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  1. There are several Hotshot tow guys on youtube who show their sleeping setup in the HD2500 trucks (same cab). Even how to run AC and heat so not to idle truck. Some good ideas on there. It can be done.
  2. Yeah my life insurance policy is a little too high, more of an incentive for my wife to have an "accident"!!!! LOL looks good!
  3. It cant be advertised for a gas truck because the gas tank is considered part of the emissions system....which cant be tampered with or parts sold to tamper with. Kinda whats going on for diesel trucks presently with the EPA hunting down vendors and tuners. The fuel tank on a diesel is not considered part of the emissions system...I'm told which is why they can sell it. BUT....even though it is not advertised as a gas tank...I am sure you can use it.
  4. Will never pay for Onstar. I have triple AAA mainly for the wife in case there is an issue and I am away. The new Iphone 14pro has crash detection. I have remote start on my key fob, and my phone does everything I need.
  5. The offset is different on the 2019 up trucks because of a larger caliper. Thats why the previous generation truck rims hit on the front. Its not a 6 piston caliper. Need specific 2019 and up rim. There is a BB kits and option from GM .
  6. Something is going on. These trucks have too much going on now. Everything is going through a module or computer. Nothing is a simple switch. This used to be a German car issue....now they caught up!! Good luck
  7. I have a 2021 and bought the GMC puddle light from GM accessories. Mine stay on with the other lights. Something is wrong with yours.
  8. They do make snowflakes that have the correct backspace to fit 2019-2023. I had Snowflakes on my 2017 Denali Yukon, but 2019 and up are a different part# due to front brakes.
  9. Pretty unusual, but sounds like a defective flywheel let go and took out alot of stuff for them to be tearing into the motor also. If it rolled to a stop I will bet your rear diff is just fine. I'd be much happier with a crate motor and trans than anyone ripping into the motor and fixing something. The LM2 is literally their best drivetrain right now, and few big issues. New from Gm should be plug and play so to speak, and put this in your rear view mirror as its not a common issue. Good luck, keep us updated
  10. Flywheel failed?? It killed a motor and transmission?? Happy its covered, but any other details regarding?? They diagnosed or found a failed flywheel or just said they thought that?? 79K and getting a new drivetrain is a win.
  11. It comes with 3 large rubber blocks that when folded up they ride on the window, so no issue there. I have only had to drive with it folded up a few times and didnt see any issue with wind. It is important to lock the sliders so its locked in that position. Folded up against the cab the bed camera is mostly blocked. But if folded into second position it straps down and the camera obviously works at that point.
  12. I love the Bakflip MX4. Had it since new, and it is pretty secure, great warranty.
  13. I did the same with the car, and height of hitch. Once it sags, if trailer in pitched forward or back its loading the front or rear trailer tires. In the trailer app I noticed the front tires were a higher psi and were hotter. Once leveled all was perfect. Something I wouldnt have thought about years ago, and can see how that would be prone to a blowout possibly. Airbags arent an option for the Denali as it has the autoride shocks and a some sensor back there that is in the way. If I go heavier I will need leaf springs. The ride is great though when not loaded.
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