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  1. I agree, dealers don't usually order stock that way, that was a lucky find. I don't think it's the 6.2 in the '19 is changing things. That option really gets the price up there with a Denali. I was surprised to learn that 67% of Yukon buyers are Denali! GM is not letting anything infringe on that big profit truck. Many know there is big change coming. GM dropped the ball on the interior of the 2019 pickups. Dodge wins that prize. Ford is bringing up the rear, GM is way behind. The Navigator interior is insane in comparison to our trucks. GM has to really do something different for the Denali and Cadillac or risk losing the market that they have held for a very long time. I have always been a GM guy, but their interiors are really lacking compared to the competition. I will be sitting tight in my 2017 for a while, seems like a good one so far! Good luck with the new ride! Notice the comment about the interior....I sat in a new 2019 Denali pickup...not impressed for that money! https://www.motortrend.com/cars/gmc/sierra-1500/2019/gmc-sierra-2019-truck-of-the-year-finalist/?wc_mid=4035:14280&wc_rid=4035:859284&_wcsid=A8CB9CB5A095AD35087BDB2EF9577EEF384367BC07DD1619
  2. Me too, but I like the second row buckets! Here's the 22's and the dog! LOL
  3. I was told this had to be ordered by a customer. My salesman said no one wants that except old people with a dog! LOL Years ago you had to look for the capt. seats second row, now it's the opposite.
  4. 6.2 Long term?

    As stated above^^^^ GM uses catch cans in stock cars. The reason they initially resisted it, is because people barely change their oil, adding another thing to check is just another neglected maintenance item. A full catch can can cause as much trouble than what your trying to prevent. Many corvette guys with pictures of the plenums, superchargers, and valves show that clearly a catch can is needed in the LT motors. I have had one installed from week one, always concerned with the amount of oil that would have gone into the motor. Why it's a debate is beyond me. It is just a screen inline of a vent hose catching oil droplets in a can. Not in anyway can it cause a problem. Your literally catching oil mist from the air. So argumentive people, who are rigid, can't think for themselves, and won't pay for a CC really believe GM designed the engine with oil injection in the intake??? It designed that way?? Or maybe its a by product of an oversight or design flaw. Then why do they have catch cans on other engines of the same design?? Notice they are more expensive cars with a different owner?? Arguing about a CC is like arguing about waxing your car. It can help but it can't hurt.
  5. 22's are the norm down here in south Florida. So is 2wd. Most every dealer has them loaded up with options I had no use for having had the stuck running boards on my '15 or the open road package which is not worth it to me. Sunroof in Florida? Too hot. My daughter uses the iPad and the hotspot. I ordered mine for the lower price as not to pay up for what was useless to me. Mine was a unicorn down here. 2017 Denali XL- adaptive cruise, standard running boards, 20" rims, cocoa/ dark atmosphere interior color. 70k sticker as opposed to a 78K sticker like everyone on the lot. 66k was invoice. Immediately sold my rims on craigslist, bought the 22's I like, and got Michelin defenders for a perfect vibration free ride. I used to live in Staten Island, and I would do as you did and get 20" rims!! 22's would not last long up there without an issue!! Yes, that frost color is popular down here. Good luck
  6. 6.2 Long term?

    I have had 2 5.3's and on my second 6.2 in the new LT platform. I don't think you will find someone who has or has had a 6.2 that will tell you it's overkill or not needed. It is a fantastic motor coming out of a 5.3. The speed, torque, and towing are great. Because I don't need to downshift or beat on the 6.2 I get better fuel mileage all the time. But the fuel mileage is better on the 6.2 than the 5.3 towing or highway. Haven't had a motor issue on any of them.
  7. I had same issue in 2017. I ordered mine and also got the cocoa/dark atmosphere interior..another hard find in my area. I was sold on the adaptive cruise from my '15 Denali. At first I was pissed you couldn't pick regular cruise also, but learned and trusted to love it.
  8. Ditching MRC options

    I had a 2015 Denali which was much worse. I now have a 2017 Denali Xl and on day one knew it was better. But over the first month my opinion was the Mag shocks were still too tight. I live in straight and flat Florida. The suspension does not get much of a work out. Well with more miles and bumps and a workout it has settled in a bit more. It is almost acceptable. Most guys on these forums want off road or lifted suggestions which there are a lot of. I wanted comfort but not sloppy and never got a real world answer. My friends have both the old and new Raptors which has Fox shocks and springs. It has a bit more travel as it is lifted. That is a Cadillac ride, so comfortable. But if towing and always loaded up that may not work. I don't love the '17 mag ride but it is ok as of now. I would look into contacting Fox for suggestions on what your wanting. Good luck
  9. Frustrated with Xpel PPF

    I have been using PPF films since the early 2000's. They have gotten a lot better in some categories. The early films had several issues. Hardening, yellowing, cracking, scratching, ect. They have gotten a lot better, they stay clear, smooth as paint, self healing. I found some early ones to be more protective of gouging, tearing and chips. They were thicker. But then you had the downsides as stated. They new films (I like Suntek) are fantastic and address all the former complaints....but I have also had a gouge and chip in my corvette hood. I still use the film because there is no downside to how the car will look 4 years later in comparison to no film. It definitely is great at all the normal stuff and the sandblasting. But when the "big one" comes it doesn't do as well as we would want strength wise. BUT every year they all get better. As I hear tick tick tick hitting the front on the highway...I couldn't imagine NOT having the film. I have it on all my cars with no regrets. I do rocker panels and door sills too because of the kid and dog. 15 years, many cars, only two penetrations....that maybe nothing could have prevented?? Its always a selling point when I sell. The paint is so thin on the new trucks and cars I don't see any choice.
  10. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Yeah I am 17 months in and trading will be a slaughter! Also a lot of upgrades put into my truck. I recently sat in two 2019's and can say I am just not impressed. Seems like just improvements to our truck, not worth the coin. Seats were no better which is my biggest complaint lately. The 6.2 is so awesome and what keeps me in this truck, along with the impressive fuel mileage. Trans is still smooth....but everytime I am feeling like a hotshot in my truck I get that nice little "clunk" or "rear ended" bump just to keep me humble and remind me I'm in a chevy!!!!!!! ........or actual GMC!! LOL. Ah new world problems......
  11. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Well so much for this being a 2015-2016 issue. I have a 2017 6.2 8 speed and all has been great and thought it was fixed. I had the issue in my 2015, 2 flushes and a TC replaced along with a stator shaft. At 16,500 miles now and seeing you fellas with it at later mileage has me concerned now.
  12. Clunk after coasting

    Is the AC on when you get this whining? I had a growling mainly heard at lower in town speeds and it was the AC compressor. While I was hearing it I would shut the AC button and it immediately stopped. Drove me crazy. They changed my compressor and it still did it. I then found a fix.
  13. They got better each year. Having done a 15 and now in a 2017 I can say that is the way to go. Less issues and most of the updated parts were by 2017.
  14. I had a 14, and 15 both 6 speeds...both clunked and didn't ever know what gear to be in. Then I bought a 15 6.2- 8 speed. Shudder, delayed engagement clunking, feeling like being rear ended. Needed a stator shaft, and torque converter and 3 reprograms! Still wasn't right. Then a '17 6.2 8 speed. The 17 has been great now at 16K. Better than all the others but......lately I have been getting some clunking and banging. I believe GM has some of the worst trans programming. Driving habits can really add to the clunking. At 16K my feeling of having a good one is fading...... Supposedly starting in '17 most was worked out with programming, new fluid, and new torque converters??? Most big issues were the 15 and 16.
  15. I hear Ya! These are all new world problems/complaints! LOL I owned a 1991 Silverado, and I would have to agree! But still striving for better, the '19 brakes look to be a nice improvement and size. Daily driving, these brakes work fine. No initial bite though. But aggressive driving, or towing in hilly areas they leave a lot to be desired. They are marginal in that realm. If these do not fit I will consider some upgrade maybe just rotors and pads?

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