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  1. Well then, sounds like you’re saying most employees don’t see the value of being in a union ....
  2. I’m not anti union. I’m ok with workers joining a union if they want. I’m not for a closed shop though. I believe people should have the right to work whether they’re in a union or not. It should be an employees choice.
  3. Yeh, and while they are learning they continually roll their unpaid balance into their new lease making their note ever larger. It’s crazy. Reminds me of the parable “The Frog In A Pot Of Water”....
  4. The problem will correct itself. Pickups are already being priced out of the market. Dealers are offering seven year financing and leases are driving leasers further and further underwater. People can’t afford them anymore.
  5. If you have a 2015 you’re aware that your power train warranty is five years/100,000 miles right? 2015 was the last year.
  6. Smart move. When it’s time to replace stay with Discount Tire. And, more specifically, buy Michelin tires. I’m running Michelin Defender LTX tires. Great tires....
  7. I’m guessing negative camber. Maybe smacked a pothole kinda hard....
  8. I’m confused, why would you loose tranny fluid when changing the condenser? And about the dipstick; where the heck is it? I can’t find it and am under the impression there isn’t one and the tranny is factory sealed. Lastly, how did you add fluid and where? Eager to learn...
  9. Suggestion; there a line on every P&L referred to as “Goodwill”. It’s money budgeted for purpose to help customers with nonwarranty expenses. There’s no strict guidelines on reasons to use it. It’s up to whoever is responsible for managing the acct. so, you might go back to your dealer, explain your situation, and ask if he could help you out with the expense. Over the years I’ve often had good results when asking for some help. A little tip though; don’t go in with guns blazing and talking a bunch of whoop @$$. That’s a guarantee for zero, nada, zilch assistance. Anyway, practice a little in front of a mirror and then give it a go
  10. I understand your logic but don’t agree with it. I’m old, 74, and it’s my observation that auto quality has never been higher, especially when considering the complexity and features being offered on today’s vehicles.
  11. I’ve become a believer in extended warranties. Have the 5yr/75K warranty on my current 2015. Bought it in May 2015 and have 49K in it. So, almost one year left. Only major problem I’ve had is the AC Condenser problem and the warranty covered it 100%. It’s zero deductible if taken to the dealership where purchased. Btw, I always buy the extended warranty at the tail end of the negotiation process when buying a new vehicle. Use it as the closer on the deal.
  12. What is the expectation? What will those in the suite demand? Money, buy-back, tranny replacement?
  13. I have read there’s a class action suit working it’s way through the system for 2014 - 2018 eight speed tranny’s. So, I would be cautious about doing DIY work for awhile. btw, I had the tranny flush per the new SB with the new Mobile 1 Blue Stripe ATF. My issue was hard shifts in the lower gears. So far seems to have fixed the problem.
  14. As I mentioned upstream, the new and improved ATF has eliminated both problems in my truck. Here’s some info about this magic elixir. Btw, there’s a SB out in the ATF and change out procedure. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11127
  15. There are two distinct and separate tranny problems. One is hard shifts, primarily in the lower gears. In my case, it was primarily between 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st usually when slowing way down for a yield or right turn or a California stop. The other frequent problem is torque converter shudder, in my case it was the most obvious while driving at mid-speed, say 40 ~ 50 mph. I think the torque converter problem is the most difficult to diagnose because the Silverado rear suspension (leaf springs directly mounted to frame) is pretty much the same as was on my grandfathers 1952 Chevy and on concrete roads with tar strips and antiskid groves and such it’s difficult to tell what’s what. . Anyway, GM is long overdue for an upgrade of their 1500 rear suspension. system.
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