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  1. Thanks for the advice, i'm really not sure what to do... it seems like i'm spinning my wheels and wasting money on trying to find a fix.. If I wasn't going to be upside down I would get rid of it in a heart beat. Hopefully its just annoying and not causing any real problems, besides driving myself crazy.
  2. That's true it could be worth a shot, I purchased it used with 74k miles on it.. I've taken it back to the dealer I got it from they blamed the tires... I took it to another dealer they couldn't figure it out kinda blamed the tires as well.. Transmission shop told me it was probably the driveshaft... had that pulled out and balanced as well. The few shops I've taken it to strongly disagree on it being my tires... only the dealer is pushing that idea. I know what a tire sounds like as well and its nothing like the noise my truck is making.
  3. I took it to a transmission shop he didn't think it had anything to do with the torque converter shudder... i'll have to see if a recording will pick up the audio of that noise. If it does i'll make sure to post it. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info, i'm guessing my problem is not the chevy shake than... mine doesn't really shake it just has a slight vibration in the floor/gas pedal with that rhythmic humming noise...
  5. Is this just a shake? The problem i'm having is a rhythmic humming noise when driving at highway speeds (55mph+) Humming lasts for 1 sec and then 1 sec of silence, 1 sec of humming, 1 sec silence and so on. Doesn't matter on or off the power, or in v4 or v8 mode. So it's speed related not rpm related.
  6. Any suggestions on a nice exhaust for a 2016 Silverado? I have a slight Hum between 56-58 and 68-70 mph that I can also slightly feel in the pedal /floor. No one can seem to find the fix for this so i'm hoping an exhaust will tune this out so I wont hear/feel it as much.
  7. Any luck on this? Having the same problem... I wonder if an exhaust would counter this so I don't notice it.. lol
  8. Hello, I recently posted about an issue I was having regarding a vibration/rumble noise in the thread below. I took the truck to a driveshaft shop and they said it was all out of whack... balanced it and it seems to be about 90% better but it's still vibrating and making the noise but now at around 55-63mph, before it was any speed from about 60mphs on up. Took a trip up North this past weekend as well and it also seemed to do it while accelerating or going up hill. I can feel the vibration in the floor/pedal. Since the balance did seem to really help the problem but not fix it 100% what would you suggest I do next?
  9. Update! I would have to say this is about 95% better, the sound and vibration is hardly ever there now.
  10. The driveshaft shop said it was out of balance and it rides smooth now but the harmonic sound is still there... No idea what to do...
  11. The driveshaft shop said it was out of balance and it rides smooth now but the harmonic sound is still there... No idea what to do...
  12. I have the same issue on my 2016. Going to start at the driveshaft as this seems to be the cheaper repair that "might" work.
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