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  1. Quick follow up... Talked to GM yesterday, they approved the new engine. No push back. It should ship this coming week, hoping to be back on the road soon. Will post complete story/experience then.
  2. You can call Chevy Customer Assistance and open a case for them to investigate. I know it’s not the quick resolution, but it will bring Chevrolet into the situation, which may help get the service center moving. 800-222-1020
  3. My 2019 5.3 lifter failed on Monday...3500 miles. Working with Chevy and dealer now. They want to rebuild, I’ve requested a new engine. Had no warning, noticed no symptoms. ESC warning light came on, followed by parking brake failure warning. Check engine light came on. Truck began shaking. OnStar found nothing told me to go to dealership. 8 weeks old, haven’t made the 2nd payment. I’m losing sleep...
  4. That looks super clean! Do you happen to have a wiring schematic I could use? I was hoping the trailer circuit was adequate for power. I have done simple light installs in the past, but all have been separate switch and fuse. Tapping into the current circuitry will be a somewhat new experience.
  5. Has anyone added additional lights to the factory bed light switch? I’d like to add some lights on the rear bumper, and would like them on the bed light switch. I searched around, but was unable to find a related post. If this has already been discussed, kindly point me in the right direction.
  6. Done. Appreciate the guidance, but mostly the motivation. Looks much better...to me.
  7. Has anyone removed the Trail Boss decals from their bed sides? I’m planning to remove them, but wanted to see how y’all have gone about getting them off cleanly. Can I just peel and go, or will these require a heat gun?
  8. Any chance you could provide the dealer info so we can have other dealers contact them to help fix this problem?
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