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  1. It is called MTBF. Hence the reason why GM offers a 3yr/36,000 mile warranty. If GM produced a quality product, their warranty would be considerably longer. The GM actuaries determined a few years back their 5yr/60,000 mile warranty was reducing profitability due to vehicle components failing before the warranty period expired. So, GM in true fashion simply reduced their warranty period. In addition to offering a reduced warranty, GM has also patented the "cannot duplicate", "functioning as intended", and "the ECM did not record any trouble codes, therefore your problem doesn't exist".
  2. Yes, it is true, the 2-HI to 4-HI and 4-HI to 2-LO will not always engage properly on the Toyotas if you do not "cycle" the transfer case actuator and front differential actuator on a monthly basis. This cycling maneuver is clearly outlined within the owners manual. The shift yokes within each actuator tend to gum up from lack of use and it can take several cycling attempts to free them up.
  3. oh, I have.....Son. Folks over at the Tundra site are just really enjoying life and their ultra reliable and functioning as intended vehicles. I've also now learned you can't win an argument with an idiot
  4. good luck getting Colossus to provide evidence of any known issues. He just points you to the Tundra forum. Not a lot going on over at the Tundra forum. Folks just really enjoy life and their reliable and functioning as intended vehicles.
  5. Just another great reason to go with the Tundra. Well established and reliable platform. Oh.....and all the computer controlled stuff actually functions as intended.
  6. we've been patiently waiting more than six months now for you to list all of their issues......Son.
  7. Boring but bulletproof and reliable so you can actually enjoy life. Plus the Toyotas have the highest resale value on the market. GM truck owners are going to be left with a giant money pit once the warranty expires.
  8. Or, trade it for a Tundra so you can actually enjoy life while driving a bulletproof and reliable vehicle. You won't need to invest in a scan tool or a jump pack either.......
  9. Every instance without exception when the warning lights come on, the ECM should record it and set a code. GM simply chooses to not incorporate this logic into their software so they can send you down the road with their patented “cannot duplicate, functions as intended” response.
  10. Welcome to the life of GM ownership. GM should include hand-held code readers as standard equipment when purchasing one of their vehicles. You'll be using it frequently.
  11. Going from a Toyota to GM will give you some insight as to the vast differences in quality and reliability. Those days of finding pure enjoyment in your vehicle by just doing a routine oil change every 7,500 miles have come to an end.
  12. Sure is convenient for GM to program the logic into their software to not record certain instances of malfunction. Easy way for GM to alleviate having to perform warranty work.
  13. I urge you to list all of Toyota’s issues. You’ve skirted this topic enough. And yes, we know how to navigate a Tundra forum. Instead of GM modeling their vehicles after bulletproof Toyota platforms, GM opts to bend their consumers over and roll out a completely new POS every few years riddled with quality issues. Because GM knows their vehicles depreciate so much in value so fast, GM is banking on their loyal consumers being severely upside down by in essence forcing them to trade up to the next generation all while losing thousands in buy-backs and trade-ins just to rid themselves of their POS.
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