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  1. I wasn’t sure, but that’s where I left it while experimenting. What do the switches need to be set to for the control knob to function?
  2. Something doesn’t seem right. I have 1st 2 dips down with #3 up, no gain knob, and my bass EQ is set to 5 and it hits pretty good. With all three up the bass was massively too much for my liking. Wasn’t clean at all.
  3. I t-tapped the factory sub and followed the connection suggested in the original post. I was wondering the same about the 1st 3 switches, but I have not played with them myself. Right now I have all 3 down, which is minimal…. Leaving the one up still seemed too high.
  4. I’ve had no issues with mine. The one time they did hyperflash, I was sitting at a train with my signal on for a while. Turned off the blinker, went back to normal.
  5. First impressions are good. Super punchy. Seems much more consistent across various genres. I’m really trying to figure out why it’s not wired this way from the start… I set the dip switches back to original for the trial run. I previously had it hooked up with the gain control knob, which I really liked. I’m going to experiment with it through the weekend. Right now I have the bass EQ to -6, otherwise I can hear the glass rattle.
  6. I got it all taken apart…realized I have no spare wire. Will complete the job tomorrow. Wires were easy to find behind the passenger side console plate as TJ mentioned. I used 14-16 T-taps. I’ll follow up upon completion…
  7. Great information. I’ll attempt this over the weekend. I have been largely underwhelmed by the Kicker system. It’s a nice system, but I have the same complaints raised above.
  8. Incredible! I have 12” Solo-baric collecting dust.... Have you thought about selling these to order????
  9. I went with 15% up front to match the back. I love it MOST of the time. It’s rough when backing a trailer in the dark, even with auxiliary lighting. I usually roll down my windows, but don’t during mosquito season. Slow and steady! I try not to bring attention to myself on the road, so I’m not too concerned with the law enforcement issue. Like everything, it’s a balance. I know this is a highly debated topic, but I also tinted the windshield 50%. I really really like the windshield tint, but I also understand why it’s such a hot button for others. I haven’t experienced any issues with visibility, but 99% of my driving is on well-lit roads or highways.
  10. I’d love at least one on constant as well. Thanks for asking the question. Great idea!
  11. Can’t get photos to load. I cut the passenger side of the storage to the sub and plan to cut a section of the drivers side to add some carpet protection where the dealer trimmed the floor mat. I haven’t connected the knob yet...it’s in USPS la la land. I’m hoping it helps a lot. I’m not getting the punch out of rock/metal music. Hip hop hits pretty hard, but I’m really wanting to hear that bass drum pop. I don’t want to make any changes to the switches until the knob arrives.
  12. Thanks for the direction. Everything seems do be working ok off the yellow/blue yellow/black. However I did find a wiring schematic online that states the twisted paid I found is for the passenger dash speaker... The sub is working, but now it’s in my head that it may not be wired appropriately. Kicker control knob comes in tomorrow. I may do some more sleuthing on the wires when I run the knob.
  13. I could not find a solid yellow.... is it possible that I am too far down the harness? Should I look higher up towards the dash?
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