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  1. It’s been happening since 1997, when GM introduced their VSS (variable speed steering). Thousands of complaints filed with NHTSA. Not one recall ever issued for erratic steering.
  2. The actuaries at General Motors have determined it’s more economical for you and your family to die in a horrific car crash and settle the lawsuit out of court. Issuing a recall for their defective systems would cost hundreds of millions and spread across several vehicle product lines.
  3. The forums are a great educational tool prior to purchasing a vehicle.
  4. The frame on my 07’ 4Runner with 105,000 miles on it that has spent its entire life in brutal Chicago climate doesn’t look that bad. GM sourcing cheap Chinese grade steel these days?
  5. Makes you feel confident to load up the family, hook up the travel trailer and take a scenic drive through the mountains for a nice little vacation.
  6. Hey.....GM designed a technological marvel of a multi-position tailgate.
  7. So Toyota is purposely steering the consumer away from purchasing high profit Tundra’s because of limited availability? One would think that Toyota with such an expansive lineup of high mileage vehicles, they could sell a million Tundra’s a year and it wouldn’t put a dent in their CAFE numbers. Sounds like GM is putting all of their eggs in one basket. If they miscalculate, all GM has to do is tell Uncle Sam they are too big to fail and big government will gladly fork over another $50 billion taxpayer funded bailout to keep them afloat for another 10 years. Is GM thriving or merely surviving......
  8. Curious as to why the Tundra doesn’t have AFM then, since they are sold in the United States? They get horrendous gas mileage.
  9. GM doesn’t need to produce a high quality product with long term reliability as long as the consumer continues to purchase.
  10. is there a sensor on the master cylinder that measures volume of brake fluid in the reservoir? If so, perhaps you’ve got a brake fluid leak somewhere in your system.
  11. Good for him! At least he and his family will have a higher survival rate now and feel much safer in their Ford knowing they no longer have to constantly worry about unexpected loss of power steering, unexpected loss of braking, and unexpected oil line rupture resulting in total engine failure.
  12. 102,000 miles logged in on the odometer of my 07’ 4Runner. The only light that has ever come on in the dash is the maintenance light to remind me to change my oil every 7,500 miles. That’s it. Period. Driving my Crapota is truly a, “oh, what a feeling” experience. So nice to finally drive a maintenance-free vehicle. I can actually enjoy life now rather than spend every weekend trying to diagnose a CEL issue, track down a fluid leak, or replace a failing/ failed components. No reservations whatsoever giving my wife the set of keys to drive it whenever and wherever she wants. You wanna learn about true dependability.....head on over to the Toyota and Honda forums to educate yourself.
  13. Makes you want to load the family into the truck and take a nice scenic drive through the mountains
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