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  1. The GM fluid is synthetic but is thin and IMHO not looking too good in less than 20K. I do oil analysis on most fluids but didn't on this as nothing would sway me to use it again. I have used Amsoil for 20 years w/ analysis and it looks like new 30K later and didn't need changing. There is not a lot going on in a properly set up differential, broken in correctly. I doubt there could possibly be an issue using the GM fluid. I just wanted better.
  2. An AC Delco 75/85W. I have owned 4 of these trucks and changed the fluid on 3 of them early on. All were dirty break in looking fluid, not pretty. I was very happy I had changed it as I tow a bit. Amsoil is fantastic stuff. Not many diff failures at all, but I maintain to keep things for a long time.....which didn't happen with any of these trucks!
  3. Saw you talking about the weigh safe drop hitch. Do you use one? Assuming your Denali has a similar receiver height (mine is roughly 25" to the inside top of the receiver, 2019 Tahoe Premier), do you run a 10" drop hitch? I'd like the versatility as we have 4 trailers. But I am also worried about the clearance running that bid of a drop. 

  4. Nope, I have 22's! Better to look good than to feel good!! LOL
  5. Brand new 2018 CC all star editions are selling here in south Florida for 27-28K. I would not be putting money down on a lease, I'd be putting it down on a purchase at 28K new!
  6. Powerstop has quality stuff. I have used in other cars with nice results no issues. How many miles do you have?? These rotors and pads last a loooong time usually??? Depending on cost I will be considering staying with the stock setup. Very thick pads and treated rotors.
  7. This about sums it up. The 5.3 today is by far much better than any past 5.3. Does it all well. I had a '14 and '15. I am into my second 6.2 now. Recently test drove an 18' 5.3, 8- speed w/ 3.42 gears Sierra crew cab. Rode much better than past trucks, definitely improved the ride. I was expecting it to be on par or close to my 6.2 because of the 3.42's and 8 speed.? I was wrong. I drove my truck to the dealer, did the test drive...(over an hour)....then got back in my truck. Bottom line I was very convinced I couldn't go back to the 5.3. The 6.2 is awesome and ruins you as it becomes your normal...which is great. At least once a week when I am getting on it, I think to myself, something this big and heavy shouldn't being able to or going this fast!!!!
  8. Never believe what a dealer tells you he's making. Get the 6.2! Buy new, the inventory on the 6.2's is evaporating daily. These deals motivated many near me, as I have been looking and considering myself. Many of the High country's, Denali's and other 6.2's have disappeared I was looking at near here.
  9. With the deals on the 18's I would not be looking for a used one at that price. The Chevy's are ridiculous right now with employee pricing plus other incentives. As stated above I would buy any deal and would be open to changing a gear ratio later. New, broken in by you, and a new warranty is the way to go, presently with these deals. If your not trading I would be sending emails to all the dealers on the east coast, fly in drive home. I flew into Georgia for my Zo6, the deal was well worth it. Flew in at 10Am and was home in my garage by 9pm.
  10. The key is "good" tires. There is no real difference in ride as long as you have good tires. Bridgstones have very hard sidewalls and are not a compliant tire. I swapped to Michelin defenders and it transformed my truck. A very compliant, smooth tire in comparison. So it's not just size it's type of tire also when people are going you an opinion. I live where its smooth and flat no potholes. If I lived in NY or NJ I would want 20" just for the reason of more sidewall as low profile tires and potholes usually end up with bent rims and pinched sidewalls.
  11. You couldn't understand the point being made without splitting hairs? Ok there is the base model, the base model with the Z51 package, the grand sport, the grandsport with the Zo7 package, the Zo6, the Zo6 with the Zo7 package, the Zo6 with stage 1 aero package, Zo6 with the stage 2 aero package, the Zo6 with the stage 3 aero package, then we have all the trim levels, then we have the new production of the ZR1 and the ZR1 with the track package. I have owned all of them excluding the new ZR1. What point would that make? The point was most manufactures offer 3 trim levels and usually 1-3 engine choices for everyones needs was the point. In the corvette world some have found the "Zo6" and the "ZR1" to be too much for their safety and skill level. I haven't seen anyone buy a 6.2 and say this is too much power for me I need a 5.3. The 6.2 is a perfect match for this weight truck and improves the driving experience everyday. That was the only point.
  12. I have had several 5.3 trucks. On my second 6.2. It is an awesome motor with no downside. Very rare in life. Fuel mileage is better and power make the truck fun and enjoyable. The 5.3 gets everything done, but its frustrating, and dead after 1st gear. It lugs. In my other corvette world there are 3 owners. The base corvette which is a nice car. The Grandsport, same motor, better suspension and body panels, but same motor. Then the mack daddy supercharged Zo6. I have seen several guys turn in the Zo6 after scaring themselves and finding it a crazy car. BUT I have never seen a 6.2 owner say it's no big deal I would go back to a 5.3?? Its the 5.3 guys who say they don't need anymore than the 5.3 and it's just fine. The 6.2 is worth every penny....and premium! Which unbelievably is a deal breaker for many? 60K for a truck? I think premium is the least of my expenses for the fun pedal and wonderful towing.
  13. I own two German cars. Whole different animal as far as brakes. Lots of dust, it's corrosive, aggressive on the rotors....but they stop so much better. They have an aggressive pad compound, and it's all designed for performance and rotor replacement at the end. These GM brakes last forever. Thick pads, treated rotors, very low dust. Many have had the brakes last over 80K, saw one guy at 120K original brakes! When I get out of my M3 and get into the Yukon and drive away, I always think something is wrong with the brakes ! LOL Have to push just a little harder, but they work fine. https://www.autogeek.net/carpro-hydro2-paint-coating.html https://www.autogeek.net/wheel-coating.html I initially used the wheel coating and it work great. Everything beads off, doesn't really stick, makes cleaning easy. I own several cars and this Yukon XL is HUGE! Its also a daily mostly so upkeep needs to be easier. I cleaned, clayed, and polished then sealed the entire truck when new. Took days. Reapplying sealant on a daily this big was a job. So I degreased it and started using this Hydro2 which is pretty awesome for how easy it is. Now when the beading starts wearing away I just spray it on after a wash and rinse. Looks insane. But I also do the rims with it now.
  14. Really handsome truck. I had the same rims on my last Denali. The 3:42's are what make that truck. It's just too heavy for 3.08's. I couldn't find one down here with 3:42's. I went with the Denali XL which has the 8 speed/ 3.23's and it's pretty awesome. But it did cost more! The cocoa/dark atmosphere is one of the nicest color combos, really sets the truck off. Every time someone gets in my truck they comment how nice it is. Keep those rims sealed and waxed and don't let the salt sit in the crevice it will pit. Also when I changed out of BridgSTONES to Michelin Defenders...it transformed my truck. Great combo, best of luck
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