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  1. is there a sensor on the master cylinder that measures volume of brake fluid in the reservoir? If so, perhaps you’ve got a brake fluid leak somewhere in your system.
  2. Good for him! At least he and his family will have a higher survival rate now and feel much safer in their Ford knowing they no longer have to constantly worry about unexpected loss of power steering, unexpected loss of braking, and unexpected oil line rupture resulting in total engine failure.
  3. 102,000 miles logged in on the odometer of my 07’ 4Runner. The only light that has ever come on in the dash is the maintenance light to remind me to change my oil every 7,500 miles. That’s it. Period. Driving my Crapota is truly a, “oh, what a feeling” experience. So nice to finally drive a maintenance-free vehicle. I can actually enjoy life now rather than spend every weekend trying to diagnose a CEL issue, track down a fluid leak, or replace a failing/ failed components. No reservations whatsoever giving my wife the set of keys to drive it whenever and wherever she wants. You wanna learn about true dependability.....head on over to the Toyota and Honda forums to educate yourself.
  4. GM Stepping Up on Brake Issue

    Makes you want to load the family into the truck and take a nice scenic drive through the mountains
  5. Makes you really want to take the family for a nice scenic drive in the mountains. And you know know darn well this affects other GM full size vehicles like the Tahoe, Suburban, etc.
  6. Sad to see GM becoming a Found On Road Dead quality of truck
  7. sounds like the best thing to do is run it until the engine seizes up.
  8. GM Stepping Up on Brake Issue

    GM's actuaries have determined that it is more cost effective to simply offer an extended warranty. Fixing the issue cost money and GM is betting the out of pocket expense to settle lawsuits involving fatalities and damage to property is far less. Sure gives you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing the next time your wife takes the GM vehicle on a road trip packed full of kids, it could be the last time you see them, eh?
  9. GM uses their customers as guinea pigs to essentially beta test their new products, diagnose issues, find solutions, and post results on these forums.
  10. wouldn't doubt if GM is in the process of paying off NHTSA handsomely to bury these serious safety issues such as loss of braking and loss of power steering.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Sounds like Truck Trend is subsidized by soon to be Government Motors Version 2.0. Then we will be subjected to a years worth of J.D Power television commercials depicting the 2019 model trucks as #1 in initial quality and reliability
  12. Clear coat on Alloy rims

    The alloy wheels on my 07’ 4Runner with 100,000 miles on the odometer look like new after eleven seasons of Chicago winters.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    And GM is counting on their loyal customers till death do them part to throw in the towel, give them pocket change for their trade-in, and send them out the door with yet another unproven truck platform in long term quality and reliability.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    How is it that owners of a non-GM vehicle can walk into a Walmart, Costco, or any other tire shop and purchase a set of tires for their vehicles and not have any vibration issues? God forbid a GM truck owner wear out a set of tires. Can't imagine owning the truck long enough to go through several sets.
  15. Shake or Vibration Issues

    It is truly a joyeous “Oh What A Feeling” to drive a maintenance free Crapota.

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