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  1. You mean, welcome to the life of driving a GM vehicle. Still waiting for you to specify that long list of Toyota issues.
  2. yes....please list all of Toyota's issues.
  3. It’s all part of the J.D Power experience of owning the most dependable, longest lasting and highest resale value professional grade trucks on the road
  4. Welcome to GM ownership. Get used to P0300 because you'll be seeing that flashing CEL for years to come.
  5. Wonder if J.D Power is the charity in question. Perhaps they can make a television commercial about it.
  6. If there is no low oil indicator light popping up on the dash, drive it until the engine seizes up. Then you are guaranteed a new engine.
  7. Go with a bulletproof and reliable Toyota so you can actually enjoy life.
  8. GM does not need to produce a quality vehicle as long as the consumer continues to purchase. GM is banking on customer loyalty. Eventually, that loyalty will dry up as the younger generation of consumers could care less.
  9. Considering GM has never been at the forefront of electrical technology and is decades behind companies like Toyota and Tesla, I'd pass on ever purchasing a GM electric truck. It would spend more time in the shop attempting to be repaired than actually driven.
  10. Quite the opposite when heading over to a Toyota forum. Owners spend their hard earned quality time actually enjoying their bulletproof reliable vehicles and posting pics of great outdoor adventures.
  11. One has to wonder how the drivetrain, brakes, and frame are up to the challenge, considering you can’t even put 1000 lbs in the bed without it significantly sagging on majority of 1/2 ton pickups. when you look at the build of a 1/2 ton vs. 3/4 ton, there is no comparison.
  12. Agreed. Buy a Toyota and all you'll have to do is put gas in it and change the oil every 7,500 miles. Outdated design without all the fancy bells/whistles....sure. Bulletproof reliability and resale value.....absolutely.
  13. Toyota is intelligent enough to not release unproven and unreliable garbage to market and allow their customer base to be guinea pigs. One would think companies such as Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes, and Isuzu have got it figured out since there are millions of these engines used in various vehicles on the road each day.
  14. one would think an intelligent GM engineer would build this logic into their software.
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