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  1. I had this issue years ago. On one forum they said it was the brake light switch, which is in the cruise control circuit. It was cheap enough and not too bad to get to top on brake pedal. Swapped it out and my cruise worked after that. Good luck
  2. I have only seen two refreshed Sierras here in south Florida. There are none for sale anywhere I have look here also. Only place i see them is on Youtube and the forum. Several "in transit" ones coming to dealers, i called, all sold. yet i see none.
  3. The new combo 5.3 and 10 Spd is very different than years ago. I had several 5.3/6 speeds. They are lethargic and under powered. After the LT 6.2 I swore I would never consider another 5.3. Then we rented the '21 suburban for a roadtrip. Between the new rear suspension and the peppy, properly geared 5.3 I was impressed. Big improvement. The 6.2 is still king but the 5.3 is not bad. Personally now owning the 3.0 diesel, thats all that will be in my next truck.
  4. The 5.3 with the 10 speed is no slouch. The gearing is perfect. Unlike years prior. The 6.2 was a must. Today with the 10 speed its really very improved. We had a '21 suburban 5.3/10 speed fully loaded on a roadtrip, and I was very happy with it. For reference my prior ride was a 2017 Yukon XL Denali w/ 6.2 and that was an animal.
  5. Looks like your missing something. I bought and installed this BAKFlip and have not had one issue or leak. And this is Florida hot and rainy.
  6. No loaner because of COVID???? Are you kidding me?? That is a ridiculous excuse.
  7. I had two 8 speeds. First one needed a converter, never an issue after that. second one was fantastic. Great for towing, good trans IMHO. I always felt it was a programming issue.
  8. This youtube rolling coal thing is not getting any sympathy from anyone, in fact it is inspiring people against diesels. I am all for freedom, and being able to modify anything you bought...but even I am very annoyed when it affects others. Its childish and stupid. I have owned many diesels and presently own one. If someone blew smoke in my face from a cigarette...I would punch them in the face! If my child had to breath black diesel smoke blown in my window......it will not go well. I am a hotrodder and plan to tune my truck....but not to blow smoke on society. Its beyond rude.
  9. Yep! have not had it activate in the new truck yet, just the flashing red and vibrating seat. But my experience was in my Mercedes S550. Right lane at 40 in a 45 mph 3 lane roadway, just as I looked in my sideview mirror--literally 1 second--the car in front of me came to a near stop. I was so entrenched in my lane change to left as the car went into ABS and stopped before hitting him!! Literally saved me from that accident. My eyes didnt look to the sideview mirror for 1 second before my seatbelt cinched up and car stopped. Didnt even know the car had that feature as I had only owned it a week. Big fan of the technology now!! I have never had a fender bender or rear ended a car in 45 years of driving.....but I would have that day!! Saved me no doubt. I actually made sure my wifes new truck had this feature after my experience.
  10. The LS based motor has almost nothing in common with the LT motor in your truck. Just the displacement is the same. Nothing is interchangeable except I believe the lifters. The LS motors go up to 400K. One of the best motors ever. I have had 5 LT based motors and they are pretty stout. The LT 6.2 is a beast. But they have had issues, but so did the LS when it came out in 1997. The LT is much more complex for a pushrod motor and not as easy to work on. Nothing I would shy away from owning, even with its known issues. If I bought a used one today, I'd shut off the AFM, swap the lifters and cam and let it run. Just not that easy of a job as the LS motor which can be done in a weekend.
  11. Blackvue and Thinkware are two of the best and have a parking mode along with motion sensors and impact. I had to return the Blackvue as the wifi is a big issue with the truck. Great camera though. zi am now ordering the Thinkware. The GM accessory camera is made by Thinkware.
  12. Gm has the worst seats. Its the ergonomic design along with terrible cushions. I have had many years of the last generation and tried everything. Replacing cushions, cutting cushion out and lnstalling better cushion at interior shop. Different leather covers. Removing the bubble wrap ventilated seat. Tried everything. Its the design of the seat. It sucks. I sat in a 2021 and felt it was a bit better and the new car smell made me buy it!!! Now months later my back is an issue again and these seats are only a little better...way too firm. I was hoping the refresh was going to be better as they advertised...pics look identical. Almost every review of this truck and the prior generation state the seats suck. GM doesnt care. Ford has comfortable seats. I rented one and went interstate for 4 days...seats are great. Unfortunately I am not owning a Ford. Ford has an entire division dedicated to seat ergonomics. I believe GM farms this out and just goes for a look.
  13. The average all around mileage for most is 24 mpg. In town I get 20, on the [email protected] 75 mph I have gotten 30 but average 22-24 mpg all the time. There are guys here who put the effort in and get 30-32 highway, but we are talking slower, and flat, no wind.
  14. I am having issues with the infotainment as it does not show in the DIC when switching channels. So If i have Waze on the radio display and switch up a channel. I cannot see in the DIC what channel. I was told there is an update so it trancends from radio to DIC. Works sometimes but mostly not. Hmm, have to see if i have over air updates turned on?????
  15. I hear ya! I am approaching 60 yrs old quickly! Its not fun. I have a 2 post lift at the garage and it does make it easier....but its still a PITA. On a good day, rubber gloves, socket, oil filter wrench out, and oil drain tank...if I am organized maybe 12-15 minutes. I still have to lay on the ground to set the post arms under the frame. Its right at that point I wish I wasn't a control freak. But I have had alot of stupid issues with shops and its just easier for me to control the outcome. The day will come when my back and knees just say no. If your happy with their work, it sounds like thats more than half the battle, and thats your shop. Trust, not stripping your oil pan bolt, making sure the oil filter is tight and actually changing the oil is the other half. I would pay more for perfect work any day of the week over cheaper. Watching oil change scams on Youtube doesnt help either. Good luck
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