.. Holds 60 gals plus has storage space. And, pump is hidden and can be locked. Negative is it takes away hauling capacity (gas weighs about 6 lbs/gal) gas plus full tank is about 500 lbs. positive is additional 60 gal of fuel on-board. Gas can be bought at best prices as in remote areas prices are often much higher. Also, if driving a vehicle that recommends 93 octane it often can’t be found out in remote areas. For some reason 91 octane is the highest to be found. Anyway, giving this option some thought 🥴... https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200609657_200609657
  5. Fuel tank size?

    Yeh, agree. I bought my 2015 6.2/8 spd specifically with towing my 25’ 6,000 lb TT in mind. And, I haven’t been disappointed with the engine and power train. Tows great. But, I have yet to see a 1500 with oem towing mirrors. I use some slip-on aftermarket extended mirrors which work ok but oem’s would be much better. Then, there’s the small gas tank issue. I live near Dallas and hunt and camp mostly in West Texas and down towards Big Bend region. My rule is to never run my tank below a quarter tank, especially when in remote areas which means my net effective rang is twenty gallons. Consequently, I’m always thinking about where I should fill up next. Gas stations are sometimes few and far between in the southwest. Even further if you have to walk. Anyway, sure would like a thirty five gal tank. Even better would be a twenty gal saddle tank in the right side which would provide forty five gallons. I had a 87 Ford Supercab with this setup. And, back during the oil embargo I added a twenty gal saddle tank on my 75 Chev std cab. Had the in-line six and had a range of over 700 miles with it. I seen on the internet an interesting setup which is a in-bed mounted combo tool box/aux fuel tank. Has ability to fill the trucks gas tank by a hose and nossel mounted in top of the aux tank. Kinda like this as it wouldn’t screw up all the computerized fuel monitoring systems on the truck. Anyway, wish GM would get off their @$$ and provide a decent solution. Like many folks, not asking for anything for free. I’m willing to pay for it.
  6. Report your 6.2 towing mpg only.....

    Yeh, Dynamics are probably better than the shoe boxes such as mine. But, I’m guessing he had a nice tail wind to boot. Heck, I once got 15 mpg towing my 6,500lb two axle for about 300 miles west to east to my home near Dallas. Did I mention I dropped from elevation of 3,200ft to about 300ft? Oh, almost forgot; had a tailwind of 20~30mph. The experience was kinda like sailing, nice and quiet, engine turning about 1,800rpm probably in 8th gear 😂....
  7. Fuel tank size?

    How mad? So mad I would buy one the next day 😏....
  8. Fuel tank size?

    I think GM’s strategy is to push those who tow toward the 2500. More specifically, the diesel 2500.
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Back in the early days of this forum when the posts were coming hot and heavy some of us were betting there would be a thousand pages made before it would shut down. I’m kinda doubting it will get there. Traffic has really dropped off. I know I’ve moved along to the 2019 forum. Just drop in here every now and then anymore. Just saying 😊
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    For a minute there thought you were referring to my ex-wife, lol! I have about 45K miles on my 2015 and have as yet not experienced the dreaded Chevy Shake. It did however come down with the Terrible Torque Converter Shudder around 30K miles. Dealer performed TSB and so far no more shudder, fingers crossed. about tires; I replaced OEM Goodyear Wranglers with Michelin LTX Defenders at about 35K miles. Have to say truck rides better now. But, I’ve never been happy with the ride of the truck. However, it is a 4X4 and is on rear leaf springs. So, have to take that into consideration. And, factor in that I’m just getting old and grouchy’er, so I’ve been told, lol. Being that I don’t have any major complaints other than the choppy ride when crossing tar strips in the road and such I’m going to wait till the 2020 comes out and see how it rides. I’m of the school of never buy the first year model of anything...
  11. Lol, thanks. I’m just a good ole Texas farm boy at heart. My three adult daughters are Dallas suburbanites to the core who roll their eyes when I drop one of my down-home country sayings around their friends. They say I’m embarrassing which I completely agree with and thoroughly enjoy being, heh, heh 😂. But, back to the serious stuff - trucks. About looks; never said I wasn’t a hypocrite. I do consider esthetics for sure but it’s never been a show stopper for me. Anyway, kinda wish GM still built the Avalanche as I only tow a 6,500 lb TT with my LTZ and an Avalanche with the 6.2L 8 or 10 spd tranny would probably do nicely and the rear coil springs would ride much better for my boney old butt than the rear leafs in the Silverado. Maybe I should check out the Ram next time. Did I really say that? Lol 😏...
  12. Nothing new about that. A common marketing strategy used across a smorgasbord board of products. But, back to the cosmetic discussion; and my comrades expressing a desire for a “nice looking, a good looking truck, even a pretty truck, lol 🙄... Anyway, an example, perhaps not on this thread but on others discussing what folks want on the new Silverado design there has been a lot of chatter about wheel well design. Some think the rectangular cut used by GM since the old post WWII Advanced truck is good (I can’t bring myself to use the word pretty when discussing trucks, sorry) looking. Others think it’s butt ugly and want GM to go to a round cut similar to what Ford uses. So, which is it? Rectangular or round? Fly $h!t in pepper if you ask me 🥴....
  13. Your first sentence contradicts your second sentence. Just saying.... 😏
  14. Lol, a pretty good parable of the original. Not bad, not bad 😉....
  15. Agree. Someone (wasn’t me that thought it up) once said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” 😉...

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