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  1. With engine components sourced from China, India and Mexico. Waiting for GM’s next $50 billion taxpayer funded bailout.
  2. Based on this forum, ride quality is going to be the least of your problems.
  3. That’s quite a downgrade going from Honda and Toyota to GM. The days of just enjoying life and doing an oil change every 7500 miles have come to an end.
  4. GM does a few things ok. Vehicle electronics is not one of them.
  5. Any sentence that contains "Electric" and "GM" would be a certain "HELL NO"
  6. "Electric" and "GM" combined within the same sentence is a hard "HELL NO"
  7. GM doesn't have to manufacture quality vehicles as long as the consumer continues to purchase. The days of owning GM vehicles past the warranty period is cost prohibitive to the consumer. GM is banking on their loyal customer base to bend over every 36,000 miles and trade up. Seems to be working out quite well for GM.
  8. Now you can get back to enjoying life. The only light you’ll be seeing pop up on the dash is to remind you of your next oil change.
  9. Just thankful GM isn't a major player in the manufacturing of 1st responder vehicles. If they were, it would be like, "Sorry your grandma is dead, couldn't get the ambulance started"
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