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  1. Rocks have already shredded my trail boss LT front bump...getting it wrapped soon.
  2. Joining the tint conversation...I put 15% on front to match the back and 50% on windshield. It’s fantastic in the sun and heat, and I love the privacy. The downside....it’s dark as hell without the sun. Country roads and early morning boat ramps can be sketchy. Nothing a floodlight can’t remedy.
  3. All valid concerns!! All of those questions has me looking to the long term reviews of the electronic covers. I imagine the customer support is pretty good behind those covers, given the big expense and the relative newness. Wouldn’t think they would want to risk the bad press is such a competitive marketplace. Have you, or can you, program the remote to a homelink button like a garage opener?
  4. Any chance you could post a few photos? The photos online look so generic...
  5. My DFM engine has already needed replacement within the first 4000 miles due to lifter failure. It’s definitely still a problem. As to how wide spread it is...the jury’s out. GM took care of the problem, but it’s a hassle worth avoiding. Especially if a $189 plug is all it might take!
  6. Looks great. Functionality perfect? Any gripes, like water issues?
  7. Thought I’d reach out for some opinions on retractable tonneau covers. I am eyeballing the Retrax Pro XR (https://retrax.com/retraxpro-xr) because I like having the option for T rail accessories. If you have an opinion, or any suggestions, please share em. These things are pricey, and I’d like to know more than I can find on the product websites or in scripted YouTube reviews...
  8. I agree. Love the styling of the set, but was definitely waiting to see your install after you shared the lack of contour. I’m really hesitant to plasti-dip, mostly lack of knowledge. Videos look easy, just question the longevity. Appreciate you keeping us up to date.
  9. Thanks for the vid link. They look great. Love the Silverado they offer too. Would love a matching LT. I’m in for a set.
  10. Quick update.....Put 450 miles on last night. Averaged 19.2 mpg. I’m still blown away by the new found throttle response. Leap frogging slow traffic on 2 lane highways has never been so fun. Truck ran great through the entire trip.
  11. Installed this morning before the drive to work. Didn’t expect to notice the difference as much as I did. Felt like the best part of the truck the entire ride. No stutters, no lag, instant throttle response. AND.....no ASS at every stop... Today happened to be the OnStar report day too. It came through without issue. So far I would say this is the best investment I’ve made for this truck. Ready to put some miles on it over the holiday. 2019 Trail Boss LT 5.3 8sp
  12. Make sure to follow up with GM on that certificate...they sent me a $500 that never arrived. Now I’m waiting till middle of June for it to expire before they send another......
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